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Monday, July 17, 2017

“Nick, stop Putin!”: Nikolai Burlyaev told about patriotism and creativity

3 Aug actor, Director and President of the forum “the Gold hero” Nikolay Burlyaev celebrates the 70th anniversary. On the set he first appeared at the age of 13. Then at the training Studio of VGIK, aspiring filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky filmed a short film “the Boy and the dove”. Then it was the work of Andrei Tarkovsky in “Ivanov the childhood”.

The Theatre. City Council young Kolya burljaeva invited legendary Director Yuri Zavadsky. In the play “Leningrad prospect” his partner was an outstanding actor Nikolai Mordvinov. Then the current hero of the day, he studied acting in the case of the Shchukin theater school, and studied film directing at VGIK Mikhail Romm and Lev Kulidzhanov.

We met in St. Andrew’s monastery, where for many years the Directorate of the “Golden knight”. Calling in the midst of the summer heat, observer of the “MK” and was hoping to catch Nicholas burljaeva in Moscow. All vacation, work in the garden plots, but our celebrant has decided quite different questions. In his office he appeared with the icon, written on the old wood, and with the words: “Only that the Bulgarians gave”. Before you start the conversation, prepared a letter to the MOE.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

“I created a professional chorus of EMERCOM of Russia”

— Why do you write in the MOE?

— MOE and “Golden Vityaz” — for 25 years. We walked in parallel, one course. They save the lives of people, and “Golden knight” through art trying to save the human soul. Culture is in an emergency condition. The formula of Dostoevsky’s “Beauty will save the world” is under threat. It’s time to save the very beauty. So we combined our efforts. In addition to programs of the “Golden knight” I now have a huge army of rescuers — about 300 thousand people and millions of families. I’ve always tried to strengthen the soul of the army and people. This is our vanguard, and it should be brought up to the correct films. For the year of joint work we managed to open 20 cinema clubs “Golden knight” in the structures of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Far East to the West and South of our borders. I give them the films from the funds of the forum, carry out exhibitions, created a professional choir of EMERCOM of Russia, invited to work the best Regent George Safonov. No Studio, so I will make an effort to organize it. Already received approval for the creation of two paintings. It will be a documentary about the legendary personality of MOE, 96-year-old Dmitry Ivanovich Mikhailik, and game disaster movie. Critical to this genre, but I hope that we will do a decent Russian film. I will be his General producer, but if I Director — view.

— What is all this for the Ministry that deals with emergencies?

With amazing gratitude and hope there reacted to the creation of the cultural Institute of EMERCOM of Russia. There is a period of formation. We get a television equipment to broadcast a live signal on any channel in the world, I want people to know about the film forum “Golden knight”, literature, music and theatre forums, the forum of fine arts, which we provide. Our Central TV channels are not very willing to cover our activities.

— We have known for over 20 years, and all this time you’re talking about saving the culture. I have the feeling that nothing in 25 years has not changed.

Five years ago I began to lose my inherent sense of optimism, watching what dressing culture we come, following the Western path of permissiveness. I began to lose faith that my efforts have some value. But in December 2014, the President adopted the decree on the new state cultural policy, largely based on the practice of the “Golden knight”. I was one of the initiators of the decree and regain a sense of optimism. Never taken such a decision, based on ethical norms and moral categories of culture of the peoples of the Russian Federation. The second necessary step is to bring the culture from the sphere of the market.

But that’s impossible.

— Now this may seem wild, but after four years the government will gain a lot. You need to increase the budget for culture at least to the size of the budget of the Ministry of defense, as culture is the defense of the soul. If we lose the soul, then the country can be taken with bare hands. Impossible to measure all the ruble and the success of the first weekend. Andrei Tarkovsky was not successful in the first weekend. And his “Andrei Rublev” just for seven years has been shelved. It’s been 50 years since the creation of the film, and he blocked off all cash records. I saw a queue of spectators in Paris, Los Angeles, Caracas. Should culture be measured by eternity, not the weekend.

In the film “Andrei Rublev”.Photo from the personal archive.

But the latest policy of the Ministry of culture and cinema Fund is not built on eternal values.

— It was built incorrectly and it is necessary to explain to the officials who do not know what they are doing, lowering the spiritual level of the people. But if they know they are criminals. Then you have to change such leaders.

— You seem to hover in the clouds. Today it is impossible what you say.

— Yes, and I started to think: maybe I do. During 15 years at the world Russian people’s Council, member of the Presidium of which are, like a woodpecker hammering one and the same: there is no strategy of the state cultural policy. What got me so stuck? Maybe I’m wrong. But he was right. Witness the decree of the President.

“I am a sinful man, but greed and avarice in me no

— Once the “Golden knight” has collected a large number of guests, and how you now live? For many years the leadership forum become a businessman?

