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Monday, October 24, 2016

FSB in Crimea: Ukrainian border guards are rude to foreigners

In the Crimean Department of the FSB of Russia complained about the boorish behavior of Ukrainian border guards in relation to foreign visitors. So, told the Agency, recently the Ukrainian border guards “turned” citizen of Turkey, EN route from Crimea.

photo: AP

Russian border guards warned the Turk about possible problems. However, he did not heed their advice and crossed the border via automobile checkpoint “Armyansk” passport and visa for a visit to Russia.

“In a few hours instead of the planned trip, stunned “hospitality” employees of the Ukrainian checkpoint “Kalanchak” citizen of Turkey returned to an entry in the Russian direction”, — stated in the message of boundary management of FSB of Russia. It is noted that Turku put a stamp banning entry to Ukraine for three years.

Russian border guards gave the man a place to stay and food. Then he prioritized issued a visa and helped to return home, reports RIA Novosti.

Russian border guards have become accustomed to complaints submitted to the boorish attitude and illegal actions of Ukrainian border guards in respect of their compatriots, but lately they are increasingly not averse to “off” and overseas”, — stated in the message.

Earlier, Russian agencies reported that the excessive slowness of the Ukrainian border guards creates a huge congestion on the exit from the Crimea in the area of border point “Dzhankoy”. Because of this, wishing to return home, the Ukrainians spend long hours in queues.

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