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Monday, March 19, 2018

Why “agent of the Kremlin” Donald trump favorable to Russia

In the summer of 1991, with the light hand of the Chairman of the KGB Vladimir Kryuchkov all Soviet citizens learned in their country are operating with impunity of high-ranking American “agents of influence”. Oh, Vladimir, you have not lived up to this hot summer of 2016! And if he lived, then, certainly, very much would be glad: now “our own superget of influence” Donald trump is one jump from the White house in Washington.

photo: AP

How do I like, simultaneously encouraging and discouraging information? From a variety of people ranging from Hillary Clinton to the titans of American journalism. Take, for example, the famous political commentator Jeffrey Goldberg. He has recently published in the journal “Atlantic” insanely long interview with Obama, and now on the pages of the same magazine in our absolutely stilistische 1937, was engaged in exposing the “enemies of the people” – but not Soviet, and American.

Republican presidential candidate Donald trump chose this week to drop the mask and expose themselves as the actual agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin – in KGB-trained dictator who is trying to restore the Soviet Empire, to undermine free Nations of Europe, to marginalize NATO and to end the reign of America as the world’s only superpower”.

Cool, right? Don’t know about you, but I’m so happy: is our “sterility” finally learned to work? Did they managed to get their hooks into a big fish as a Republican presidential candidate

However, quite the act. Any intelligent person knows that the above quoted passage is the most natural nonsense, Packed in a beautiful wrapper the stream of consciousness in the spirit of Stalin’s Prosecutor Vyshinsky. But here’s the explanation with the statements of Donald trump, who is devoted to Russia – is not nonsense? In this, as they say, “without half-liters you will not understand”.

On the one hand, we are dealing with the application against Donald trump in standard American political technology – a technology that originated in the 19th if not the 18th century.

In contrast to the Russian creative class, the American mass consciousness categorically rejects foreign interference in its internal Affairs. In the United States is not very popular made in 1775 by the famous English literary critic Samuel Johnson’s statement “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” But it does not hesitate to be ashamed to use the phrase “my country, right or wrong” – no matter right or wrong, my country. It is still my country!

This situation means that the easiest way to “drown” the rival candidates questioning his patriotism. The most striking example of exceptional effectiveness of such a political technology – the American presidential election of 1888.

During the election campaign a supporter of the Republican party of California George Osgoodby wrote under a false name to a letter to the British Ambassador to the U.S., saying that I am a former British citizen, became an American citizen. Advise for which candidate to cast your vote!

The recipient of this letter sir Lionel Sackville-West trap is not seen and in his reply he made it clear: the victory of the incumbent President, Democrat Grover Cleveland is best suited to the interests of London.

This statement of the British envoy was immediately published and became the Central event of the campaign. In the result, the election was won by Republican candidate Benjamin Harrison, a careless British diplomats immediately offered to leave the country.

By the mid-twentieth century England from the “country of the villain” and “aggressor” turned into the American mass consciousness into a kind of obedient younger brother. The role of “country-villains” for a long time fixed for the Soviet Union. It resistant the struggle against “Soviet spies” has allowed Richard Nixon just neskolko years to turn from an obscure young Congressman with the Vice President of the United States under Dwight Eisenhower.

But Nixon chased “agents of Moscow” without excessive fanaticism, but about his colleague from the Senate, Joseph McCarthy wouldn’t say that.

In addition to an incalculable number of mid-level officials, he publicly blamed “the Kremlin” such American giants as Secretary of state Dean Acheson, former us Secretary of state, former Minister of defense George Marshall… for some time in the early 50-ies McCarthy was de facto the most powerful politician in America. Even the hugely popular President Eisenhower was reluctant to subject him to public criticism.

In the end, the Senator’s alcoholism led him to the collapse of his political career. But McCarthyism as a political phenomenon continued in a latent form to exist in American public life. The best way to stab the enemy continues the charge in “disreputable ties” with Moscow.

Recall the 2000 elections. Republican George Bush – the same man who later spoke so touchingly about the soul of Putin – drew then from the political wilderness, the ex-Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and began to reproach his opponent, al Gore friendship with this “ beast”.

Let me remind you that this was at a time when Russia and the United States, there was almost no global political differences. Now such differences are the pivot of international politics in Europe. So trump has no reason to be surprised. I am sure that the Republican candidate understood his kind words about Russia will lead to the fact that he will be labeled an “agent of the Kremlin”. And now it’s time to utter the phrase “the other side” and to be honest: we came out of the field a familiar and understandable in an area where there are a lot of questions and almost places without answers.

According to contemporary American political standards, if you are accused of “discrediting communications” with Russia and the GDP, you should immediately exclaim, “Me? With Putin? Yes no life! Antiputinist more than I do the light is not vidoval! Slander me, citizens, naturally slander!”.

Donald trump doesn’t act. And this is the first oddity. But the weirdness of the second, even more significant. Quoting the report, “new York times” about the performance of trump at a campaign rally in Mechanicsburg, PA:

“If Russia can help us get rid of ISIL (banned in Russia – “MK”), if we can really be friends with Russia, wouldn’t that be a good thing?” said Republican candidate trump. A little later, repeating the same question, he received from the crowd, to loud applause: “If we can get along with Russia, won’t it be good, not a bad thing?”

Just above I called this episode strange. But it would be more correct to characterize it by the word “temptation” – the temptation to see in Donald trump to the visionary politician who saw the changes in the attitudes of American voters, which are still in an emphasis do not see his short-sighted colleagues.

But not all temptations must be resisted. The truth is that while there is no way to form an adequate idea anything about the “Russian course” trump or about trump.

We have no answer to the key question – “who is Mr. Trump”? We don’t know who he is – a clown posing as a serious politician or a serious politician, which scores points, posing as the clown? We cannot assess its chances to reach the White house.

A couple of months ago a Clinton victory seemed assured, but now the gap trump the democratic candidate is within the boundaries of statistical error. We don’t even know what will happen in case of a victory trump – whether to keep it your current views on Russia or fellow party members will force him to change his position?

We know only one thing: a clown or tramp clown, but he has hit the bull’s eye. Until now I never understood a famous saying of the famous American sociologist Erving Goffman: “Society is a madhouse run by its patients.” But now I seem to have reached. If reasonable ideas about the second nuclear power in the world in American politics expresses only person reputed to be a clown or crazy, in the statement of Erving Goffman’s something in there.

Watch the video on “Donald trump appeared at the Republican Convention like a rock star”

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