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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New US nuclear bombs will be placed at bases in Europe

In the United States will be a new atomic bomb, created on the basis of outdated B61. This was stated by the National office of nuclear security (NNSA). According to the head of NNSA Frank Klitza, now the bombs are B61 the outdated components in the U.S. Arsenal, and the extension program of the resource will extend its life another 20 years.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Atomic bomb b-61 is so old that it is sometimes called “bomb eleven presidents.” However, this only proves that it can be attributed to the most successful weapons that have successfully operated for decades. It was consistently extended its service life, but at the expense of modernization – improved combat characteristics.

A similar example of such a successful weapon of the American strategic bomber b-52, which was built in 1962 and is still flying in the US air force. About the same time and created a tactical thermonuclear B61 bomb, which is currently considered the main weapon of the US army in its class.

The history of the bombs of the B61 began in 1960. The military then wanted to get the bomb, which could be reset at different speeds, with different heights and different media. She had to weigh no more than 700-800 pounds and carry a thermonuclear charge variable power. The first bomb to meet these military requirements, scientists have created by October 1966, and in 1967 the troops have already received the first production sample.

The weapon was considered very secret. The official name of the bomb aloud never uttered at meetings or in telephone conversations. Among the officers called her “the silver bullet” as a new tactical thermonuclear bomb actually looked like – it had a cylindrical body with a silver conical nose fairing.

Length bomb first modification of the B61-0 was 3.6 m with a diameter of 33 cm Total product weight: 700 pounds (about 320 kg). But later created a new modification, during which a few were varied in weight and its dimensions, remained important: the bearers of this weapon could be heavy bombers, and fighter-bombers and tactical aircraft.

And combat characteristics of the new bomb would allow it to operate in different modes. For example, the undermining of the warhead could occur at a predetermined altitude, and at the moment of contact with the ground. Moreover, in order for the aircraft carrier had to leave the hazardous area, the explosion occurred with some delay to 80 seconds after touching the surface. Later there was reported a modification of the B61 with a robust housing.

Just while B61 is in service with the US army, 3155 released these bombs in ten different modifications, each of which terms has improved combat characteristics of this weapon and extended service life. But in spite of this, by 2002, still wrote off and disposed of more than 1,900 units B61, although not less than 1,200 units were still in warehouses.

They were all pretty usable, although it did not meet the time requirements. Then in 2010, the U.S. Department of energy (he is responsible for all projects of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons), initiated the development of the next modification of these tactical bombs, highlighting her about $ 2 billion for New modernization was designated B61-12,

It was reported that the new bomb will get a new tail section, where is located the ultra-modern guidance system. With the help of satellite navigation and rudders new bomb can hit targets with high precision that will eliminate the need to equip it with weapons of high power. The new B61-12, according to experts, will have the warheads capacity of 0.3 CT, a 1.5 CT, 10 CT or 50 CT.

Simultaneously, it is planned to upgrade the aircraft, which are to be carriers of the B61-12. This primarily fighter-bombers F-35. Integration of these bombs possible in the complex weapons of the prospective bombers LRS-B. They may become the main carriers of this weapon, however to create them will be at least another 10-15 years.

However, the main concern of the Russian military is the fact that by 2020 the US plans to place bombs of the B61-12 on the European bases. For them it was decided to adapt the fighter-bombers “Tornado” of the military part of the German and the Italian air force and the Belgian, Dutch and Turkish F-16A/B. Earlier it was reported that 20 of these bombs will be placed on the büchel air base in Rhineland-Palatinate, after which they will be deployed in Turkey and Italy. So the old nuclear weapons of the eleven previous presidents of the United States, will remain a threat to the world for at least the next occupant of the White house.

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