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Monday, March 19, 2018

Unstable fancy

How to experience reality from the back? Good question. Presidential meetings follow one another. What is it? The embodiment of the idea of “manual control”. The system, which was used by the President to prove the possibility to effectively control the country in the circumstances.

The daily presence of the President on the TV screen as an accompanying component. The President holds a Cabinet meeting. The President gathered the security Council. The President meets with the representatives of big business. The President participates in International economic forum in St. Petersburg, the Eurasian summit in Almaty.

How to resist the terror of the unrecognized state ISIL and consolidate the world against this threat? Successive meetings of the President with heads of the regions, successfully opposing international sanctions and have achieved great growth over the past three years primarily in agricultural production. This is not a complete picture of the President’s inclusiveness.

I see! I know! I can! These three “I” became the basis of the meeting held almost a year silent of the Presidium of the economic Council under the President of Russia. What was noteworthy was the recent meeting? It showed mass chaos of opinion among leading economists about the prospects for the development of the country for the next 10-15 years. Some say that the peak of the fall passed. We are entering an equilibrium period, and from day to day will go up. Others Express disagreement with this conclusion: “the Country is virtually unchanged, but at the bottom of a lot of garbage. It still need to rake. Because only a clean bottom and his strength allowed him to push off and move up.”

Pessimists, and their large proportion among those present, do not intend to take in arguments — where, when, how and how much. They in their arguments categorical. Russia will need time in the range of 3-5-10 years, and possibly more, to get ahead, and to return to the stage confident and at the same time moderate growth.

Why, ask, going? To announce a program? God Forbid. Those wishing to develop a program — more than. Wanting to be responsible for its implementation, confirmed by reality. And accusations surrounding common answer: what do you want? Asked to develop a program? She’s in front of you. But the question of its realization — that’s your problem.

What ended the controversy at a meeting of the Presidium of the economic Council? The President instructed his trusted economic authority, Alexei Kudrin, to develop a program of sustainable economic growth. It is the job of the President. A clarification — the program should be ready by the summer of 2017.

Kudrin warned in advance that his goal is to show to the President and to explain the country risk map, without an understanding of which neither the strategy, nor even its implementation is not. And when you consider that more than one or two years, Kudrin insists on raising the retirement age, we can understand that only this particular involves a brutal fight about this risk map, which is waiting for our government and our society. As to understand the degree of responsibility of the President, who in the summer of 2017 will say the program is not being discussed, and binding. No results by this time. On the President’s Desk to appear non-negotiable program of development of the country. The whole procedure of discussion should become a compulsory element in the development of program before, rather than after. So one should not assume that in 2016 we are experiencing the hottest time in nature, and the economy. Summer 2017 will be no less challenging.

In reality, we have a contradictory picture. The President’s rating is steadily the record position — 70 percent or more. And this despite the negative results for the main indicators of economic development. The rating of the government is steadily reduced, because the question arises: who is to blame? Government debate on the eve of the adoption of the budget for 2016. Then the same controversy, regarding its revision to the June-July-2016 because of the failure of a number of articles and reports about holes in the budget that need to be patched. And the motto of the government, which like a hypnotized zombie repeats Finance Minister Siluanov: “there is no money” virtually negates the rating of the government. There is money or not — this is the topic of another article.

Hardly anyone surprised by the statement that ever, the geopolitical situation has reached such a pitch as now. To understand this, dare to look back.

The summer of 2002. The last week of June. Moscow heat, but sweltering heat yet. Event — canadian meeting of the “big eight” in the village of Kananaskis. The leaders of the “big eight” agreed then, in 2006, your summit will be held in Russia, it was an undeniable success. The world is changing, it is said in the final statement of the group. Russia has demonstrated that it can play a significant role in addressing global challenges faced by “eight”. This decision reflects the economic and democratic transformation that occurred in Russia in recent years, and especially during Putin’s presidency.

In other words, 14 years ago, relations with the United States during the presidency of Bush was not comparable to what we have now. Why? Reasons swardeston. Well, of course, blame America. Like the European Union, destroyed its policy independence of European States, which made them significant. Fault information war imposed on us by America. Blame the sanctions. All true, but all this is not a true estimate of our own mistakes and errors.

The lack of money is not just a question of obscure. He exhausts not only the government, but, above all, all the country’s administrative structure in the regional calculus, and, of course, business. But, oddly enough, only a small part of the exhausting of gravity, because the bulk of it falls on the shoulders of the people. Ordinary citizens. And it should bear the responsibility of the Federal government.

Why the may presidential decrees, signed in 2013, only 40 percent? After all, they are a key moment in the development of the country. The Executive finds a lot of arguments alleged failure to appreciate the significance of the sanctions. Complicated geopolitical component. But nobody talks about the internal problems generated by mismanagement, massive theft at all levels, loss breakthrough of the resource. Not enough, not only certain specialists, but also skilled workers in enterprises. The average age of the Turner 67. And it is the same with other professions — the mechanic, the installer, Builder, collector. And all this despite the constant reminder about the growing problem of human hunger.

And in the month of June 2016, the President said the need of the state program for training and recertification of all staff, ensuring the development of our industry. The establishment of special schools for their training and return to the creation of modern colleges.

I would venture to note that I personally wrote about it in the early 1990s, during the crisis of 1998 and then in 2002.

And as a response to this situation, one fragment of our life. More than 70 percent of our graduates want to become civil servants. You ask — why? Answer is the shortest and the most viable way for enrichment. And anxiety of the authorities about the alleged undervaluation of the hard work of our deputies, and the idea is to increase their remuneration puzzling.

Today the state Duma will receive 400 thousand rubles per month. You feel like the arbiters of our policy to ask a question. You know, in what country do you live? Yeah, you know what it’s called Russia, but this is not enough.

The shops are inundated with products, but their demand among the population is reduced significantly. It is not clear that the level of development of all spheres of production directly depends on the needs, or, simply, demand for manufactured product. That’s one of the first causes of economic decline in Russia during the last 5-7 years. Why decreased demand? Because the fact of the impoverishment of the population becomes massive. Reporting Rosstat and everyday family budget is different statements. The Prime Minister keeps repeating that unemployment is not increasing and remains at the same level of 5-7 percent. But that’s not true. Mass becomes hidden unemployment when people go on unpaid holidays when reduced working day. When the delay of the salary becomes almost normal daily life. And these delays are estimated in days and months. Write about it, shown on television, but the government did not see or hear it.

One story at the end of the article. Shop in line for white bread is old. She asked the saleswoman to wrap the two rolls. The clerk performs the request and wraps the product.

— How much? — asks the old woman.

80 roubles, — the saleswoman responds.

‘Oh,’ sighed the old lady. — It’s too expensive. Then wrap one.

Standing next to the woman and suddenly interferes with the dialogue: “there’s nothing to deploy, leave everything as it is, I’ll pay extra”.

The old lady over 80, her whole pension is 14 thousand. A fragment of her story: “I’m afraid to go outside. Taking the entire pension payment for housing. Money for food and medicine simply does not. I’m scared to go to stores. This is a moment from life, July 12, 2016 in Moscow.

The main problem of modern power — isolation from the everyday life of ordinary citizens.

In order to run the country, it is necessary to know. But this is not enough, we need to understand and measure each step, if you are a part of everyday power, with joy and pain of people around you, the people. For this you are referred to as official, and therefore, power. And if it will, we will live in another country.

Of course, this is nothing more than hope. But let’s be optimistic. We have a chance — hope dies last.

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