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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cheated by company developer Kovalchuk investors took to the picket

The problem of defrauded co-investors, the company Red Development Alexei Kovalchuk, became known to the city authorities. In any case, it is expected the participants of the picket in the center of Moscow, near the monument to the border Guards of the Fatherland on the Yauza. To go outside people pushed to desperation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

At one time they, yielding to advertising appeals Red Development, become co-investors of the project of the residential complex Loft Park. But instead of the loft got some problem: the project was suspended, and the treaties which were concluded with the shareholders – empty promises. In 2015, the construction of Loft Park was stopped. Later against one of the structures of Red Development, which has been issued the rights to the residential complex, had entered bankruptcy, reported lenta.ru .193 now the buyer already paid for housing more than one billion, are forced to raise funds to rent apartments and pay their debts on loans.

Myself bankrupt?

The situation is complicated by the fact that the developer has not fulfilled promises not only to equity holders but also to banks that have borrowed under their loft projects. So, in April of this year, PSB filed claims for the recovery of 15.2 million dollars to a number of companies Red Development , is the right to Post projects Loft and Loft Time. More than 3 billion rubles were given to CJSC “Arbita” for the construction of Loft Park.

The investigators of the internal Affairs of TSAO of Moscow that instigated the fraud case, found that the leaders and founders of ZAO “Arbita”, “with intent to steal someone else’s property in especially large size by a deceit has entered into a preliminary criminal conspiracy, misled the Bank’s employees, and after obtaining the loan, and ordered the money “at their discretion”. And now this “Arbita” declares the requirements of 4 billion rubles to ZAO “Moscow fine-Fabrika imeni Petra Alekseeva, whose territory is built Loft Park which is also under control of Alexey Kovalchuk. So it turns out that one company businessman bankrupt another? By the way, the same scheme Kovalchuk uses and in the case belonging to it of JSC “POLAIR”. The bankrupt company affiliated with the owner of FPK, OOO Altair Group. And curiously, this structure was once owned by the offshore company, which until 2013 owned JSC “Moscow fine-Fabrika imeni Petra Alekseeva.

Improper purpose?

As suggested by the Chairman of the Commission on the development of social infrastructure of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Artem Kiryanov, the goal Kovalchuk to try to prevent the bankruptcy of the factory or take it under his control. In any case, the owner Red Development is an opportunity to evade responsibility and to banks, and to the buyers of the lofts. He has already, according the real estate investors who fled abroad, in Monaco. However, due to recent events Kovalchuk at any point can be declared in the international search. To the Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee, were contacted, either directly defrauded real estate investors and Artem Kiryanov. The human rights activist asked the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin to investigate actions Red Development Alexei Kovalchuk in respect of co-investors Loft Park for compliance with article 159 of the criminal code (fraud).

Kiryanov also has not excluded that the company was collecting funds from investors for other, not related to construction purposes”. According to him, the conclusion was deceived citizens. Assessing scope of work, their real value and borrowed funds, the investors regarded financial difficulties of the developer as bogus” and suggested that Kovalchuk could withdraw money from the project. This is indicated by the fact that the developer continued to attract funds from private investors and after the construction stopped.

According to real estate investors when making a transaction with them, instead of agreements on share participation provided for 214-FZ “On joint construction”, they signed some preliminary contracts of purchase and sale. Such agreements are not illegal, they just do not fully protect the owners of loft apartments, as real estate investors residential real estate. But, signing with the Red Development agreement, hardly anyone of the co-investors Park Loft could imagine that in fact will become a victim of false advertising, promising people housing to which the rights are not protected. “We are not merchants, and home buyers, we wanted to live there,” says a protester Khetag Sokov.

Court for the Builder

That’s why now people are trying to bring the problem to the attention of the city authorities and come to picket with posters “real estate Investors lofts – real estate investors, too!” The organizer of the event, received a permit from the Prefecture of CAO, Ismail Erkenov, in preparation for the rally, and offered more specific slogans But the main thing for shareholders, according to them – to ensure that the complex was completed and they received their apartment property. “We would like to draw mayor’s attention to the problems of the lofts, because in this situation we are vulnerable,” explains the equity holder, Dmitry Medvedev. For this co-investors write letters to law enforcement agencies, human rights organizations. Sent an appeal to the mayor Sergey Sobyanin. I ask only one thing – “prevent the deprivation of Muscovites acquired housing. They fear a situation “in which people pay the full cost of housing will receive it actually in the property”, and nearly a thousand people in the centre of Moscow at present, risk being left on the street.”

That story Loft Park is not limited to the tacit expectation of the shareholders to his fate, warned the experts. It would be difficult to save the city from social unrest, when people have nothing to lose, they say. Many of the investors have invested in apartments all his savings, sold the apartment, got into debt, took out loans and mortgages. And attracted people not just a trendy word “loft”, and the ability to move into larger apartments at relatively affordable prices, Yes, as promised, Red Development, with developed social infrastructure. “Near Golovinsky ponds, good transport accessibility, the planned launch of a branch of the underground” – says Hetag of Msocow.

The picket participants rely on “legal interference” of authorities in the case of shareholders affected by the “mass deception”. They cited the example of a similar situation with another developer, when “thanks to the prompt action by the state, were stopped and prevented large-scale frauds in the field of housing construction. The CEO of the company negligent Builder accused of committing major fraud and was taken into custody. The user affiliated with the structures assigned 4.5 billion rubles received from hundreds of real estate investors suburban community. To bring the developer to justice was made possible after the intervention of the government of the Moscow region. Recently it became known that both of the residential complex by agreement with the Moscow region authorities will complete another developer.

There is hope that in Loft Park still held a housewarming party. It became known that a number of investors have already expressed interest in the project. Experts explain it by the proximity of the complex to Golovinsky ponds and Park area, which will attract even more buyers. In addition, they take into account the point that several factory buildings was reconstructed. We are talking about those lofts, who got defrauded real estate investors who are forced to defend their rights in street stock.

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