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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nikolai Kolyada — Russia’s paths: “Morons, damn it!”

…Private theatre of Nikolai Kolyada 2 Aug opens season, “the False coupon” plays by Leo Tolstoy. Well, what if he is in Yekaterinburg. Kolyada theatre, sorry, a hundred times stronger and more interesting than other city cultural institutions”, from which in advance I’m falling asleep. And the finger in the mouth of a Christmas Carol do not put sharp word cuts like rods. Muscovites of his new plays (22) relatively soon will see in the Center “na Strastnom”. So still waiting for him in France and in Switzerland, because Carol is not even a profession, but the phenomenon, the true folklore without rouged cheeks and jingle bells.

Rehearsal for “Queen of spades”. Photo: kolyadanik.livejournal.com

— Nikolay Vladimirovich, the season for you!

Thank you, that’s only with the collection of the troupe go, then there was the cleanup, then the first rehearsal of the Queen of spades”: the Prime Minister in early September. Wrote it in two languages — Russian and German. Pushed away from the phrase by Pushkin that “Herrmann — Russified German”.

— And you what, shprehaet?

— Shprehaet freely, lived two years in Germany. Bilingualism — this move, the conflict, the basis of drama. People do not understand in the literal and figurative sense of the word: he was, he possessed some of his idea- these three cards (three, seven, ACE), while speaking German, and others — in the patient. And when he’s going mad — on the contrary, all speak German, and he begins to chant in Russian. Something funny written by me — I don’t know how it will… Now let’s try it.

— A translation in the running line?

— In any case: the hint is there. One of the characters speaks German, repeating in a low voice in Russian: “can You hear me?..” Each phrase of music, because German is a very musical language…

— The stereotype that tough.

Because Germans wanted to conquer, so we only know of “Hande Hoch” and “Hitler kaput”. No, German is a wonderful, powerful, beautiful, in a word, the language of Goethe and Schiller.

— Putting recently your Fake coupon, you are thinking: where, where’s she going…

Russia is all the time going somewhere, wanders, weaves, falls, stumbles, rises, in some uniforms, robes, some handkerchiefs… for some kind of eternal servitude or the devil knows where. All this dancing, Cossack songs, all sing and dance… like Yesenin — “drink and dance”, and what to do?

— That is logic in our way, no?

— What the hell… Choose a direction to go. Slowly. To Siberia. Hard labor, I guess. Where are we to go. Then the kings, then under Stalin. About this and my play. On the evil that is rolling-rolling-rolling, from little becoming monstrous.

You don’t hold your ears, hear what is happening with the Olympics that allow us, then do not allow…

— A shame for Russia. I on a nationality the Ukrainian, crest I. Non-Russian in the genes, but in fact Russian, I am Russian writer. And made me uncomfortable, when my country hurt. What to do… have to endure.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

— And we ourselves to blame?

— Of course, to blame. They are fools, morons, too, damn it. ‘ve done. Well, Russian people — there is no logic in nature there is no hell. “He works to death, to death drink.” It’s about us. Worked, then went and the whole success drunk. Why? No one will answer. Now tormented.

— There has recently developed a scandal in Perm, the local Theater-Theater. The Milgram either asked out, or even not until the end. It is not the question. Once all walked with slogans, wanting to make from Perm cultural capital… the experiment failed. So is it possible those “cultural capital” or fake it solid?

— Boris Milgram of feel sorry for me, I’m worried about him, we are friends… Another thing is that Perm of course, no cultural capital. Recently was there on tour for a week. This is a terrible provincial town, forgive me Perm. Terribly-terribly-terribly provincial.

But tried to engender…

— You know, to be black soil, from which grow good plants. And when no black earth, and the seeds are thrown on the pavement — well nothing will grow. Ekaterinburg — very different, here the cultural layer is different. Despite the fact that no one cries — neither I nor the Director the luxury of our circus Marchevsky — that we have cultural capital there, the center of the earth. We are just laborers, that’s all. Without Muscovites, and without visitors…

— That is top to impose impossible?

— Will not help. In Perm there was a lot of noise that was mentioned by Gelman and Boyakov, but nothing came out. Well, there is some capital? In the center of the burned house, not even covered by the film. Roads on the main streets in the village Gadyukino. Dirt, chaos, no service, restaurants, institutions… People who come to us for the performances was very sincere, I am grateful to them. But “Boris Godunov” and “hamlet” they looked a little perplexed. And when we twisted Comedy Violin, tambourine and iron”, everyone immediately started to laugh. So the audience in the theatrical sense, not very educated. Yes there is… in the cultural sense are not educated at all. Capital!.. Motovilikha what I will do.

— What’s next?

— Oh, many things. And “Queen of spades”, and “old world landowners” and “the Golden Cockerel”… a Trip to Switzerland with “King Lear” at the Shakespeare festival, tours in Moscow, in France. I have a troupe of 40 people, private theatre, no one helps. But how I can wriggle. What to do?..

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