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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Experts: re starving Savchenko takes Poroshenko into submission

Two months after his return to Ukraine former “spotter”, and now Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko virtually declared war on his President Petro Poroshenko. It plans to expel from Parliament, “PR monsters”, to break their country into a self-governing territory and enter as many of the institutions of direct democracy.

photo: AP

For starters, Savchenko declared that goes on hunger strike because he believes that the only way to force Kiev to start to rescue the Ukrainians from the dungeon of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass and Russia. However, she is confident that, if during his imprisonment in the Rostov region, it was not to starve myself, Poroshenko has intensified his efforts on her return.

Former “spotter” is confident that its position is shared by all who have ever been captured by the enemy and against are only “PR monsters”, thanks to which the process of liberation turned out to be frozen. We will remind, the main opponents Savchenko in Ukraine are representatives of the so-called “party of war”, which includes the head of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy and the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov.

Savchenko stated that he had offered President Poroshenko the first to release the militia, captured by the APU. But as in the “basement” of the DNI and the LC is not presidential children, he rejected her plan. Therefore, she urged families of prisoners of war to rally under the walls of the presidential administration of Ukraine to Poroshenko came to people and explained why he was sent to war their children instead of their own and now it will be to get them out. According to the Ukrainian human rights activists, in thrall to self-proclaimed republics there are about 300 people, and to contain Russia 24 “political prisoners”. In turn, the representatives of the militia claim that Kiev holds in its prisons at least 1,500 of their supporters.

Moreover, Savchenko said that over two months of work in the Verkhovna Rada she came to the conclusion that the whole Parliament with lies and betrayal, and she is disgusted with these deputies in the same room. Changes in the political system of Ukraine it is proposed to start with creating a new Constitution.

The writing of the Constitution in her opinion, will take 100 people, chosen by popular vote. Their work will take place behind closed doors, but “not in that, how do they choose the Pope”. Each of the authors of the Constitution will lose the right to continue to elect into power, stressed Savchenko.

According to Ukrainka, her country should not be divided to areas and neighborhoods that lead to corruption and self-governing administrative unit, established on the principle of economic survival and development of infrastructure. However, she believes the ineffective principle of the creation of administrative units according to their historical, cultural and religious preferences.

In addition, Savchenko suggested that the people elected members of local courts and prosecutors. It also supports a jury, which should guarantee the fairness of Ukrainian Themis.

Went and Ukrainian oligarchs. Subsoil and natural resources of Ukraine, according to Savchenko, should belong to all residents of the country. For that pardoned by the President of Russia the prisoner proposes to create a special organ of popular control. In conclusion, she wants to give the Ukrainians the right at any time to change their representatives at all levels of the legislature, from local communities to the Verkhovna Rada, which will be renamed the National.

The results of their work put on public display, and in a referendum the Ukrainians will have to either support the new laws, or to abandon them.

Vadim KARASEV, the head of the Ukrainian Institute of global strategies, told “MK” that mean the statements of the former “navodchitsy”:

— Statement by Savchenko can be considered as a requirement to hold early parliamentary and presidential elections in which she is going to nominate his candidacy and become the main alternative to the existing regime. Ukrainian society understands that the authorities have fallen into an ideological crisis. The inertia of the Maidan does not give a clear understanding of what will happen to Ukraine tomorrow. Reforms stalled, and the West is full of problems and gradually changing. Everyone can see that the authorities have no plan B in case if the head of the United States will stand Donald trump, and the European Union will increase the influence of Germany, whose leader will be not the Angela Merkel and her opposition political forces. The West is the only point of support for modern Ukraine. To Savchenko, it is possible to relate, but it was the first in a long time, who, taking advantage of the trust of the majority of Ukrainians, proposed an alternative development plan. While it is the leader alone, but on early parliamentary elections, she may stand at the head of its own list, which will be held in the Verkhovna Rada.

Mikhail POGREBINSKY, Director of Kiev center of political researches and conflictology:

– Savchenko said not only about current problems it intends to solve, but also one of the main goals of the strategic reset of the entire political system of Ukraine. Thus, she did claim to leadership in the new political system of the country, which is still being formed. In fact, it suggests a radical decentralization, which Poroshenko would never have dared. Provisions on courts and the municipal police are actually spelled out in the Minsk agreements, so her statement is very serious. At the same time, to be accused of aiding the DNI and the LC, she suggested to divide Ukraine just on economic principle. This is the right move, which is key to the way Savchenko sees the future of the country. But while she remains a loner, it will be hard to implement your plan. At the same time, when a person with high confidence coming out of the political arena, there are always people who are willing to support it.

Watch the video on Nadezhda Savchenko opened the session of Parliament the anthem of Ukraine”

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