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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Under a lucky Constellation Kozlotura

Start with a serene school years… In the “New world” was the tale already known to me from the best side of the author. The combination of lush, pheasant, seemed, name, and Herzen (I studied the “Past and thoughts”) East of the alias names is promised, will not be bored. (Confusion, confusion in a child’s head, added more and Andrew — Aquaman fiction Belyaeva…)

Fazil Iskander, Bella Akhmadulina and Andrei Bitov in the restaurant CDL, 1983, photo: Archive of “MK”

Indeed, compared to the heavy, solid (and very smart) Alexander Ivanovich Herzen new Iskander shone in the “New world” irresistible humour and sparkling imagination, not inferior writer-predecessor, to wit, he gave thought briefly, airborne, weightless, easy. A feather flying on the wind, Pushkinskaya gracefully glided across the paper…

To say that I fell in love with “Constellation Kozlotura” from the first lines — to say nothing. “Love” in this case, a weak, pale word. I (and the class), passing the journal from hand to hand, savored every catch, every mockery of the prevailing negotation… (Next to already ripe for a screen similar to the “Thirty-three” Danelia and Yezhov and “Beware of the car” Ryazanov and Braginsky). I still never cease to quote (out loud and internally) immediately imprinted in the consciousness quotes: “Cosmotheism — the best of the rest” (apart from when I go on vacation), “Interesting undertaking, by the way…” (getting acquainted with government decrees).

Curious quotes from Fazil Iskander’s continued relevance and each time ripen to the point, be fit, whatever political, economic or domestic situation nor prevailed in the country. Writer (absolute genius) managed surprisingly organic to stay ahead of the era and meet the upcoming events. Permission to speak the truth about Stalin, he met a ready novel “Sandro from Chegem, Russian sexual liberation — “a Small giant of big sex”, the occurrence of terrorism — long story “My militia protects me” (about an airplane passenger, is keenly watched as the lyrical hero of this work rummaging in the Luggage compartment and goes through other people’s bags)… everything listed, I will repeat, the master of exuding laughter, words spoken with inexhaustible optimism, although some may be (by and large) fun with Stalin and the bomb Airliners? But when the bill Hamburg, it becomes possible to feast during the plague.

A striking inconsistency of the ‘ 60s: “Constellation Kozlotura”, vysmeivaetsya party of stupid red tape, was nominated for the (hate this word a pleading look, but to recreate the historical truth use!) State prize. (An interesting endeavor, by the way: at the state level to encourage satire within a team-grading, odergivala mode! But “One day of Ivan Denisovich” in the then totalitarian powers claimed to receive the Lenin prize, although Lenin and Stalin in circles thinking intellectuals perceived a tautology.) Of course, very quickly those “thaw” indulgences, those vegetarian motives, is the wrestler over, and covering a long dull streak of bans and censorship. But vishukuval the power of hegemony and Stalin’s tyranny Fazil Iskander has already publicly to declare itself and disappeared in a mass grave socialistiska crushed talents.

I met Iskander in different periods of his life. On takeoff, when he himself was hard to believe that the line of success will go on rising. At the time of the tribulation, when with difficulty only published his “kids” stories (my review of the collection “happy finds” long marinated and did not want to publish, despite the fact that it was about a naive boy Chica, but in this politically engaged a delightful character editors caught the subtext, Aesop lining and antipinskiy, that is antistatische allusions). Finally, the advent of glasnost, when I was puzzled, disappointed, Yes there are defeated helplessness hastily written novels that Fazil Abdulovich gave me the manuscript for review. What could I say to him? The conversation still speaks painful shame my futile diplomacy and his desperate, frightened revelation: “Before you can even struggle, literature was needed, and now it becomes not necessary to anybody. We shout into the void. It must be time to publish something that glimmers in the brain, soon cease to read!”.

Photo: Archive of “MK”

Like I heard in those days, and Andrei Voznesensky.

