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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Five scenarios of a third world war through the eyes of experts

The candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump admitted that the attempt to restore by force the Crimea would mean the beginning of world war III. About this politician said in his speech in Ohio.

We have collected the most popular among conspiracy scenarios start a new world conflict and discussed it with the expert.

photo: pixabay.com

Baltic. “There are opportunities in which conflict can occur, but not the fact that they will escalate into the Third world, – said the “MK” military expert, Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev. – This could potentially be the Crimea, although this scenario is less to implement than the scenario with the Baltic States.

There is a constant increase in the military presence of NATO, as well as incidents between aircraft and ships of Russia and the Alliance. At some point this may lead to the fact that someone or overflow, and requires a response.

At the same time, it is clear that Washington is not going to break their own city, for example, to Riga. The existence of obligations in the framework of NATO does not mean that they will be implemented, so I assume that all “arrivals” to Russia is illusory. For the United States, the Baltic countries need nothing more than a lever of pressure on Russia.”

Syria. According to Vladimir Yevseyev, Russia’s participation in the Syrian conflict against ISIS (banned in Russia) it was dangerous primarily to the risk of dealing with Turkey: “It would have strained the Alliance, because it would be the first fighting between Russia and NATO countries. I’m not talking about a Third world war. As a military expert, I estimate the probability of its start is extremely low.

In order that she could begin, there are options. May be a false positive of a missile attack, can be provocative launch of a missile. In other words, possible events that one of the parties will be viewed as a threat to national interests.

Another analyst believes that in the Syrian context, the conflict between Russia and the United States possible on the basis of the future “redistribution” of Syria. “At the end of July Obama said after Manuja (terrorists lost control over 70% of the Syrian city – “MK”), the next target will Raqqah. The city is located so that if it is the Americans, it will divide the country into two unequal areas. – said the “MK” military expert Alexei Leonov.- We are talking about land which is part of Syria and which America is trying to play the script of the Berlin wall. This can lead to an escalation of the already tense relations between Russia and the United States.”

Korean direction. “The basis of any scenario of the Third world war is aggression against Russia, because Russia is a nuclear power, believes Alexey Leonov. But hypothetically there’s still the far East – for example, what is happening around the DPRK and the U.S. under the pretext of localization of the conflict or show of force”.

Note that according to Japanese sources, Pyongyang, who loves to threaten its southern neighbours and Washington attacks and the “sea of fire”, managed to make progress in developing nuclear weapons and launching missiles.

India and Pakistan. The authors of the journal The National Interest believe that the Third world can provoke a conflict between India and Pakistan, which participated in armed conflict against each other. “If funded by the Pakistan group will make large-scale attacks in India, like in Mumbai (the series of terrorist attacks in 2008, “MK”), the patience of Delhi burst. But if Pakistan will suffer a serious defeat, the use of tactical nuclear weapons seem the only way out.” However, analysts say that the country is now not focused on these contradictions.

The East China sea. In its recent report, the Ministry of defense of Japan expressed concern the military rise of China in the area of the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands, which are the subject of a territorial conflict between Beijing and Tokyo.

Recall that Japan has also deployed its forces near the disputed territory. If a conflict begins, writes the National Interest, the US will be hard to stay away: they are connected with Japan a Treaty of mutual protection. China could cause a warning strike at us military facilities in the region, the newspaper notes.

Read the story “a New US nuclear bombs will be placed at bases in Europe”

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