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Thursday, March 15, 2018

FANO ignore wounds: the scandalous decree sparked protests by scientists

To ignore another, more than strange order FANO to the leadership of academic institutions called the Society of scientific workers. Every scientific organization was required in only 5 (!) working days to conduct a study of the whole potential of the Institute, to assess the status of the priorities and give an analysis of how they affect the development of the Russian economy in the coming years… Scientists have considered the task which lies within the competence of is that the Russian Academy of Sciences, rather than individual institutions, is not feasible, especially for such a short time.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, heads of institutions, literally taken aback, having received the order of Federal Agency of scientific organizations No. 007-3.4-06/864 dated 28 July 2016 on monitoring the implementation of priority directions of development of science.

From executives subordinate FANO scientific organizations demanded already by August 4 for information on how they have implemented the “priority directions of development of science, engineering and technology” in the previous, 2015. In particular, information should be placed on shelves, ranging from assessment of development priorities in Russia and abroad, and ending with the assessment made by the Institute. Scientists should also describe the expected impact of the results on the development of various sectors of the economy. And if the item is more or less satisfied, we here assess the impact of the development, for example, new chemical substances, “the provision of technological security, on social issues in the medium and long term,” scientific men seemed too complicated. Moreover, information was requested in the amount of 6-8 pages for each priority for the organization.

“The Institute does not have the power to conduct such investigations and provide the answers to the global issues, especially in just 5 working days”, – told us ONR. — In addition, the evaluation of its results may be far from objective. It’s like that you trust the student in the exam to put yourself evaluation. Naturally, he put “5”. But to the credit of the majority of heads of institutions they did not want to engage in such profanity.

In the end, August 1, NRO addressed to the head of the FANO Michael Katukova a counter-letter (available at the office) with a request to immediately cancel the order No. 007-3.4-06/864 or give his performance a period of not less than 1.5-2 months. To cancel or change orders scientists not recommended while participating in the preparation of the requested information.

“Every sensible person should be clear that to prepare the requested information in less than a working week, and in the summer holidays – a task difficult. The quality of the information submitted in most cases will be low, and their use can lead to poor decision making in areas strategically important to Russia’s security. At the same time scientific workers will be drawn away from current work, or is withdrawn from holidays. Such “extended” given FANO systematically for several years and cause constant complaints researchers. This

the style of work is not due to objective reasons, and poor organization of FANO. The Council of the NRO believes that such orders they say about the ineffectiveness of the work of FANO and detrimental to the development of Russian science”, – said in the letter.

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