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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Scientists have found out that geniuses are born on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

Thanks to the research of scientists in Moscow we will be able to schedule the birth of a child genius. However, this will need to try — because so far, naming a specific day of appearance of the baby born only those moms who planned C-section. The expert identified a pattern, according to which now it is possible with a very high degree of probability to say which days of the week often are born talented people. Happy day three — Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. However, the presence of mental inclinations is determined and a time: on Tuesday this is the second half of the day, and on Wednesday and Saturday first. Senior engineer Central aerogeological Institute Evgeny VINOGRADOV exclusive told “MK” about her research.

photo: pixabay.com

In order to derive a formula based on the talent day of the week, in which its owner was born, Evgeny Vinogradov studied in detail date of birth 727 famous people of different ages, nationalities and professions. Scientist has selected only those ingenious persons, which is known not only the year, month and day and hour of birth.

– On the basis of their calculations, I can conclude that the most often gifted people are born in late Tuesday and early environment in the first half Saturday. – says Evgeny.

From this statement it is possible to allocate even more specific pattern: people who will be endowed with particularly notable talents often come to our world in the late Tuesday to early Wednesday. As for the reverse side of the coin, most geniuses are rarely born in the second half of Wednesday and Sunday. As you can see, the line between genius child, who planned to meet with parents on Wednesday, very thin. Will be born in the first half of the day, you are a talent in your pocket, and secondly — as lucky.

In the second half of Tuesday born Aivazovsky, Byron, Gagarin, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Leo Tolstoy, Charlie Chaplin, etc. In the first half of the medium — Balzac, Kuprin, Catherine II, Peter I, Mayakovsky, Nietzsche, Galsworthy…

What explains the talent of the baby, born on a certain day of the week? Scientist found the answer to this question. Apparently, the reason lies in the variation in activity of solar flares. Solar flares are the most powerful manifestation of the activity affecting our planet. If to speak more simply, they arise from Pertamina magnetic lines when approaching spots of different polarities. The result is something like a powerful short-circuit in the sun. On the Ground, this flash works in two passes: approximately 30-60 minutes after it started and a day or two. In the first case, the background radiation of the planet is increased by 100 to 1,000 percent, which greatly affects the mental makings of babies. However, on the other hand, it gives the shaft to all kinds of disasters: heart attacks, strokes, psychosis, hypertensive crises and accidents. Vinogradov calculated changes in the frequency of strong solar flares during the week. They almost completely coincide with the frequency of births of the most gifted individuals. This coincidence confirmed that the number and power of the flashes is directly proportional to the number of gifted children born in this period.

By the way, some time ago Evgeny Vinogradov conducted a research where he found that the most productive time of year for inclinations of talent is winter, and it is the month of February. This is due to several reasons. The most important of them — again, a solar flare that hits our planet, the flux of cosmic rays, which increases the effect of radiation on babies born. So now scientists can confidently say that most often gifted people are born in late Tuesday and early environment in the first half of Saturday and all this February.

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