Fears of the classics was correct. Books continued to be issued, premiums fell yesterday Neoplatonic Messiahs, but poring over their insight and prophecies fewer seekers of truth. I will say more: it is the volume of those who worshipped in the 60s, 70s, 80s, increasingly were built in neat piles or travels ligaments near garbage containers on main streets and in Arbat lanes. I myself at some point, it seemed: the recent lights of the dilapidated and obsolete. What they waistpouch what I’m saying in their writings? What doldonyat? The era of Aquarius, and Kozlotura hogwash of cosmotheism in the distant past! Stalin no return!

But Stalin was heavily Zapolskaya on the banners. While the tourism industry brought us back from the Mediterranean to the native land and villages, where flourished and flourishes it cosmotourist. (Great comeback, by the way.) Yes and can be outdated prompt: “Christ foresaw that Judas would betray… So why did he wonder?”. Wonderful reader Rafael Kleiner continues to come up with a program entirely composed of poems by Fazil Iskander. Can not touch the soul iskanderovna funny observation: Muscovites listening to the weather forecast, freeze, if that message affects their lives and death? A “Fishing for trout…”, when what was a tranquil walk almost leads the angler to death? (Similar to “Lived a song thrush” — remember this is consonant with “Fishing…” the movie?) And in Gogol’s terribly gaping mouth of a grave, dug for intact returned from the hospital the poor man and caused endless fun of others? (“Do not cry” — that’s cinemaroll. And, of course, the episode of “the Office romance” Ryazanov with the risen necrology Bublikov.) Interesting consistency of our reality, among other things: a Wake for the living…. Full of self-irony and reflections of the lyrical hero of suicide, undergoing metamorphosis funny in a cute conductors of the train of distant following? And were just thrown away a business card of a foreigner (the story of “the Englishman with his wife and child): not going our compatriots in London, not about him this honor, the native caring power shall not be released from their clutches… whether the wealth of stories, words, colors, the subtle psychological nuances to sink and be forgotten? Of course not! (And I want to inscribe in the Soviet succinctly: what is love for people permeated these creations! Pathetic and I want to shout: no created and captured by Iskander the world is impossible to imagine our recent and current life, subtract from it the pursuit and acquisition of Iskander and she’ll Brookside, poorer. It is very rare that a writer becomes a necessary part of human existence!)

He was a recluse, preferring the solitude and concentration the most striking and interesting companies. His closest friends, Lydia and Edward Grafova, many times told me that, even when loved ones in spirit and aesthetics associates — Okudzhava, Akhmadulina, Aksenov invited Iskander in order to compare arrows of political positions, he, affirming the unanimity and similarity of beliefs, they avoided meetings and remained at his Desk,

Congratulating Fazil Abdulovich of one of the anniversaries (celebrations took place at the Vakhtangov Theatre), I from the scene are told, as in Abkhazia, the home of the celebrant, met the old man, similar to Sandro Chegem. The old man was selling fruit in a tiny tent on the beach. Trusted poured chacha and shared memories and parables (including meetings with Stalin), which I in the novel, Iskander is not met. Those who did not believe his fantastic adventures, called without hesitation fools. Sometimes prisovokupleniem epithets: “a fair-haired fool!”, “toothless fool!”, “drunken fool!”. Fazil Abdulovich responded to my memoir with his usual self-criticism: “Not all folk wisdom I was able to get rid. But I have a huge resource of environmental stupidity. Enough to rhyme and prose.”

Born as a writer under the happily invented by constellation Kozlotura (by the way, Christ was born in a manger, between the donkey and the ox, and maybe a goat and a tour?), Fazil Iskander has created a lot of celestial bodies: Sandro Chegem, chick and another boy Adolf, studywise its name due to the fact that this was Hitler, and another boy committed, instead of the thirteenth feat of Hercules… These constellations will illuminate the way for all who happen to look into the books of Fazil Iskander.

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