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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Photos naked Melanie trump played into the hands of the very Donald

Nude photo of wife of the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump, Melanie, stirred the people. Nude Melanie looks hard — but will there be harsh to Trump the voters?

I am a person psychologically very distant from politics (and geographically from the USA), so, frankly, until yesterday about trump never thought. Know is that he’s a billionaire, well, Ivanka trump knew, of course — she’s a model, writer, business lady and simply beautiful. Now, I learned about the details of the biography of Melanie, which is also beautiful.

photo: twitter.com

And learned not from the NY Post, but from friends of men who said, “Wow, cool! Lucky guy, so that means money!”

Of course, after that, I climbed into the Network to examine the Melanya. But the first thing found is not what caused today noise the luxurious pictures of a naked lady – 20-year-old, and the fact that in March this year, a similar scandal was and angered Donald already responded, promising in response to expose the other wives of the presidential candidates.

Then the world community is also considered Melania, discussed and forgotten. But the presidential race that is coming to the finale, and what else is an aging billionaire could bewitch susceptible to such tricks compatriots?

If you look at the history of political technologies, the emergence of many scandalous photos, accidentally became public, was carefully planned.

Advertisers at all times knew that any erotic binding makes the advertising far more effective. And mediapolitical always used the principle of “closer to the people” — in the sense that if you want recognition for the masses, not the elite strata, then you should not appear perfect. Such persons cause the majority distrust and even rejection associated with unconscious envy and low self-esteem on the background of these “gods.”

Excellence is not for the people who wants to see in a great part of himself. Something familiar, simple, and preferably a bit embarrassing — after all we are all living people.

At the time, smart people have advised the blonde Marilyn Monroe to try on the image of another gorgeous blonde Marlene Dietrich — her exquisite beauty and style focused on the elite. And Marilyn had become a people’s favorite. That’s why she appeared before the military allowed the ventilation hatch to bully myself a skirt, and even confidentially shared their problems with alcohol, tranquilizers and men. And Monroe is not just loved — loved, finding her own simple human weakness.

And the most shameful the Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, made by Italian paparazzi, hiding under the guise of a gardener on a private Greek island of Skorpios, provided in 1972, the magazine “Hustler” world record sales. But “the naked truth” from Jackie not deprived of her love and admiration throughout the world, conversely, many admired her figure.

photo: AP

What on earth the world can warp the Melania trump, professional model – like photo shoot is her job?! And this is all knew for a long time (another thing is that before the race is not very interested)? Published pictures taken yesterday.

In this regard, I recall the hero of the movie about Baron Munchausen, who claims that the greatest in the world of stupidity committed with a serious expression. What he wants today is the man in the street, tired of news about the terrorist attacks, disasters and new threats to peace, coming regularly every morning? He wants the glitz and gossip.

And this phenomenon has long been studied and also due to psychology: the full time people are starting to pull to the dill and the extreme — no wonder that all sorts of oligarchs for their own money sat in prison and conquered the dangerous peaks to experience the risk to life. And now risk too much.

American women, according to experts, during these 20 years, tired of feminism and bored at times, high life, when much discussion not feminine any attacks of the “iron lady”, striving to control the world and men and tricks, Paris Hilton and others like her.

Yes, this is shocking — a sign of satiety, and heated discussion all and all — a sign of, as expressed in social networks, “optimumreleasing”. But, anyway, this is a sign that more serious problems than naked IT girl in the social networks, today in society there. Maybe a veiled message intended candidate trump and company — choose me, your biggest problem will be the charm of my wife?!

In addition, the message contains a clear allusion to the so beloved by Americans the idea of the lack of shelf life — aunt for 46, and her body parts are still vigorously debated. And considering that all girls from 10 to 100 I want to be on his first lady, Vay, as they say, music?

If I fantasize and Nude photos of Melanie in the media threw all the opponents trump, what can I say?! Really the guy’s lucky — and with a third wife, and enemies. At least today the couple trump is clearly in the top. And we are with you and all should rejoice: through love trump the Slav (the first wife of Donald Ivana — Czech, Melania is Slovenian) and their children in Hollywood very often our people — and every day more and more…

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