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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The joyful actress Galina Konovalova — hundred years

She lived to be a hundred a little less than two years — and really wanted. Very good, but… the actress of the Vakhtangov Theatre, with an amazing destiny and amazing in itself, died in his 98th year of life. Yesterday, August 1, Galina L. Konovalov would have been just age. It must not be forgotten — we remember it.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

She was like a bunhead: a small, always with a straight back, boldly pinched her chin, graceful and agile in his movements. Who saw her walking down old Arbat on the heels, had every reason to suspect it’ll take some ballet company in the past and in the present — ballet tutor with experience. She was the principal until the last day, although his confession was not life.

Yes — it is life, without hope for realization of cherished dreams. Because all her life she worked in the Vakhtangov, enrolling there in 19 years, at the end of the Studio. Where there still shone a generation of students Vakhtangov: Zahava, tolchenov, R. Simonov, Shchukin, Mansurov, Alekseeva, Sinelnikov, Remizov, Glazunov, Cuza, Bass, Kudryavtsev, Lviv, Shikhmatov, Rusinov and others.

Ah, in which theatre took! In the best in Moscow! She grew up together with him, shared all the hardships: war, evacuation, postwar hard life… Admired the beauties who worked and acted in the troupe, appeared with them on stage in small roles, never getting home. But this did not diminish her joyful perception of reality.

Its vital temper did not allow the gloom of discontent, grumbling, and even more envy. She knew herself, and others price; she learned well the main law profession to wait, not to complain, to rely on fate, but not to put wings. Even when the years of waiting quietly and inexorably add up in tens to 30, 40, 50 years in the service, “Herrmann all there is.” That is It — the Director, the master, who will see the talent is all there.

You can help them? And not a word: and sour, and drink too much, and went crazy. But it’s not Konovalova. Konovalov is a clear voice and laughter, is a sharp mind and razor-sharp language in which it is better not to get caught. It does not wait for mercy from nature — she goes on stage and starts to work santropol. Still Konovalov — a caring mother, wife, grandmother. After the death of her husband, the great Vladimir Osenev Vakhtangov, became head of the family. It would seem that the good life last: work, stellar environment, but…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Providence would have it, the sunset of her life flashed a bright crimson color, and the actress flashed, so Yes, that has struck the world. Rimas Tuminas, who headed the theater after Mikhail Ulyanov and several years of anarchy, saw in Konovalova the unique and the only paint that adorned all of his work, and without which they slightly paled. “Uncle Vanya”, “Marina”, “Eugene Onegin”…

I know from usher that “Marina” was going to in the first act to see that Konovalov in the role of an old actress. Her 17-minute monologue, played without a hitch, caused a roar in the hall. Hall couldn’t believe their eyes: is this slender, graceful, with a ringing voice actress for ninety? And it is at this age not sat down even once? And not lost in the text, remember him? How is that possible?! Yes, this is impossible — but it happens, and Galina Konovalova, this porcelain statuette, living proof. Went under basovka, the roar and screams. Tumble in the dressing room and released one of his jokes, not devoid of cynicism, which even scared me: “No, honey, well you see colors that well in the cemetery. Maybe I should go?..”

She’s all “little children” — costume designer, artist and entertainers of all ages; yet her younger — even the Director of the CRIC, which she loves. Only Rimas Tuminas is not rewarded “little children” — then her iron discipline: she is an actress, he was her Director. But it protects: when he realizes that Konovalov will not stand long on the stage, changes under it to his lips quietly introduced a chair to the actress puts a pair of young frachnyh dandy that support the gallant old lady. Protects it Tuminas, how… And who? As a talisman that holds him. Thanks — a rarity for artists egocentric, but Tuminas not of that breed. And she was his actress, in the twilight of his life met someone that was waiting for all my life.

“Under the old age life is so nasty”, said her character is the cousin of “Eugene Onegin”. In old age the life of actress Galina Konovalova has blossomed, played, powerfully throwing splashes of joy around. She is over 90 and she’s going on tour after his theatre in Kazan in Kazan, in new York city is in new York… About Canada and say no — not the far light. I’m sure, tell her the Director of the CRIC: “Galina Konovalova, tomorrow — on Mars, she would not think for a minute: Mars — Eka wonder!”

It is not for almost two years. A bit has not held up to one hundred, and so it would. Its all very lacking, and it is still being felt. It jangling, not senile voice, issuing another acute or joke. “Why I did not write down?!” — I reproach myself. And say, about such as it is, I think that there is no death, that’s Galina Lvovna is always…

She stayed that way. Probably, I think, runs silently in the foyer, looking at the portraits of the pillars of the Vakhtangov theatre, among them — and Konovalov. Sit down on a stool dark-Burgundy velvet and, slyly glancing at your picture, I will say: “Well, darling, you have perpetuated”.

Yesterday, 1 August, despite the holiday, the Vakhtangov theatre (Moscow) gathered at Novodevichy, came to Galina Lvovna bow — keep, guard.

And she, rest assured, it does.

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