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Sunday, September 24, 2017

MP accused Putin of zagazhivanii Ukrainian entrances

Member of Parliament Eugene rybczynski has accused Russia of all mortal sins. According to the MP, corruption and economic collapse in Ukraine were the result of the subversive actions of the Russian leadership, and for dirt in the hallways of Ukrainian homes solely responsible, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Photo: facebook.com/ribchinski

“Only he who believes that war, corruption, total localizaci and economic collapse – is our treasure. No and no again! It is a daily deliberate sabotage work of the aggressor (Ukraine called Russia – ed.)”, – rybczynski wrote in his blog on the website of the newspaper “Ukrainian truth”.

Then politician made a small excursion into history. In his opinion, all the troubles of the Ukrainians began with Bohdan Khmelnytsky, which the Russians allegedly “fool” as well as Yuri Khmelnitsky and Feofan Prokopovich.

“If not zadurenny Russia Bogdan Khmelnitsky, we would have never considered Russian to be their brothers. If not bribed Yuri Khmelnitsky, we would not know the Moscow Orthodox Church itself,” — said the Ukrainian parliamentarian.

Rybczynski writes that Moscow has for centuries destroyed the Ukrainians ruthlessly used their land, and bribed the Ukrainian elite and is steadily “washed Kiev-Russian mentality, imposing their rules and culture.”

In the end, the MP went into a rage and said that all the fault of the President of Russia. “Those who in response, gleefully screaming, saying that it is not Putin was peeing in our doorways, misleading: before the Ball appeared in Ukraine, it was clean, as in the temple. 400-year-old localizaci came to fruition,” concluded rybczynski.

We will remind that in the beginning of the month speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy said that the East of Ukraine in the years of Soviet power purposefully populated by millions of “Moscow occupants”. For this reason, the opinion of the residents of Donbass in the issue of de-communization can be neglected, said Parubiy.

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