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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The heat will save, chigan: tips to Muscovites from the pole of heat

Yesterday in Moscow the temperature exceeded 30 degree mark. But citizens hardly get any sympathy from residents in the village Utta Yashkul district of Kalmykia. Recently it became known not less than the Yakut pole of cold Oymyakon July 12, 2010, but with a different sign. The thermometer reached then to the level of 45.4 degrees, which broke the all Russian record for all history of meteorological observations. This year, Kalmykia is also a leader in the heat: according to the Hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation, this summer the temperature there was recorded at 42-degree mark, at the time of this writing, Uta was warmed to +37 degrees. If we are here, in Moscow, at +30 exhausted from the heat and stuffiness, as there is poor ulinzi? They immediately issued a “MK a” recipe of salvation: a Cup of yogurt drink, cigan and under the shower.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Immediately remove the envious assumptions about the rivers, seas and all pockets of moisture in the hottest part of the country. Nothing in this Utte will not find. “We do not have any pond or river, even centralized water supply system no – steppe and desert around, sadly told us in the local administration. – Near lake Busha is 57 kilometers from the Uta”.

The desert here, and indeed a noble — not be distinguished from the Sahara. The yellow sand dunes stretch to the horizon. Just to the North — steppe, where the locals graze sheep and horses.

– How do we escape from the heat? Yes, as all – meets us the employee of administration Anna. – In the Inferno of the house sitting under the split system, drink tea. Our nation, with the milk, only hot. But not alien to us and drinks from the stalls and shops. Here in spite of Kalmyk tradition and offer cold bottled tea, and sodas.

Anna joins her colleague. Remember about other ways to quench your thirst: drink, Cihan (the latter reminiscent of something between yogurt and milk). Fermented milk drinks are very well toned in the intense heat. And if the koumiss from the milk of mares, mostly drink closer to the capital of the Republic, it is in Utte often cooked, cigan on cow’s milk. Well, if you need a long time to work in the sun, for example, to shepherd a flock of sheep, the Kalmyks must wear the national beshmets — thin cotton robes that protect from the strong sun. But a special hats no caps, hats, “like all Russians”.

– How your grandchildren without the river, no lake? – I ask on the phone 86-year-old woman Nina – Nina Basangova.

– Yes, after all, run down the street, run up to the yard and jump in the pool, which the house has.

Who but old people can know how to escape the heat without fans and modern split-systems (any problems).

– It is now well — the Windows are large, vents there are, says Baba Nina. – But before that, no window, very stuffy the house was. But we, the old, the young, we all survived, no fans, glasses-lobe did not buy. If thirsty , drink Kalmyk tea with milk, no sugar, and salt. But Russian tea drink too. Russian tea, in my opinion, the best thirst quenches. Well, when it is unbearable — getting under the shower or in the bath go, freshen up.. That’s how I live (laughs).

The idea is that the hottest place in Russia could become a place of pilgrimage for tourists. But there is no water and electricity serves sometimes for hours, dreaming about it is not necessary.

Where else is hotter?

Temperature record of the planet was recorded in Libya on 13 September 1922 in El Azizia temperature in the shade was +57,7 °C.

The hottest place in North America – Death Valley in the US, where July 10, 1913 was recorded air temperature of 56.7 °C.

The hottest place in Asia – desert Maraba in Kuwait, where on 15 June 2010 was recorded temperature is +55 °C.

The hottest place in Australia and Oceania – Australian odnadatta, where 2 January 1960 was recorded temperature of 50.7 °C.

The hottest place in South America – Villa de Maria in Argentina, where January 2, 1920, the column of thermometer showed +49,1 °C in the shade.

The hottest place in Europe is the capital of Greece Athens on 10 July 1977 was recorded temperature is 48 °C.

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