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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ukrainians are rubbing their hands in anticipation of issuing Russia a “terrorist-criminals”

A high-profile case: a little over a month ago on June 29 at the airport “Domodedovo” was detained 30-year-old Anton Larkin, militia, defending Slavyansk in 2014 year. It took our Russian special services, who announced that a young male police. And the issue requires…

“It was clear that in Ukraine we can not go back. But we’ve already been to Russia. We were sure that we did not threaten. The fact that Anton was arrested in Moscow, to give SBU… I don’t know how it can be called,” the wife barely holding back tears.

Finally the fate of Anton Larkin and his family will be addressed in the Domodedovo court.

Anton Larkin family. Photo: family archive.

“Everyone says the words they us, those who were in Donetsk, Slavyansk, Nikolayevka, Gorlovka, understand, sympathize, and Hello Motorola. But in fact nobody’s business”, she thinks Tatiana.

I have to go with children in southern Butovo. Tanya and two daughters, one four years old, the other only 8 months, has sheltered almost strangers. For the time being. Out of pity. Tickets home — in Norilsk, where they peacefully live and work here for two years, still not delivered. But hope not much.

“Already had one court of appeal. Which is not even warned. Lawyer imposed on the state, said there is no evidence that we have a counsel; the judgment is not changed, no argument to listen did not want.

Russian courts is something terrible. I didn’t even know that could be so… Hopeless and dull. It ended in five minutes. No one was given the words to say. “Who are you?” “The wife”. “That’s it. Goodbye.” In all documents it is written that Anton is a criminal, that was in Russia illegally, that he had no family. But it’s not, and no one cared”.

At first glance, the case is really criminal is no separatism. Anton Larkin allegedly accused of stealing a car. 289 part 3 of the criminal code of Ukraine. Illegal acquisition of a vehicle by an organized group associated with violence — up to 15 years of imprisonment. Such information, the Ukrainian authorities provided to Interpol.

Because in the international search Larkin could apply only for the criminal offences — political and military showdowns such a serious and reputable organization such as Interpol is not engaged to do, there are other instance, the same military Tribunal.

However, as it now appears — and there are confirming documents, issued by official request, to all of the local Ukrainian databases Larkin is solely as a separatist. And seek him only as a separatist. He is charged under article 260 of the criminal code. “Stvorennya extralegal paramilitary or armed groups”. It is clear without translation.

“And car theft on him wrote a statement, a local businessman. Basically, a normal decent person. We now communicate. The victim also supported the militia, as many then. Recently told my relatives to this man, he’d be happy to take a statement — but can’t. They beat him, threatened him that, if there is a lot to say, then he will sit down”.

According to the documents, the theft of the employee’s “Toity” occurred in may 2014. The case was filed only in November 14th. And submitted to Interpol a day before the departure of the Larkins on leave from Norilsk to the Crimea via Moscow. “The impression that it wasn’t just a Fluke, too, it all came together,” says wife.

A native of Nikolayevka, near Slavyansk, they left the same murderous in the summer of 2014. Scary to think how fast time flies. It’s been two years. The battle for Slavyansk. The surrender of the city militia.

“The husband was more of a volunteer, he was not involved in the fighting, but, of course, supported militia, people were taken out of the bombing. Indifferent then no. Everyone was waiting for something, something good… On the referendum on reunification was standing in the queue. Was waiting for Russia,” sighs a young woman. By the way, Tatyana and her daughter — Russians. Come out of Slavyansk, the mother and father of a young woman in the Soviet years went to work in Norilsk, and stayed there. But all other relatives are in Ukraine.

Anton is her first love. Tatiana on summer vacation came to Nikolaevka, where they met. Both programmers. After the wedding, decided to live under Slavic. Merged with this land and even the way she puts the emphasis in the name of the city on the first syllable, Slavic and non-Slavic, gives it the Donetsk citizen.

“These are our homes — our land. Maybe we would not have gone there, but… you Know, the bombing, when you have a small child, it’s very scary.”

