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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Composer Mikael Tariverdiev in life have experienced the story “Station for two”

“I had a lot of women. There was one…” It’s about her, about Faith, his last and most beloved wife.

He is the author of music to films “Seventeen moments of spring”, “Irony of fate or With light steam!”, “My younger brother”, “the King stag”, symphonies, concertos. She is a musicologist and music critic.

They met and immediately found each other. All the rest does not matter, even the fact that he was older, a whole generation: he’s 52, 26.

Thirteen years together. They were like two rivers that poured into the sea. And today she still lives him and his music.

Photo: from the archive.

— Vera Gorislavovna we meet you at the turn of the two dates is: 20 years from the day of memory and 85 years since the birth of Mikaela Tariverdiev. They say the man is alive, yet lives his memory. A composer is music that continues to sound.

Music Mikael Leonovich special. It is direct action, like Tchaikovsky. Many times I was convinced at concerts, where people come to very different audiences, from intellectuals to ordinary people, for whom Tariverdiev began with the TV series “Seventeen moments of spring”, and then became the gateway to the world of classical music.

Galina Besedina and Sergey Taranenko recalled how in Soviet times, in some corner of the bear they had a concert with Mikael Leonovich and backstage came a man, took off his hat, threw it on the floor and said, “I Will now live differently!” As said Mikael Leonovich: “Mozart, Mozart will always win”.

— What music events are prepared for the anniversary?

— Many things, all interesting. International festival called “Remember this moment” opened the concert in the Bolshoi theater, and I’m extremely grateful for this experiment, because the staging of this Opera Divertissement — an incredibly difficult task, solved a Big theatre. In General, the anniversary of Mikael Leonovich YTD themselves began to celebrate a Philharmonic. In Paris there was a wonderful organ concert, in new York, in Izhevsk and Tomsk. In the Central Museum of musical culture named after M. I. Glinka is preparing the exhibition “Mikael Tariverdiev from the first moment to the last.” Today I am on the phone instructed the staff of the Museum, where we have to take on the Iksha telescope and a sky map. Just could not accompany them — there was no time. And who could write “the Little Prince” (“Who invented you, country star?”)? Only a person who is studying in the telescope to stars, and under the microscope — the life of bacteria. His enthusiasm for such things I admired.

— Not all know that the Symphony of Mikael Tariverdiev ‘ s organ “Chernobyl” was born after the composer at the Chernobyl NPP after the accident. How did you do it? Not afraid to get a dose of radiation?

Radiation is generally not thought. Were fools. I worked in the newspaper “Soviet culture”, which initiated the recitals in Kyiv and in Chernobyl. Responded To Nikolai Afanasyevich Kryuchkov, Elina Bystritskaya. How could I refuse? And Mikael Leonovich was interesting, and he did. After the accident it took just four months, the sarcophagus has not yet been completed. And during dinner in the field he said, “Promised the same station. He was asked: “do You really want?” “Sure, that is why I came!” And we were taken to the station. So, Chernobyl has become a special topic, a milestone in the life of doors. Exactly a year after the trip, there was a Symphony for organ “Chernobyl”.

Photo: Yura Buterus.

— For me always was a riddle in the process of composing music. I read that Mikael Tariverdiev wrote the music you hear inside yourself. How did it happen?

— I always feel some trepidation. I just saw there was “Chernobyl”. Sits a man and suddenly something covers. Sits at the instrument and plays a Symphony from beginning to end. And record yourself on tape so as not to miss the acute sense of Bang music.

Here they are talking with Sergei Yursky of romanticism, is joined by Yuri Bashmet and asks: “Mikael Leonovich, why don’t you write a Concerto for me?” It was a Friday. On Saturday and Sunday he worked with the sound engineer — he wrote the music for the film. During the break, sit down, and suddenly at some point Mikael Leonovich with the other eye takes in the Studio. Behind him the sound. Half an hour later they returned and asked: “Want to listen to a concert for viola and strings in romantic style?”

And six months later, in August, in Yalta, where we spend time in wonderful company, arranging in a sea racing on inflatable mattresses, making the skit and coming up with jokes, Mikael Leonovich wrote the score of that tragic Concert. When I read a murder-a piercing sense of music, you know: this is goodbye.

— He was a believer?

— This is obvious. He had a passionate relationship with the Lord. (Laughs.) Could be offended at God, to shout something in hearts. Once even the cross itself broke at this moment. Then we together were looking for.

— How it came to theme music for the film?

— He could say: “I had a theme! The movie is!” Sometimes a match was enough to bring to light it up. This happened when they worked with Michael CARICOM — a classic of world cinema, a man of extraordinary fate, on the film “goodbye, boys.” And above all paintings. So it was with Vysotsky, when Vladimir Semenovich wrote lyrics for the film “the Last rogue”, and Mikael Leonovich immediately picked up. Or film Alexander Proshkin “Olga Sergeevna”. A significant part of the soundtrack of improvisation. Mikael Leonovich he was sitting at the piano, harpsichord, Celeste. He has a lot of improvisation with harpsichord, he first introduced the timbre of this instrument in the national cinema.

