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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Detour of Russia in the taxi habit, but the prices bite

Ahead of the Olympics set a new world record. However it is more related to technical sports or tourism. One of our fellow citizens have managed to make the long trip by taxi.

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It is reported that the inhabitant of Petersburg Nikita Arkhipov went on 27 June on “the car with a checkered design in a super-long journey from the Northern capital to Magadan. The RAID longer than 10 thousand kilometers, held in the framework of the expedition “Sat down and went to Magadan”, has cost the enthusiast over 233000 rubles and lasted for many days. And a few days had to stand in one place without movement: the legendary Kolyma tract YakutskMagadan road of the car was blocked by a river, a bridge which recently collapsed as a result of the degradation.

We decided to find out how really simple Russian man living in Moscow, so spontaneously to book a taxi and taking it somewhere thousands of miles away. Well, at least in Irkutsk!

In the same company, on whose website this service is “long long-distance trip,” Manager initially undertook cheerfully to accept the order, but after hearing about the end of the route, said that can not help: “If you to Petersburg taxi we ordered, that’s another matter!”

But the taxi service of another transport company the issue was resolved immediately. Local dispatchers on a trip to the centre of Siberia, not a bit puzzled. “Let me get your address and the address in Irkutsk! Our driver will contact you and you with him discuss all the additional conditions of travel. The question when to go, followed by very specific response: “today.” The interviewee on the other end even kindly agreed to do the preliminary costing. According to her the pleasure of a ride in a hired carriage to Irkutsk will cost 125600 rubles at the price list of the company. That is, as should be understood “without considering the additional costs in the road”.

How unique is such “long-range” flights for a taxi? The same firm that expressed its readiness to deliver the correspondent of “MK” in Irkutsk, have already accomplished such “exclusive” orders. For example, once the three friends wanted to ride a taxi from Krasnoyarsk to Chelyabinsk is almost 2.5 thousand kilometers. The drive took a day and a half and cost to customers of 30,000 rubles. And only during the last two years at the request of the clients had made 30 trips to a distance of over 1,500 kilometers.

Abroad a real “rush” of applications for the super-long taxi ride happened in the summer of 2010, when Europe was covered with cloud from the eruption of the eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. Then many flights were cancelled and some wealthy people vacationing on the Mediterranean coast were trying to get to his home including such an original way. For example, English Sony Norman ordered a taxi from the Croatian resort of Dubrovnik from London. A journey of 2200 miles worth Sony 3 thousand euros.

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