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Sunday, March 25, 2018

On parting with Iskander Shenderovich remembered its the most relevant quote

On Tuesday, Moscow pursued a writer Fazil Iskander in the last journey. Interrupted his vacation to Medina for a long time to communicate with relatives directly at the coffin on the stage of the WSC; arrived Yevgeny Yevtushenko read a draft of a future poem on the death of Fazil; came a large delegation from Abkhazia (including spiritual fathers).

To say that there were many people — it means to lie. From ten until noon has been 350-400 people. No queues, crowds, but why the crowd is the quality of those who came. Besides gradually withers away the very form of the official wire.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

…The incredible stuffiness. At the entrance to the Central house of writers on Nikita for some reason the riot police, a lot of journalists, protection. Discreet machine intelligence with a small dog. Each at the door to see a funeral worker in white gloves (break in procedure): if your bouquet is wrapped in polyethylene, the film will have to be removed to carry only fresh flowers.

Journalists rush on each display face, however, individuals are not denied in short comments, and answers is felt that the rating of the article-the biography of Iskander Wikipedia has grown significantly in the last three days. Although many spoke from the heart — Stepashin, Shenderovich, Wisniewski, TV presenter Andrey Maksimov, writer Evgeny Popov…

— Fazil — one of the Russian writers, the case when nationality is irrelevant; read at least two things, — said Stepashin, addressing to journalists, — “Sandro from Chegem” and “Rabbits and Boas”. Fazil thank you for this say. More relevant than ever…

— Iskander of those who constantly reminded us of the conscience, — said bitterly Andrey Maksimov, — whether we now remember about it? I remember his interpretation of the biblical parable: “whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other”. This parable is not about your humility; and substituting the second, you’re trying to awaken to who beats you, the feeling of conscience. That’s what’s important.

— A lot of deep thoughts in this great writer, thinker, philosopher, practitioner of the wise man, says the poet Vladimir Vishnevsky, — can not quote exactly, but beautifully written — “honesty does not imply heroism, but simply not participating in meanness.” In our country funny can only be plausible, and the humor is “the trajectory of upasane from the abyss”…

— Half a century ago were the times when everyone said “Fazil”, “Bulat”, “bell”, and these words did not require decryption, — said Viktor Shenderovich, — Iskander, of course, enormous, because he created his world, his universe, which is extremely rare even among good writers. And its worth a read for all of us, worth it. “Don’t take collective stink for the unity of the spirit,” how many strong thoughts, very relevant…

The twelve are all going in the hall. Very stuffy, air conditioners do not work. In the middle is the microphone for the writer’s funeral. Goodbye Minister of Medina, then actor Alexander Filippenko, the human rights activist Alla Gerber. Quietly goes up to the stage himself, without outside help! — Yevgeny Yevtushenko. Even in mourning, but fashionable (does not change the) purple shirt with patterns and trousers. He sits down at the chair among relatives and immersed for ten minutes in the process… it might seem that he is preparing a speech. Nothing of the sort. He wrote verse that just came to his mind.

– You sorry — appeals to the audience — they still need to be modified… I knew Fazil since 1947. We are bound by the love of poetry; we had one teacher, the poet Slutsky, a veteran. He taught us of conscience, of honor, word.

We Fazil were both theatre-goers, it is difficult to imagine that Iskander was once incredibly in love with operetta; because through it we saw the world — Vienna, Paris, admired such actors like Yaron, beat his hands to the pain.

In Moscow said goodbye to Fazil Iskander (9 photos)

Later I was the first editor of his first poetry book. And then he unfolded powerfully as a person as Caucasian Epica… But, apart from Sandro, I think his greatest book “Rabbits and Boas”, it can start to read 18 years and continue to learn your whole life.

Fazil was one of the world classics of satire, coupled with extraordinary lyricism. I learned about his death, standing right at the Chegem waterfalls in Kabardino-Balkaria. And now I want to read in his honor:

There are precizni and she neumoina;

Us, Fazil, together embraced the Caucasus.

We, the people, edengene,

For the common Lord of us.

We’re the same coinage

Our SIX-tenths years,

I’ve flown from Chegem,

Your waterfalls and ice…

Watch the video on “Hundreds of people came to see the writer Fazil Iskander in the last journey”

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