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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

American scientists have modernized the Soviet method of “electrosleep”

The device, which improves memory by influencing the brain with alternating current, invented by scientists from the University of North Carolina in the United States. The device is running, while a person sleeps.

photo: pixabay.com

American machine has a set of electrodes produce mild electrical pulses. They are attached to the head and while the person is asleep, and stimulate certain brain waves. As a result, according to the researchers, is significantly better absorbed the information gained during the day.

The effectiveness of the new device has already been tested on a group of volunteers. Subjects

during sleep included short and not feel elektrorazpredelenie scalp. According to the authors of the invention, it has formed some of the electric field, affecting the brain tissue. The volunteers took two test on memory: we had to memorize associations between pairs of words and play “fraction”, he beats the fingers of a researcher. After stimulation of the brain a large part of the test people become more and more correct to remember the sequence of strokes with your fingers. In this sense, scientists have achieved positive results. But with regard to test for Association, the experiment failed – the tested recalled the words just as bad as before stimulation.

In the near future, University employees intend to use their device for the treatment of people suffering from schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Review of doctor of biological Sciences, main scientific employee Institute of problems of ecology and evolution them. A. N. Severtsov Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the National somnological society Vladimir KOVALZON:

American neuroscientists have used two long known and widely used here in the Soviet time the method — “electrosleep” and biofeedback. They have perfected and combined. In General, the above-described stimulation in some cases can cause a slight improvement in brain function (memory, or something else – it remains to be seen). How this effect is stable – is also still unknown. However, try it for patients as they offer. In any case, the damage will be less than from pills.

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