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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Russian family impoverished eyes

The crisis affects more and more Russian families — the population, especially the vulnerable, impoverished, spending all their income only on food and housing. To requests for assistance, the government loves to be in the spirit of “no money, but you hold on…”, but experts believe that the resources to support the Russians, which in fact do not need gosdeneg there, and a lot of them.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— Research HSE, 41 million of Russians can’t afford to purchase in full the necessary clothes and food, living in a mode of rigid economy, — the Chairman of Committee on social policy and quality of life of citizens OP Russia Vladimir Slepak. — However, Rosstat reports that there is a small but growing wages in the country; social policy Minister Topilin said the beginning of economic recovery and the end of the crisis… But we go to the shops and see that reality does not coincide with the Federal state statistics service reports that a second indexation of pensions to pensioners could not wait. I believe that in present circumstances it is urgent to do at least two things — to save the poor Russians from income tax and raise the minimum wage, which is currently below the subsistence level.

— I have had 8 years to develop and promote the program “Russia without mediators,” but the reaction from the authorities on her no-no… — said Alexander Dvorkin, Chairman of the Committee of the International Union of economists. — If we exclude from the trading chain of numerous intermediaries, citizens will cease, according to our calculations, to pay the income of the intermediaries 3.3 billion rubles a month! The cost of consumer goods and products will come to a reasonable — to do this, just need to organize a system of special fields, where producers would find their direct sellers, rather than the current practice of some intermediaries and retailers levies for the right to supply the goods on the shelves of their supermarkets.

Another important social trend that is not implemented, — affordable housing, — says Dmitry Rand of the Association of young builders. — Today many families, especially the young, are unable to buy a home or spend the lion’s share of the income on rent. This practice is affordable rental housing provided by the state exist in Europe and justified.

If it is hard normal young families, large families, of course, more complicated two or three times. Many of the parents of large families is a very socially active audience, leading their own micro business. It is clear that micro brings special luxury — only allows you to survive. But when such citizens are turning to social protection or help, they, as entrepreneurs, are obliged to present the Declaration of the SP. But in the Declaration of income is called the net proceeds, although, for example, earning 100 thousand and spending on the material 70, the real income will be only 30. However, social security takes an income of 100 thousand rubles, and those who “went through”, are deprived of various benefits from the pending sale to free tickets to cultural events.

— It is necessary to change the terminology and the income you need to call revenue — says Inna Lazareva, the activist parent community families of Moskovsky district of New. Or here’s another problem regarding the earnings of many children — those living in private homes. Living on the lands of private farm are entitled to sell surplus agricultural products — honey, meat, etc. And living on the land for individual housing construction — no, they need a SP. Because of this, people hide their micro-businesses into the shadow.

— The current decree on social support of large families Dating from 1993, it is obsolete, — said Nadezhda Uskova, the Deputy Minister of social development in Moscow region. — Determining the status of a large in different regions of the country is different, we need a unified classification. Federal benefits for families with children 1,5–3 years — no. In the end, there are no programmes of support for families who gave birth first and second child, but very large future potential, which encourages government

These and other suggestions for social support of the population during the crisis, voiced a variety of citizens from among the activists, businessmen and officials. Based on them, the Public Council should prepare a report for the government — perhaps some of the initiatives and will be sooner or later implemented. Although better, of course, sooner than later — not everyone can wait…

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