What about music for the TV series “Seventeen moments of spring” not telling?

Told, of course. He did not immediately agreed. Because you have already worked with Benjamin Dorman on “Fate of a resident” and refused to do the music for “the Dead season”, although Savva Kulish is a loved one and comrade. Too many spy films. And then Mikael Leonovich found his own theme for “Seventeen moments”, which can be called the theme of a distant homeland. Not literally, of course. And in the sense in which the philosopher Merab Mamardashvili defines it: each artist was a spy unknown country. That is, it all looks through the lens of some other reality.

Directors often jealous of composers, but we must pay tribute to Tatyana Lioznova: she used the music to its fullest for the benefit of the film. Music is not only vivid and memorable — but it makes the drama of the picture.

— Julian Semenov liked the music?

— Well, of course. And who didn’t like her? All were delighted. They became friends on this basis, but in the relationship of doors with Lioznova happened. She wanted to be a co-author of the script and Semenov were against it, and Mikael Leonovich came to his side. Tatiana got upset and he wasn’t even among the nominated for the national award. The first national award he received for “Ironically”, and just because Eldar said: “Either we move together with Tariverdiev, or we don’t need this award!”

Music is magic, but then there was this wild story with Francis Ley, when the Mikael Tariverdiev was accused of plagiarism.

Is a Theological joke, totally his style. Once Nikita Vladimirovich invited guests. On the table was only potatoes and glasses of vodka, and the owner came out in a tracksuit and soon went all the way. All in shock discussed his behavior, not knowing that recording is in progress. Then Nikita Vladimirovich opened the door, appeared in the butterfly, and there is a table already crammed. And then he turned on the recording of what they said about him.

— Still pretty evil turned out to be a joke.

— Yes, to put it mildly. Began to ban music concert on the radio and on television, there was not a single concert, which he would not have asked the question: “is it true that you stole the music?” So Mikael Leonovich initiated an investigation of this issue. It has been proven that the telegram is a fake, sent with post office and Francis Leah had no relationships.

— After the premiere of “twist of fate” romances on poems by Marina Tsvetaeva and Bella Akhmadulina sounded everywhere. High poetry went to the people on the trail beautiful music. By the way, the verses “If you do not have aunts” wrote the great poet Alexander Aronov, he was a journalist of “MK”.

— Yes, for the first time on Soviet television sounded Boris Pasternak and Marina Tsvetaeva. Mikael Leonovich to this poetry addressed before, it has a cycle in Tsvetaeva’s poems of the late 60’s and a song cycle on poems by Bella Akhmadulina 63-year. Told how after the premiere went to my sister called World Salganik and when I left her, in the doorway sang, “I like that you are sick not me.” Then he realized that it was a success.

Mikael Tariverdiev and his Faith. Photo: from the archive.

And the song “coach of the go…” is generally considered popular.

Even Eldar thought so and was very surprised to hear that the song is the author.

— The romances in the film were performed by Alla Pugacheva, but later Mikael Tariverdiev forbade her to fulfill them…

— It was not their first collaboration. She is wonderful she performed the role of Angela in the film “the King stag”. And “ironically” Mikael Leonovich how he would have created her style, we can say that he sang her voice. To record some of the songs were done on 33 take. He was a perfectionist and achieved the perfect sound. While the picture was on a shelf, waiting for the New year, Alla won the contest in Sopot with the song “Arlekino” — and she went a completely different manner of execution.

In recent years, he worked in his Studio. What was the reason?

— He said: “I’m Tired of conductors, orchestras, want to be independent!” To collect the Studio was difficult. One eight-channel tape recorder left all the royalties from the broadcast of the Symphony for organ “Chernobyl” in West Berlin. Synthesizer, at his request, brought the pianist Sergei Dorenski, it cost like half a car. Mikael Leonovich sold my Mercedes and cameras “Nikon”, which he loved.

The lion’s share of foreign royalties taken by the state. The money that he received for “Seventeen moments of spring”, was enough for the furnishing the apartment. Records his music out millions of copies, and royalties accounted for 80 rubles! When Mikael Leonovich became a folk artist, added another 40 rubles.

— Is it important he was is your opinion about new music?

He has always shown immediately. But really he needs his own feeling. And for me, everything he did was perfect in all senses: both in music and in life. These people I have never met. He is a man of amazing acts and code of honor. For example, when came the film “Man goes for the sun”, by Mikhail Kalik, and he was invited to a festival in Paris. The entire delegation that was supposed to go to the festival, gathered at the “Metropol”, where were the bus to get to the airport. All issued tickets and passport, in addition to directed by Mikhail Kalik. It missed the KGB because he was in the camp under Stalin. Mikael Leonovich said, “Then I’m not going!” Ivan Pyriev, who headed the delegation, warned, “You risk, you’ll get in trouble!” He is 12 years old was banned.

