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Friday, March 23, 2018

Trying to “lose Russia” Trump, Clinton only helps billionaire

Russia and Putin irrevocably has become one of the main themes in American presidential campaigns. When the newspaper VIEW first predicted it at the end of last year, this turn of events, few believed American voters don’t care about foreign policy, and the candidates themselves had never paid it much attention. But in this campaign it is not so, and if initially the Putin theme played Donald trump, it is now the Democrats are trying to hit a Russian billionaire.

Last week about Russia in the context of the campaign said in the USA most of the media, President Obama and Vice President Biden, candidates trump and Clinton.

“The theme of “disruptive Russian influence” will play against trump in the remaining one hundred days”

It turns out Russia is interfering in the presidential campaign, trying to influence the outcome of elections in the United States – broke into the conversation of the leadership of the democratic party to discredit Clinton. And trump not only not understand the danger of the Russian threat, but also fawns (definition of Obama) before the dictator Putin (definition Biden), and is very concerned about Hillary Clinton:

“If you put all the facts, we have serious questions about Russia’s intervention in our elections and in our democracy. And we will not tolerate this from any country. Especially from those with whom we have serious disagreements. Trump this encourages and praises Putin, despite attempts to influence the election. But this is a matter of national security”.

On national security, spoke after trump, commenting on the talks about the fact that Russian hackers broke into the email of the democratic party, jokingly suggested that Russia find and 30 thousand letters, destroyed Clinton on her personal server. Trump seriously accused of betrayal of national interests and the call for the enemy to spy on US – the arguments of politicians and journalists was terribly serious. And this is no joke.

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate Harry Reid expressed hope that during the weekly briefings, which the security services will be performed for the tramp as for the approved candidate, he will not get real information:

“How the CIA and other intelligence agencies, will conduct briefings for him? How will they do it? I would suggest that the intelligence agencies, if you have to spend for him, the briefings don’t say anything to him, just pretend, because this man is dangerous. Think, pretend you are conducting the briefing, but not to give him any information.”

Here the most interesting thing is that Reid genuinely believes trump’s insane, and even “the Siberian candidate” – in recent days appeared a lot of articles in which influential media and authors talk about “Pro-Kremlin orientation trump”. It’s as amazing as funny.

America falls into so familiar to her hysteria, Russophobia and this country, which is the only one in the world feels entitled to interfere in the internal Affairs of all countries of the world and practicing it for centuries. Moreover, this intervention is carried out by any means, limited only by the resistance force of its own objects – from military invasion to ideological war, from Subversion to coups, financial impact of the sanctions. Against this background, the Americans are trying to convince that Russia is having some influence on their internal Affairs.

Moreover, the scale of this campaign already is that we can safely predict that the theme of “disruptive Russian influence” will be one of the main that will play against trump Democrats in the remaining one hundred days. The part of the Republican establishment, which was forced to accept the nomination trump, nervous, wanting to demonstrate their patriotism – indeed, the former candidate for Vice-President in the 2012 election, the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan through his press Secretary said that “Putin needs to stay away from these elections,” calling Russia a global threat under the leadership of the wily bandit”.

Republicans fear that Democrats pumped a wave of “national betrayal trump” will hit the whole party – which until recently was notable for much more aggressive rhetoric against Russia. The same Ryan went to the last election as a Vice when presidential candidate Romney, who in 2012 called Russia the main threat to the United States. But the Republican, and the democratic establishment don’t feel that everything has changed, and the mood of the electorate, and the possibility of manipulating the mass consciousness. Attempts to “cover up” trump Putin, the argument about their “bromance” (sympathy of two men with a homosexual connotation), which is already the year of repeats us propaganda, not on voters have practically no effect.

Moreover, trump thus deliberately adding fuel to the fire last week, he printed and even the Crimean issue. First, he said that it would study the issue of recognition of Russian Crimea, and a few days later developed this theme in a TV interview:

“Russia is not going to Ukraine. Just so you understand. Not going to Ukraine, right? Unable to think about anything.

I think Russia is already there, isn’t it?

OK, it’s there. But there Obama too. And, frankly, the whole world now – a complete mess and chaos under Obama, with all the force and power about which he talks, with NATO and weapons. And the Crimea…

– But you said you can accept it?

