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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The US is preparing against Russia new sanctions because of the “scary bears”

The American authorities have threatened Russia with new sanctions if it is proven the involvement of the Russian special services to hacking servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party (nkdp) US. We are talking about economic measures and legal steps, said a spokesman for the White house Eric Schultz. Internet guru Anton Nosik told us how to actually find the hackers and crackers.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

So far, the investigation into hacking attacks on the servers is not finished, but the assumption that sound from the lips of American politicians and the press are the same – we are talking about the “hand of Kremlin”.

The US media have repeatedly written about the two hacker groups – “Cozy bear” and “Fancy bear” – which, in the opinion of American experts on cybersecurity, with a different probability associated with the FSB and the GRU respectively.

The arguments that lead some of the interviewed American journalists experts, can surprise you. In particular, The Christian Science Monitor in his publication about the “bears” quotes the head of the company CrowdStrike, NCDP hired to investigate the attack: “(Hackers) operated from 8 am to 8 PM Moscow time, which indicates the involvement of officials of government departments, not the criminals who do their business at night for the sake of profit”.

Attention to such details is understandable as any “iron” facts to prove the involvement is not something that the Russian special services, but even citizens living in Russia, to the attacks is impossible.

“To establish who made hacking possible only if these people voluntarily admit it. – said in an interview with “MK” blogger Anton Nosik, Technical ways to bind a cyber attack to a particular country does not exist and cannot exist.

Residents of any state of the available proxy servers located on the territory of other States. That is why you can safely go from Russia, for example, those sites that Russian users do not serve”.

The same logic is applicable not only for ordinary users and hackers, but also for the relevant departments. “If Russian special services will use Russian servers – despite the fact that they can, for example, one dollar to buy yourself a permanent address in the us server, then the only meaning of such actions is to demonstrate to the world that they are from Russia. If they “cloak and dagger”, which is “encrypted”, then why should they?”, – said Anton Nossik.

A similar view was expressed by other experts, noting in particular that any conversation about “trails” leading somewhere, in the case of Internet attacks is a sham. Even if these “traces” will bring American specialists on the Russian servers, absolute proof is not – in the end, hackers of any third country was thus able to divert suspicion from himself. Exactly the same as if guilty of the burglary will be considered, for example, China, to prove that the United States will not be able. However, if they need real evidence for the introduction of new sanctions?..

Recall that in August last year, the threat of sanctions in response to cyber attacks came from Washington to address what Beijing. Chinese hackers then suspected of illegal obtaining of access to the correspondence of the US administration.


The Wall Street Journal puts forward the theory that Hillary Clinton is doing a “preemptive step”, actively accusing Moscow of involvement in the attack on the servers. The candidate for the Democrats, says the publication, is afraid that sooner or later, and her letter will be made public.

Earlier, Clinton in 2013 has become the victim of email hacking – responsibility for this in may of this year took over who is now in an American prison Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar Lehel also known as Guccifer.

Later the information appeared that he committed suicide behind bars, but it has not been confirmed. By the way, a hacker who calls himself Guccifer 2.0, has already said that he hacked into the servers of the DNC … “A real person, or a screen created by the Russian secret services?”, – writes about it the American press.

Read the story “the Third world because of the Crimea: trump stepped up the fight against Clinton”

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