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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Former regions of Ephraim eastvale for separatism from two years ago

Pechersk district court of Kyiv, which met on Monday under the continuous chanting of a few of the fighters volunteer battalions, arrested the former Governor of the Luhansk region, 61-year-old Alexander Efremov for 60 days without the right to cash bail on charges of separatism. Lawyers of the former leader of the Party of regions announced its intention to appeal the decision to the Kyiv appeal court.

photo: youtube.com

The politician had intended on Saturday to fly to Vienna, where his son. Ephraim took off from the aircraft just before engine start. Detention “separatists” immediately hyped to the level of top news. Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, who want to 24 August (Ukrainian independence Day) to boast at least some success in high positions, have reflected the event in all social networks where you have accounts.

Efremov describes his arrest as a show. The investigation of him being almost two and a half years and during that time any weighty proofs of guilt of Ephraim the protection of the suspect was never charged. Evidence based, according to the former regions, on the testimony completely unfamiliar to him.

A key witness in the case of “separatism” – the notorious Nicholas Tsukuru, the second-in-command of the volunteer company “Tornado”. Tsukuru itself currently “cooling off” in jail for a series of nefarious deeds of his subordinates.

Said “tornadoes” should, if Efremov in his presence spoke of 70 thousand Russian passports, which will bring to Luhansk in order to repeat in February 2014, “Crimean scenario”. Efremov allegedly organized in the Luhansk region anti-Ukrainian rallies, actively supported the “illegal referendum” and even called for the active phase of the war in the Donbass.

A set of other “witnesses” seems to be quantitatively small. Therefore, all “caring Luhansk, Ukrainian law enforcement officers are encouraged to share the dirt on the once Almighty master of the region.

Volodymyr Lytvyn, head of Verkhovna Rada twice, was constantly criticized by Alexander Efremov. Nevertheless, the current member of Parliament, called a former colleague in Parliament, “ritual sacrifice.” Among the arguments in favor of this characteristics Lytvyn called a deliberately demonstrative arrest and announced by attorney General the proposal without delay to make a deal with the investigation. “It means,” said Vladimir Mikhailovich, – that the material is clearly not enough”. The call to the countrymen to share the facts against the ex-Governor Litvin interpreted as a revival of the system of denunciation, widely practiced in 1937-m to year.

“If the suspicion is of the so-called LC, then Ukrainian law enforcers transferred the situation with Ephraim in the inner plane. – says Vladimir Litvin. That is, despite constantly sounding in the Verkhovna Rada phrases about “Russian aggression” in Eastern Ukraine, there is only internal conflict…”.

The former head of the Rada said, a month later, public interest in the case of Ephraim” if not dry, it certainly will fade into the third plan.

Pro-Russian Opposition bloc issued a statement in which he stressed the “biased nature” of the case against Ephraim. In addition to the above Tsukuru, to testify against the former leader of the party of regions faction agreed his former colleague-the Lugansk region Volodymyr Landyk whose testimony, according to the Opposition bloc are “false”.

Judges of the Pechersk court is not eager to hear the case on changing the measure of restraint against Ephraim.According to the site “Patriots of Ukraine”, on the eve of the meeting in the office of the attorney General came in very dejected, the head of the investigative Department of GP Yuriy Stolyarchuk. He said Yury Lutsenko began in Pechersky court “uncontrolled process”: the judges suddenly began to go to the hospital – so they are not “recorded” on the matter of Ephraim.

Lutsenko about this allegedly joked: “Well… we’ll dissolve the Pechersky court”.

“Saved” colleagues from the impending temporary unemployment judge Vladimir Karaban, who was lucky that day to find a workplace in perfect health. Make him “the right decision” helped the soldiers volunteer battalions, according to tradition, chanting under court the “will of the people”

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