– I will consider this issue. From what I hear, the people of Crimea prefer to be with Russia, but not where they were. And it deserves attention. As for Ukraine, there is now also a mess. And it happened under the Obama administration, with its strong links with NATO. Don’t blame it on Donald trump. All will be better if we have good relations with Russia. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong”.

In the same interview, trump, before that, refused to answer the question about his relationship with Putin, decided to speak:

“I don’t know what you mean by relationship. Several times he talked about nice things to me. But I have no relationship with him. I haven’t met him, not spent time with him, no dinner, not walking. I don’t know him, only pictures. I know how he looks… I don’t Have any sort of relationship with Russia.”

That trump continues to stick to its special position in Russia is not surprising. First, he really does not see Russia as no enemy, no opponent, because he is not a supporter of building a global world-American. Trump is not isolationist, but not globalist – for him, America above all, it is the best and should be the most powerful in the world, but he does not consider her point of Assembly global supranational Empire on a planetary scale. Therefore, if Russia and Putin can agree on certain things, whether in the middle East or anywhere else, then it should be done.

Secondly, being a supporter of the national States, trump is the most important strengthening of the American economy, not the expansion of American geopolitical hegemony. Of course, trump will strengthen the economic power of the United States, using a variety of means of pressure, including military – but he is not going to war or threaten war on Russia in the interests of supra-national, globalist forces.

And, third, Trump humanly like Putin’s style and his consistency in defending the national interests of the state. Yes, Trump like a strong leader – and admitting it, he once again tells Americans that he will be the same strong leader for America. And that’s really amazing – a very large number of Americans it is like trump.

Of course, trump is neither a Russophile nor a Pro-Russian candidate – but, most importantly, it is neither Russophobe nor a globalist. That is America under the leadership of the trump of Russia will be easier to talk America under the leadership trump will represent less of a threat as the world in General and Russia in particular. Here are the main reasons that our society and political class in General, put on trump.

And, of course, Russia would be just wonderful if victory trump led to a switch of States on the solution of internal problems, if the victory trump the weakened position of the ruling American elite “globalist-expansionary” non-partisan forces. Not deprived of their power – which, of course, beyond the power of any President, whether it is three times isolationist, but had limited capacity and influence. Get it from trump? As a minimum, becoming the master of the White house, he will try to do it.

We should not think that he will be the one in the field – in fact, his understanding of geopolitics, including about Russia, separated by not only a large number of ordinary Americans, but part of the establishment. For example, advising him Henry Kissinger is an experienced strategist and a realist, who understands the complexity of the situation faced by the United States. Both inside the country and in the world.

And if the political tension associated with socio-economic problems (which trump both protectionist and will solve) and the total distrust of the ruling class on the world stage States are in need of serious maneuvers.

With all Obama’s peacemaking he managed to strain relations with China and Russia, according to the USA, to push Moscow and Beijing to the Alliance. In reality, Russia and China after 2012, and so accelerated the convergence – but, of course, attempt to blockade Russia from the United States further contributed to the Russian-Chinese friendship. And the first rule of geopolitics by Kissinger (and in the eyes of any realistic defender of American national interests) States: the relationship the United States should not allow relations between Moscow and Beijing was closer than the USA with them. Trump intuitively, and now with the help of Kissinger, understands – and would by all means try to change the length of the sides in the triangle Washington – Moscow – Beijing. The statement he made Monday, in fact, confirms this – again calling for the Union of Russia and the United States in the fight against ISIS* and adding that the two countries could work together “to do other things,” trump lamented that instead, the Obama administration is “foolishly forcing Russia to ally with China over oil.”

The arrival of trump, the power will not make Russia and the US neither friends nor partners, but it will slow down the strain and weaken the opposition. Victory trump will not lead to failure of the controlling United States supranational elite plans for world domination, neither to the isolation of North America. But will give the realistic American elite a chance to try a complex geopolitical combination in order to try to stop several years of steady decline of US influence.

One of the elements of this combination will transition from rough containment of Russia to try again to enter it in some common projects, “to pull” from China, to attract to Europe (of course, the Atlantic, and not independent).

The us strategy will not work – but Russia easier and more profitable to play a game of chess with trump – Kissinger, than on the third Obama term to put the power blocks inventions Clinton, Albright, Brzezinski, remaining in the past century of American omnipotence”. So far, everything goes to the fact that American voters will give us the opportunity, making the right for itself, and Russia’s choice. And without Putin’s intervention – unless, of course, except for such active exploitation of his name in the American election campaign.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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