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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Man changes mind

Man invents technology for their own convenience, and they immediately redraws and break it for themselves, turning into their element, is the eternal story, for at least half a century is a truism, retains all the sharpness and horror of novelty for each generation, which affects.

Congratulations to reader: this is us.

Information technology embodied in a variety of gadgets and services that have changed our lives magical and sometimes frightening way, but the process is still in the beginning, and the only thing we managed is to realize that you can’t even imagine in its fullness and completeness.

Justification: change is indeed deeper than in past times, associated with the spread of the steam engine, internal combustion engine, electricity, pipeline, chemical engineering and finally the personal computer.

The same technology that is extremely simplified of communication (the process of simplifying got have already become vulgar name of “globalization”), made the most profitable of the publicly available types of business transformation of human consciousness.

Throughout the history of mankind a mass change of consciousness to be the prerogative of Church and state; it was a difficult case, impossible without political power and aquabreeze only over long periods of time like through thousands of years has paid off Egyptian pyramids.

Modern technology has made the formation of public consciousness, and the merchants neglected this opportunity, flew with the relevant markets ahead of their own screeching, by the mid 90-ies.

After all, “the most cost-effective from a public” activity of the person in conditions of the market inevitably becomes the most mass.

So now we live a revolution, unprecedented in the history of our species. People emerged as a tool for transforming the environment and everything about us — from the physiological structure to social structure and mental Constitution — adapted for this activity.

From him we firmly take our own inventions, and present the upcoming us the way we can’t — not only because of its strangeness and complexity, but also because our consciousness is subjected to so intense and chaotic formation that often is paralyzed.

And this is important from obvious consequences of the new era: the world is becoming less knowable.

This was not from the Renaissance, but it’s a fact: the accumulated knowledge and logic itself in the new conditions are denied, and their adherents demonstrate brilliant inadequacy, suffering defeats from a wide variety of intuitive types, the “upper gut” captures new songs of the new world, but unable to explain them.

As a result the social significance of knowledge falls, one of the main productive forces of society in the eyes degenerates to the maintenance of a prestigious lifestyle, and education of training creators and professionals in coaching “professional consumers”, perfectly able to compare a variety of loan products, but are basically unable to think nor talk about them bought on credit goods or about how they will pay the loan.

And it’s not purely Russian, and a common problem: the Bologna process, which rallied students and professors, even the quietest of Switzerland, was not invented at the Higher school of Economics.

Reducing the knowability of the world, the destruction of science and education now threaten humanity by the loss of complex technologies, including technologies of life support, with the obvious catastrophic problems.

Communication and cheap automated delivery of goods allow us to perform a growing range of works in the place of residence, the problem is only in the motivation and control. But if the programmers has completely mastered life and work on the warm resorts for the majority of associated with information technology productivity growth is a threat of job loss, growing inexorably and without restrictions. Intermediate result — the transition from permanent work to temporary part-time work deprivation of all rights; in the future looms complete replacement of “extra” people, either in death, or — as the highest of humanism — in a capsule of virtual reality. Implementation seeming quite realistic in the foreseeable future ideas about the production of the human body necessary to maintain his life in the amount of electricity will make the nightmare of “the Matrix” close perspective.

There is an alternative: life is not for profit, but for improvement, but the generation of feelings and emotions provided by easier in virtual reality, and personal development in the real world requires sustained effort and motivation, which create in the mass of mankind has not learned — whether still, or already. The only such attempt — the Soviet civilization — was in the long term is too weak and, despite stunning achievements, with each year seeming more and more fantastic, was eaten pragmatic competitors.

The way the agony in virtual reality facilitated by the atomization of society. Banal to nausea the Soviet slogan “the family is the cell of society” takes the power of the revolutionary call for “a cell” the last becomes in the eyes of the individual, for the sake of comfort has been more consistently refusing to breed, and then to live (mortality of the white population of the United States — the most advanced social relations of humanity — in recent years, began to grow).

The “social pyramid” is built on a new floor not only from below but also from above: simplification of communication led to the formation of global monopolies, which exceeds the capabilities of any state (except for China). There is no one to govern, they have neither voters nor taxpayers, and own they end up in each other that creates at best a medieval phenomenon of unlimited power without any responsibility and deterrent.

Rapidly changing information technologies, allowing the rich to live in several worlds at the same time, transforms the personality, interacting with them. Already a growing generation of “computer youth” — with plastic mentality and high adaptability due to the loss of “personality structure” — sustainable criteria that whatsoever.

Masses of people all more consistently and consciously demonstrate a waiver of its vital interests for the sake of experiencing new emotions, and it has become the “new normal” of political technologies. Perhaps developed societies, not starving seriously for several generations, just “zazhralis”, and the global economic crisis will put everything in its place, but so far touch starvation a generation ago the former disease only chiefs and prisoners became the normal condition of citizens.

Rapid planetary spread the most ridiculous rumors of new diseases and disasters (like the ordinary Icelandic volcano that caused unfounded panic among the passengers) allows us to speak not only about new methods of management of human masses, but also about their predisposition to a kind of mental virus — panic formulas that oppose the person, deprived of the ability to critical thinking and the skill of responsible decision-making, can not.

In the management of money that you can borrow, earn or steal, lose their meaning, giving way to a less alienated and are almost never transferable technologies that can only develop yourself.

While the importance of conventional and even information technology compared to social technologies that allows you to control the feelings and thoughts of large numbers of people with control over media and social networks. The latter creates a kind of social infrastructure, the boundaries of which are not perceived by the individual, believing himself completely free, despite the fact that his behavior is completely tougher any dictatorship is defined for this infrastructure.

Excellent experience of full-scale application of modern social technologies gives Ukraine, since the coup already 2.5 years living in an artificial and aggressive reality, and dying, in spite of this, quite slowly.

Our transformation is so extensive and comprehensive that within ten years our surviving part will live a qualitatively new way in a whole new world, but not notice it.

Because people instantly and firmly settles any environment — even information — and begins to feel at home in the most incredible, as it seemed to his ancestors, conditions.

That is why, despite the mortality of each of us, humanity as a whole ahead remains an exciting adventure.

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