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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Turkey has put forward an ultimatum to the EU on visa-free regime

Ankara has threatened the EU to terminate the agreement on refugees, if until October for the Turks will not enter into force visa-free regime. Some experts say that to break the agreement unprofitable Ankara, Turkey, therefore, will continue to blackmail “priotkryvaya gates” for refugees and demonstrations of support in Europe itself. Others remind us that where Erdogan is building a “state of rights”, the question of benefit is not worth it.

Turkey has put forward an ultimatum to the EU: Ankara demanded until October to introduce visa-free regime. Otherwise, as stated by the foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, “we will be forced to abandon the implementation of the agreement on refugees from 18 March, quoted the policy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“Very funny, when you are dealing with racketeering, saying, “But you also not profitable to shoot us!”

We will remind, on March 18, the heads of state and government of the countries – EU members agreed on a plan to resolve the migration crisis, in which all illegal immigrants who arrived in Greece from Turkey, should be returned back. In return, each returning illegal migrants to Turkey, the EU adopts a legal migrant Syrian from Turkey. Brussels also pledged to provide Ankara 6 billion euros to expenses in connection with the admission of refugees.

The current requirement is “not a threat”, says the head of the Turkish foreign Ministry. However, Cavusoglu recalled that Turkey had taken “very serious steps” to control the flow of illegal refugees. Further, “it all depends on the abolition of visas for our citizens, which is part of the agreement of 18 March,” said Cavusoglu. In conclusion, he added that the final agreement could be signed “in early or mid-October, but we are expecting to be called a specific date”.

“There is no agreement before the end of the year

In may, the European Commission discussed with the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to remove visa restrictions for citizens of Turkey, if Ankara until the end of June will fulfill all the conditions for the abolition of visas. However, as emphasized by Western politicians (including EU Commissioner for home Affairs, migration and nationality Dimitrios Avramopoulos), Turkey still has not complied about five conditions necessary for the abolition of the EU visa regime.

In particular, Turkey has not amended the law on combating terrorism, the government may still use it against any dissenters, including critics of the government journalists.

In addition, after a failed attempt of a military coup in Turkey in mid-July of repression by the Turkish government has only increased. This caused a new wave of concern of the West on the situation of human rights in Turkey. So, the European Commissioner Gunther Oettinger, the representative of the German ruling CDU, said: “we will not Have agreement on visa-free travel to the end of the year.” He added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan must respond to the concerns of the EU about the rule of law in the country.

“Turkey is stronger than it was July 15!”

Erdogan himself seems to have decided to demonstrate that it has a cohesive and active group support, primarily in Germany, where the largest Turkish community in the EU. At a rally in support of Erdogan in Cologne have been 40 thousand people on Monday TASS reported on the results of the past on the eve of the rally. The area in front of the grandstand was completely filled,” said a police spokesman.

At the same time, the contraction of right-wing radicals gathered about two hundred people. Not very numerous were the protests and left-wing activists and representatives of Kurdish organizations.

Further irritation of the protesters in support of Erdogan was the fact that before the Federal constitutional court of Germany upheld the ban on broadcast appeal of the President during the campaign. In turn, the press Secretary of the Turkish leader Ibrahim Kalin said that Turkey considers unacceptable the broadcast ban, and the German Ambassador in Ankara summoned to Turkish foreign Ministry.

Had to limit the reading of greetings. Erdogan thanked Turks living in Germany, because they took to the streets of Cologne to support it.

“Today, Turkey is stronger than it was 15 July (when there was a coup attempt)”, – stated in the message.

“Turkey will open the gate”

Between Turkey and the EU “there is an exchange of mutual threats, the losing side looks like the European Union, which pursues a very vague policy”, said in comments the newspaper VIEW, Professor of Moscow state University, specialist in Middle East political analyst Vladimir Isaev.

He explained that, on the one hand, all the screaming about the need to tighten immigration laws, however, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a recent statement said that this policy was correct. “Unity in the European Union is not observed. And if they will fall even more the number of refugees they can not digest!” the expert pointed out. Europe is dependent on Turkey. “To break the agreement on their part at least it would be foolish, and attempt to buy off Turkey looks quite real,” – said Isayev.

Thus, Turkey will simply lift the gate up until will not get the money,” said the analyst, stressing that Ankara to abandon the agreement on refugees unprofitable. “This means that the entire thirty-year policy towards the EU can go down the drain,” – said the analyst. He recalled that the agreements Turkey and the EU are accompanied by a huge number of economic agreements: for example, on a partial Association with the EU, also close by the Mediterranean programme, which gives Turkey the privilege to export goods to the EU. “To refuse means to inflict damage on its economy, which is now not in the best condition”, – concluded the expert.

The West will continue to observe how Turkey copes with the consequences of the failed coup, given the mass repressions in the country, it involves Isaev.

“Besides, the stumbling block has been the attempted introduction of the death penalty in Turkey. In these conditions for a visa-free exchange they definitely (EU) will not go”, – stated the expert.

Isayev recalled the recent statement by Erdogan that the EU does not comply with the terms of the agreement, when Ankara was promised a round sum of money to support refugees in Turkey, and called them “liars”. And here the deviation from the Ankara agreement on refugees is possible. “Turkey may open the valve to put pressure on the EU and get money,” – said Isayev.

“The man said – man did”

The request of Turkey to introduce visa-free regime “very funny”, said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK President of the Institute of Middle East Yevgeny Satanovsky.

“Erdogan is how blackmailing Europe with refugees, and will continue to blackmail. What he can prevent? Yes, nothing,” he added.

Satanovsky believes that the Turkish President to expect any more drastic steps. “What will decide Erdogan, and will, even if Turkey it will be profitable, he will do it. The man said, man did. It is so arranged,” – said Satanovskiy. In his opinion, the wording of the benefits, the future of the Turkish nation, Turkish politics is irrelevant here. “Authoritarian and totalitarian regimes because the so-called: what a big head decided. And his every whim is the law,” – said the source. He recalled that Louis XIV said “I am the State”. “And compared to Erdogan that Louis was a Democrat,” said Satanovsky.

“In Turkey, the usual absolute dictatorship: the Sultan waved his sword, said, “Cut them all head” – cut down, – the interlocutor added. Why is he (Erdogan) needs to understand something? Who cares about the Turkey?” asked Satanovsky. In his opinion, Erdogan “skillfully, brilliantly and effectively blackmails the European Union”.

“Very funny, when you are dealing with racketeering, saying, “But you also not profitable to shoot us!”. – “And why? – said the thug pulled the trigger. – Today it is profitable to me and do what I want”. It works and has always worked”, – concluded the expert.

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