— It would seem that the year of jubilee, then celebrate it in a big way, call halfway around the world. But all was not as I planned. Money again was not. The Ministry of culture gave a pittance, so we not only have stretched his legs. If not for the support of the MOE, then nothing would have happened. I’m a sinful man, but greed and avarice in me. The Lord of the gyrus removed from my mind. A businessman I never was and never will be. I have no desire to make money on what they were doing. For theater forum we rented for 10 days the room. I have a ticket is not sold, distributed to all schools, children’s homes and boarding schools, dedicated forum children — the future of Russia.

— As without the business acumen to hold the festival?

For 25 years I became a professional festival of business, held about 80 large-scale forums. We have the halls crowded. In the final of the people and with us sing, “Stand up for faith, Russian land!”.

— Once you said, “What’s wrong with being a patriot and Slav?”. Ready today to say it?

— I would have corrected: “We are Russians!”. So said Suvorov. What a joy to be a patriot and Slav, to assist in the enforcement of ideas of Pushkin and Tyutchev, think about the unity of the Russian world, which is now falling apart. “Golden knight” makes more than politicians. While they betray Serbia, we are building an army of 55 people — Russian, Belarusians, Ukrainians, go hold a film festival during the siege.

Do you ever get ashamed of what you Russian people?

— What are you? Russian people absolutely nothing to repent for. It is necessary to do to others, able to betray those who raised them, took care of, loved. How can you repent for the great and much-suffering Russia? Because she keeps the world! I drove for the life of the 60 countries and have lost the desire to go anywhere. We are better than that. I recently visited Scotland, England, France, and Italy, where before watching the process of dying. And now everything is worse: goods, and food, and terrible spaghetti. People in rags walking. The devil, dressed all in tattered jeans. It is true that we girls wear them, thinking it was beautiful. I went to Scotland in the best restaurant by the sea and saw the spotted cats sofas, tasted monstrous food. And what their metro shabby! The airports of Orly and Heathrow seemed once excellent. And he returned to “Sheremetyevo”, I thought, Yes, we have six stars, and there are three barely pulls. The crisis we have made such progress! We can really make Russia great, although problems have many. I see opportunists, traitors, bribe-takers in different ministries and government. Gogol used to say, now is fighting the main battle for the human soul. Was never chenopodiacea, because I’m a Cossack Zaporozhian Sich to the roots. We do not recognize power, but the will of the Lord God over us. But now, I support the President. He makes the right moves.

— In the leadership of the “Golden knight” Vice-President, was for many years the Ukrainian actress Raisa nedashkivska. That changed after recent events?

— Raisa nedashkivska was my most faithful sister, starting with the first “Golden Vityaz”. We passed the dangerous roads. In the days of the embargo of Yugoslavia it was the Serbs transported across Ukraine to us in Russia, took care of them as his own mother. When struck square, she called me: “nick, stop Putin. Shoot our boys.” I said, “Raya, we are all with you took place in Russia in 1993, when a third force shot at the White house to the army and the people. This is an old script of the devil — bleed blood. He needs a civil war. Raya, you’re brainwashed”. She said, “nick, you’re a zombie”. Since we have no contacts, although I Raisa congratulated the day of birth, and Ada Rogovtseva, too, because I sincerely love them. I hope that sensible grain in their heart will sprout.

“I have five children and four grandchildren, but to sell themselves I’m not”

— Someone from anniversaries running, and someone is directing them a Grand for six months describing the program of festivities.

My birthday falls on the month when you will not be able to collect friends. Only relatives will be invited for a Cup of tea. We have rampant there. We in the family non-drinker. Yes, and I have no desire to pompously celebrate the 70th anniversary. But in the fall I have to spend two or three evenings in the House of cinema, a retrospective show or to perform with an orchestra, reading of Derzhavin’s “God”. I don’t have time to throw dust in the eyes. There is a forum for a forum, are preparing a Grand Slavic forum of arts in Stavropol. Will take the best films and actors of Russia, Fedoseyev’s orchestra, the ensemble of Moses, the Serbian teams. My task as a successor to the eminent teachers is to show people the highest. If painting, it is not the notorious “Black square” and work Andriyaka, belyukin, Shilov, those who know how to write with a brush, not smears worse than the children. In his youth, my friend Andrei Tarkovsky and Savva Yamshchikov was telling me about Modigliani and Utrillo. I thought, maybe it’s true, it’s brilliant. But it is difficult to convince me that the authors of the so-called modern alternative painting, postmodernists draw better than children. Yes, they just can’t draw. They are too lazy. As Shilov, they will not draw because it is work.

— What’s wrong to drink a glass of wine at a birthday party?

— I at a certain point in life to give up alcohol, seeing as leaving one by one my friends. Became Vladimir Vysotsky, Oleg dal, hanged himself Gene Shpalikov. I live in Bohemia almost since childhood. How he survived I do not know.

— Do not exaggerate. Not all artists are necessarily drinking?

