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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kyrgyzstan is concerned about the U.S. interference in their Affairs

USA awarded one of Kyrgyz human rights defenders, sentenced for especially grave crimes. It happened against the background of discontent in the Pentagon in connection with the loss of the Manas base and arrival in Kyrgyzstan, the diplomat, who is considered the expert in “color revolutions”. Given the situation in the Central Asia control of Kyrgyzstan becomes fundamentally important.

The foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan expressed concern that serving a sentence for inciting ethnic hatred, organizing mass disorder and complicity in the murder of Azimjan Askarov was awarded a US state Department award “human rights Defender”. According to the official opinion of the Kyrgyz foreign Ministry, the activities of Mr Askarov could not be assessed as “human rights and peace-building” and meet the criteria awarded him the prize. “In connection with the awarding Askarov such a high award is regarded by the Republic as a deliberate action aimed against the strengthening of interethnic peace and harmony in our country”, – emphasized in Department.

“After the withdrawal of the American base personnel, the Embassy received from the UAE of 150 tons of diplomatic mail. It was not known until now”

Born in 1951, the ethnic Uzbek Askarov in 2002, created the human rights group Vozdukh (Air), which is engaged in monitoring the situation in Kyrgyz prisons. In 2010, after ethnic clashes in southern Kyrgyzstan, during which killed nearly 900 people (according to unofficial data – about 2000), he was arrested and charged with the above crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other international human rights organizations considered Askarov a prisoner of conscience. Russian news Agency Fergananews regularly publishes materials on Askarov. According to that Agency, lifelong detention of human rights is a “concession to the police, which went to the government.”

The current award is not the first. In 2011, Askarov was awarded the Czech Homo homini award, which in 1994 was noted by Sergey Kovalev, and in 2006 Svetlana Gannushkina. In 2012 he was awarded the International Press Freedom Awards, which awards the Committee to protect journalists, based in new York. The award received last year and Russian journalist Mikhail Zygar, who covered the revolution in Kyrgyzstan.

The statement of the foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan suggests that, despite pressure from the OSCE and the state Department to release Askarov is that no one is going to. The text also says that this award “will all be linked also with the withdrawal of transit Center from Manas International airport in Bishkek and with the appointment of Richard miles as the interim head of the American mission.” And that is to dwell.

Base and diplomat

Recall that an American military base in Kyrgyzstan appeared in 2001 on the eve of the invasion of US and allies in Afghanistan. Russia also expressed readiness to help Washington to eliminate the Taliban regime. However, as the story Zaykina hut or in the saying about the finger and the arm, the appetite of the United States is constantly increasing. In 2004, the Americans were going to place on the basis of reconnaissance aircraft AWAСS, and in 2005 transferred to the part of the planes from the base at Karshi Khanabad in Uzbekistan. The Uzbek base, the recall was closed because of clashes in Andijan, during which also killed hundreds of people.

In 2006, the American soldier wantonly shot the base entry of a local resident. In the same year at the airport almost crashed passenger aircraft collided on takeoff with a U.S. tanker and miraculously managed to land. Therefore, the requirements to eliminate the database have already appeared. But despite the revolutions and change of power, to achieve the withdrawal of American and other NATO troops of Kyrgyzstan was only last year.

After the conclusion of the staff base, in April of this year, the American Embassy received from the United Arab Emirates 150 tons of diplomatic mail. It was not known until now.

That to Richard miles, he is a rather odious figure. It is called one of the “architects” of the “color” revolutions in Eastern Europe. He was in Azerbaijan when nationalist Abulfaz Elchibey was replaced by pragmatic Heydar Aliyev, he was in Yugoslavia in the last years of Milosevic, he was in Bulgaria in 2001, when it defeated the Pro-Western minded Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. He was in Georgia in 2003, during which brought to power Mikheil Saakashvili’s “rose revolution”. It is clear that his assignment in Kyrgyzstan causes a natural excitement from the authorities.

Born by revolution

In Kyrgyzstan, the first color revolution took place in 2005, then drove the longtime President, intellectual and ally of Russia Askar Akayev. The coup was called the “Tulip revolution”. Came to power, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who was ousted in 2010 during another revolution – unnamed, soon after that there was inter-ethnic clashes in the South of the Republic. The interim President then became rose Otunbaeva, and the election in 2011 was won by the current President Almazbek Atambayev.

Following elections in Kyrgyzstan will be held in 2017, and according to the Constitution, Atambayev may not take part in them.

Kyrgyz, and Ukrainians, in my own experience, what brought the revolution of “freedom”. Despite the fact that the Republic’s GDP grows above the 140-th place in global rankings, Kyrgyzstan has not yet been raised. Invest in the country, mainly Russia and China, Western investors belong to the state, which regularly occur revolution and unrest, cautiously. But, as noted by the foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan, Western humanitarian and human rights funds to work in the country no one bothers.

It turns out an interesting situation. For NATO, Kyrgyzstan is of interest primarily as a military base here and the proximity to China, to Afghanistan, to Russia. To invest in the country, as was the case with the Marshall plan in postwar Europe, or with Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan after the collapse of the USSR, Western countries are not ready. If the head of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov was a Pro-Western politician, in 2010, Washington probably wouldn’t mind the introduction to Kyrgyzstan “peacekeeping contingent”, as it now does Saudi Arabia in Yemen (victims of the riots were ethnic Uzbeks of Kyrgyzstan). But with Karimov Americans quarreled before with the Kyrgyz authorities.

Yet no revolution in Kyrgyzstan brought to power Pro-Western politicians, as it managed to organize in Ukraine. But it seems that after the success in Kiev, in the United States came some dizziness from success. Creating in Ukraine a zone of instability, Washington has created a serious problem for the European Union and Russia.

Instability in Kyrgyzstan and strikes in Kazakhstan, has ceased in recent years to try to sit on two chairs and made a choice in favor of integration with Russia, and China, and Uzbekistan. And, of course, in Russia, forced to participate in virtually all the conflicts in the former Soviet Union.

The only thing that remains the hope, the understanding of the Kyrgyz people that have already come through two revolutions, that nothing good this method of change of power does not.

Of course, the awarding of the imprisoned human rights activist is unlikely to cause ethnic clashes as fears of the foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan – the state Department along with controlled by or friendly to it organizations regularly reward political prisoners from China and other countries, to organize a revolution in which Washington is not under force.

But this is quite a clear statement of intent. Removing your base after eight years of persistent demands of Bishkek, the US is not going to lose its influence in Central Asia. The permanent President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov is already 77 years old. His counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Manager of Kazakhstan since 1989, only two years less. The departure of such political longevity inevitably causes unstable countries in serious turmoil.

Small Kyrgyzstan in this situation is strategically a very important point to influence its larger neighbors. Therefore, the situation in the Republic it is necessary to look very carefully. To flash at any moment.

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