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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

He had such kind eyes: in memory of Zinoviy vysokovskiy

Uncle Zalman, where are you? Zinovy Moiseevich!

What is happening around, you see? Know? When the world goes crazy, salvation is found only in humans. Very close people.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

You were so close… Just needed. Although we met rarely. But every meeting… so Much warmth was coming from you. I remember, I feel. Still.

You always understood everything. Absolutely! All and all. Although resentment you had, you talked about them. Well, Yes, to offend a creative person easy.

You kept them to yourself. Probably, it is harmful. But you were such an optimist…

Your eyes… Your eyes is a special song. That they all the pain of the Jewish people — well, it’s corny. It was just talking eyes. Do not have the words, extra words, why? He looks at you… That’s enough.

I have never seen anger in his eyes. Only the wise understanding of life. That it hurts, and sometimes on the head. It can sometimes be merciless… And it’s all in his eyes.

But for me it was Kashpirovsky, for sure. No, Kashpirovsky not those eyes. And Kashpirovsky, someone helping others and could be hurt. Vysokovsky was impossible soul of a person.

He was amorous… fell in Love with people. Like the first time. I fell in love with all the “MK”, I just know it. Younger, streusel became a boy. Easy and crazy. Like…

Artist… He was always looking for myself all my life. And in Satire, and in the entreprise, and in their monologues. Pan and the Goat, of course. In principle, Zuzya — alter-ego Vysokovsky. A romantic hero, the poet. Yes, a little funny, a little ridiculous. But good-good. And he had a very high IQ. Only he didn’t always like to show. Only those who understood. I could understand him.

…I would have come to your home as before. You would say, and I listened. And I would be good, so good

3 Aug was 7 years old, it does not become a people’s artist Zinovy Moiseevich Vysokovsky. But for us he is always there.

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