— The name of those who fell in childhood in the movie and stayed there? Lena Proklova. Who else?

Dmitri Iosifov played Buratino successfully removes soap operas and documentaries. And that, by the way, you wrote about Sartre after the film “Ivan’s childhood”, where you were a boy?

— In the Western press wrote and we quoted Jean-Paul Sartre wrote about Tarkovsky’s film and something about me. But I don’t remember what. And the words of Konstantin Simonov remembered. He compared my image with the image of the boy Bartholomew. But it’s not my merit, and Tarkovsky. I was a model. As for Dmitry of Joseph, whom you mentioned, thank God that he refrained. And all because the Belarusian. Our profession was created for the Bohemian life — later, the end of the performances, then drinking to relax, the house of creativity. I took it all. For ten years with their older friends, who loved the noisy feast, with Sawa by yamshikova we every evening visited restaurants of the WTO, the cinema House, the House of journalists, Central house of writers. Until it’s all eaten, will not rest. This was making me weary. Savva, I have read the poems when he and his friends raised a glass for a glass: “let the pastime with the elite in smoky pubs/ ad nauseam night vigil, the feast in the creative houses./ Companies of idle mirth,/ the Bed of someone else, the pain of a hangover, but loved picnics classics of Soviet sons”.

In the film “Ivanovo the childhood”.

But during feasts, people were talking.

— When people drink, it climbs imp, egocentric: “I am…”. He can not hear anyone, only to show yourself, a loved one. Alcohol is a poison, a drug that is recognized by the International health organization. If so, you have to sell it in pharmacies in small doses. But we are talking years of soldering Russia. Why does the government not fight with it? What losses! Accidents, disasters, injuries, families are crumbling, children are morons grow. Here is the answer about the birthday and the Cup of tea. I tried to fight this evil and “the Golden Vityaz”, do not allow anyone to drink.

— Remember your rounds in the train. People immediately hid the bottle, and when you leave, the fun began.

— Of course, under the table. I say drug, all attached to him.

— Still a lot of time you consume a festival, but how can it be main with such acting talent?

— In the word “eats” is already incorporated some relevance to what I do. What we do not consume, and justifies the life of each of us. I and my employees are not useless. We are fighting for the souls of men.

— In the name of what you were going into the profession? Not just the same as? And doing something related, even on the spiritual cost is not equal.

— Create one forum gives no less than the creation of the film. I am a 23 year refuse as an actor from roles after Yeshua Ha-Nozri in the Master and Margarita”. I know that I can play the way others can’t. Know the secret of dramatic art, and many actors do not know her. They know how to pronounce the text, charismatic, but for the sake of what it is doing? My question is, why was it necessary to appear in the series, one actor answered honestly: “I had to build a fence. I have three children”. And I have five of them and four grandchildren, but to sell themselves, I will not. Seeing as after “Ivanov of the childhood” and “Andrei Rublev” I started a lot of filming, Tarkovsky said, “Kol, why are you doing this? Stop! Even starve you — don’t play that, then what would be ashamed.” Now I understand that he was right. And then like a lot to do. Yes, it is a difficult path. After the “Military field novel” I was offered as many roles as it had never been offered. Maybe 80. The temptation was great. I read another script and thought: if you do, you will be able to begin building villas, the car purchase should pay the debt. But I refused, because I realized the truth of Tarkovsky. But I still appear on the screen. Definitely.

— Did your children follow in your footsteps. Son Ivan became a composer, the daughter of an actress. You they are not stopped?

— There is genetics worked. The kids know my attitude to the acting profession. So Ivan became a composer, although in his childhood he was an actor. As the channel heads, he is one of the best composers of our movie. The daughter Mary became an actress. I didn’t even know that she went to GITIS. Secretly from me and had been invited only to a degree. Younger children understand that this is not the profession, which now needs to be addressed. She is in great danger. There is such a trade — and soul, and body.

— I remember riding with you in Kursk on the bus and you started into the microphone to read poetry. Their last, and before that…

— Pasternak?

Yes. Simply, without pathos, just as if you were talking to us. The verses continue to write?

So it is necessary to read, to dig to the bottom, not to revel in their own voice and acting talent, as do 95 percent of the actors. They go by the text, not understanding the mysteries of the craft. The poems I write. The time has passed. Once wanted to prove that much can a writer dreamed of becoming. Looking at Vladimir Vysotsky, Gena Shpalikov, I thought: “well, what am I? It is necessary to try”. Now I am a member of the Union of writers, himself proved that it can satisfy their ambitions. And I will continue to work as directed and only on the fact that not below the level at which worked before. Just for the sake of money won’t do anything.

Is it hard to share?

— God bless all to live simply, happily, easily. I first book is called the line of his poems — “The joy of suffering.” This is the main law of life. Not to lose the joy in your heart, to carry by through all life’s calamities. I have this feeling of joy. Try a stricter attitude to yourself, animate pride, that’s all.

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