Also in may 14th Anton was captured. We stayed a week in the basement with a bag over his head. He was not alone there were so many, all young men, local, from 20 to 60 suspected support for the NPT, and also with packages. “Beside the husband sat a priest, he all the time talked to him, soothed. To be honest, my husband was sure that he would be shot”.

Lucky took before the July fighting. And it was soldiers, ordinary fighters, not “aydarovets”. Then still much anger between the parties was not. Beaten, but not killed, go home. Although the family believed week the guy missing.

After the captivity was sent to the Crimea for rehabilitation. ‘ve gone there with their first daughter, polutoragodovaly then a Nasty, devious paths, under the bombing. It was clear that saying goodbye to the house forever – soon after the departure of the Larkins in an apartment in Nikolaevka hit by a shell, nothing left. “If we were there at the time, would have died too”, – said Tatiana.

The question of where to go then, not standing. In Norilsk. Moreover, in the towns nearby all quotas for the status of Ukrainian refugees have been exhausted. Anton as a husband and a father of Russian citizens by the time their youngest was born, easily got a permit.

Question about getting them with official Russian citizenship had to be resolved by the end of 2016. This June, for the first time in two years and again got out already with two daughters, Nastya and Katya in the Crimea.

“Just came out in Moscow for transplant — as approached us. We were waiting for. Why do released from Norilsk? Why not arrested there?, – never ceases to ask questions Tatiana Larkin. The husband was sent to jail. My children said: go wherever you want. Six hours we promuchalas at the airport, there was nowhere to perch oneself. Alone in the big city. There were distant friends, may God give them health and shelter”.

All the money I had saved for vacation, went to the lawyers. One Russian, the other in Ukraine — the one, by the way, dug out at quite a formal request, documents that no real criminal case on stealing a car on Larkin is not hanging. Looking for him only as a supporter of the NPT. All the rest is fiction.

…Tanya and children sitting in the Park on the grass. She and her daughters now walks here every day. Younger 8-month-old Katya, a copy of dad, blowing bubbles, she is teething.

Older 4-year-old girl running around the Playground with an arrow. To me is not suitable. She says that shy…

“In court, saying that nothing can be done. Close the case in Ukraine. To request officially for what actually looking for Anton too is necessary to nobody. We are all alone”.

Lawyers set up for the long wait — it is necessary to hold at least half a year before applying to the ECHR to prevent the deportation of Larkin to Ukraine. For Anton’s return “home” – like death. There are waiting for him. To hasten our bodies. Who are happy to try.

“The husband filed for refugee status, the FMS while considering the statement. From the reception the President came the answer: nothing, I even to the Patriarchate appealed, we believers are Orthodox, they should help her, but there I was kicked”.

Why Ukraine is insisting on the extradition of Anton Larkin — as if he were not simple militia, but at least Igor Strelkov? It’s very simple. This case should be indicative, touchstone. A precedent, after which requirements from the Interpol extradition of former Dnrovtsev accused of crimes and now living in Russia, and there are hundreds, sprinkling in batches.

We can at the state level to support or not what happened in the DNI and LC, but during the war not to take prisoners, especially the side that is blatantly lying. As the official Kiev through Interpol accusing Larkin that he did not commit, forged his documents. Is one of the few in order for our intelligence agencies understand the incident in detail, and has not reported now, happily, sending a guy to death?

Probably for people like Anton Larkin and his militia, which we already wrote, the same Vladimir Veklich’s fixators, which tried to deport to Ukraine due to an expired passport, you need a legal justification of their stay in Russia and the non-issuance of Ukraine – at least while there is a war and not run the Minsk agreement.

Now the former Dnrovtsev happy to grant Ukraine EU countries, especially the Baltic States. This is no surprise, such a policy began in Serbia, with Kosovo, when handed volunteers.

Now this vile practice, it seems, can join and Russia.

Read the story “a Ukrainian who fought for the LC decided to deport from Russia”

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