Or another case which formed the basis of the plot of the movie “Station for two”. Mikael Leonovich took the blame, although it was driven by a woman. There was nobody’s fault because a drunk man suddenly ran out onto Leningrad prospect. Two years of litigation. From time was saved by the Amnesty. But he could not come to himself, even his feet were numb. A questionnaire had to write “was convicted”.

Son Karen. Photo: from the archive.

— I know that his only son fought in Afghanistan.

— Karen two years ago died… When he was sent to Afghanistan, many were surprised that the father didn’t stop him. To which he replied: “I had to tell my son that it is better than the son of a janitor?” Karen was a Lieutenant with knowledge of Farsi — where else it could send at that time? After the injury he could not return, but went himself. Then Mikael Leonovich tried to talk him out. What Karen responded that it was responsible for those soldiers who were there.

— He helped people to solve some everyday problems?

— Constantly. He was responsible for social issues in the Union of cinematographers. Helped many to get an apartment, phone, etc. Went into the offices, and everyone knew that if Tariverdiev will go, all will. He often repeated the words of his mother, whom he worshipped: “it is a Shame to live so well when others bad.” It was his life principle. He was five years old when mom found him in the company of the guys in the yard when they are roasted beetle. She took his finger, stuck it in the fire and said, “Remember, the beetle is just as painful!”

With genius, as we know, life is hard. He’s a celestial.

I know people who, being gifted, sublime and unworldly, and it is absolutely real and sober see objects this life. Mikael Leonovich know how to drive a nail, he loved the tools.

— And cook he liked?

— No, of course. When he wanted something to do, bought pork chops at the Leningrad market, and he was fried. We had a wonderful AU pair Eugenia Semyonovna, who came once a week, did the cleaning, took the Laundry, paid the bills, bought the bulb.

— You had an open house?

— To say that he was open, not. He had quite a narrow circle of friends. Mikael Leonovich did not love to come more than six people, because at the table comfortably placed no more than eight guests. Once looked Chingiz Aitmatov. I promised him to make dumplings. He said, “Can I come with a German film crew coming?” Led 13 people. Had all sit down.

Favorite “Volga” he knew inside out. Photo: from the archive.

— I have long realized that a person’s character most pronounced at the wheel. What driver was the composer Tariverdiev?

— He drove very elegant. He was a member of the national team in the rally. When Yulian Semenov got him and Vyacheslav Tikhonov certificates signed by Andropov, with whom you can stay anywhere he decided to check — stopped on his “Volga” right on Red square. Militiamen ran up, saw the card and saluted. But the document is quickly lost….

— He gave advice about the clothing and manners of dress?

— Of course. He had his own preferences. He liked it when a woman in heels. Extravagant clothing are not accepted. He liked the school teacher. And he always wore a tie.

— In this bodycon open dress you do not like the school teacher!

— Then I had another haircut. I wore the tail. And then a school teacher can be on vacation. (Laughs.)

— Tell me, Faith, Mikael Leonovich gave you jewelry?

— When we moved in together, he brought me from India, pearl string, pearl earrings and a ring. I never took it off. And on the fortieth day I have a pearl fell out. Attributed to the workshop: it is inserted, glued, and he falls. Mystic. And I stopped wearing them.

— He’s had surgery on heart valve replacement. The shore itself somehow?

— This operation gave us 6 years of life. He is never out of the shore, lived to the fullest. A year before the care went Windsurfing.

He wasn’t allowed to lift weights, and for travel I bought two bags, large and small, which is stuffed with heavy things. And Mikael Leonovich was childishly naive and didn’t know. Enough large suitcase where I threw almost weightless shirt, and marveled at its lightness. It’s the only thing I was cheating on him.

— How he felt last year. Was the departure expected?

Is not expected ever. The year was hard. He was sick, not sleeping 8 months at all and I even reproach put a trip to Sochi. They say that it was not necessary to go like this. But to dissuade it from a trip to the “Kinotavr” was impossible. He wanted the sea, and he had that right. We have this day had long before purchased tickets. The same flight we flew home…

— You said that he had not devoted my music with you, but remained a startling confession: “for the First time, I was not alone. And for the first time, I had a feeling of fear. I’m never afraid of anything. So I wanted to extend the feeling of joy and flying…”

— All of these dedicatory poems, or music — the absolute Convention. When man dedicates his life, what else can you say? He left, but everything continues. And the feeling of joy and sense of flight. He gave me the meaning of life…

— In your apartment just as you left then. Like people came out for a second.

I treat it very painful and do not want to change. After the death of Eugenia Semyonovna we have a third housekeeper. They all come in and say, “Hello, Mikael Leonovich!”

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