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Sunday, March 18, 2018

After the arrest of their commander, the rebels in Yerevan announced the surrender

The balance in the confrontation of power and detachment “brave men of Sasun in Yerevan is leaning in favor of the first. The authorities managed to release all hostages, in addition, their hands were wounded, the militia commander and his son. Mass support of the citizens they did not wait. After that, the remaining rebels decided to surrender.

On Sunday, a court in Yerevan for two months arrested Pavel Manukyan, whom the consequence considers as the leader of the group, 17 July seized a police station in the Erebuni district. Wounded Manukyan was taken into custody in the hospital where he was after the fight with the police.

“We ask our people to do everything possible so that our offer was accepted in order to avoid senseless bloodshed”

“He was arrested for two months and transported to the penal institution “Hospital for convicts”, – said the lawyer Inessa Petrosyan. According to her, Manukyan from “Erebuni” medical center brought to the courthouse on a stretcher. “He told the court that had no personal ambition and did all of this for the future of his people, jeopardizing the life of his son,” said the lawyer.

Pavel Manukyan and his son Aram was wounded on July 27. After injuries and surgery in the city hospital Aram was arrested and transferred to the quarantine ward of the hospital for convicts.

Recall that the first week of the confrontation was done a little blood. Only at the time of capture of a building from the hands of the rebels killed one policeman and several were wounded. The attackers, calling themselves a group of “Sasna Tsrer” (“Sasun brave” is the second name of the heroic Armenian national epic “David of Sasun”, which tells about the struggle against the Arab invasion), put forward political demands. They insisted not only on the liberation of their leader Zhirayr Sefilyan, who was arrested in June for illegal possession of arms, but also on the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan and the creation of a truly Patriotic government.”

Apparently, the rebels had hoped that their demands will directly support the mass of citizens. However, Sefilyan is not particularly popular, and respected is that as the hero of the first Karabakh war (by the way, most of about twenty fighters of the “Sasna Tsrer” – his fellow soldiers). Irritation policy Sargsyan in the country is really great, and the idea of regime change through a coup popular part of society. The benefit of experience of street unrest Armenians not to take.

However, as time went on, and in addition noisy, but a few marches of the opposition near the captured footage, no riots occurred. The police stormed securing the site and having started long negotiations, apparently, decided to take the attackers by force, and starve. Moreover, in order not to cause irritation in society, the authorities even avoided calling supporters Sefilyan “terrorists” or “insurgents”, although all legal canons had a right to. In the official reports heard the terms “armed group” or “raiders of the building.”

“The resolution of this situation should be a key test of the maturity of our society and the state. Yes, there are many dissatisfied. However, nobody makes a mistake and thinks that can take advantage of any excuse or reason for loosening of the foundations of our statehood”, – said Serzh Sargsyan.

The tactic of the authorities slowly came to fruition on July 23, invaders released all police officers, taken them hostage. And here in the second week of the confrontation between the nerves of the soldiers “brave men of Sasun”, it seems, began to fail.

New blood spilled in the night of July 26. According to the police, which sets out the Agency Rosbalt, the invaders tried to break out of the police station by car. The police opened fire. The police had strict orders to shoot only at the legs.

The shootout was repeated on July 27. It was then that injured Manoogian. Then the occupants of the building” called the medics, and when the men in white coats came into the building, took them hostage, too, but those in the field to help the wounded could not. Manoogian was transported to hospital, where Manukyan Sr. operated. After the operation he was arrested. Manukyan, according to his lawyer, Inessa Petrosyan, has not been charged with terrorism, murder of police or the hostage-taking. He is charged with only the seizure of buildings and means of transport and illegal possession of weapons crimes for which max relies 12 years in prison. Thus the authorities as would demonstrate to the attackers: you have a way out, in the event of you not waiting for the most severe punishment.

“To lay down arms or continue the resistance”

A determined attempt to turn the tide in their favor, the opposition took on the night of 30 July when a crowd of Sefilyan supporters marched to the presidential residence. Along the way dozens of people were injured, were arrested in the clashes. One of the opponents Sargsyan – a middle-aged man even committed self-immolation (he survived, but remains in a serious condition). The police acted tough but not cruel, most of the detainees were soon released. Thus, no propaganda dividends “Sasna Tsrer” is removed.

On Saturday, the offensive has already passed the police, calling on the invaders to surrender. Lengthy negotiations ended in another shootout. Sniper shot from the seized building was killed by another police officer. Power and then lost composure, but the storm also did not go.

The talks resumed on Sunday. Now from prison he joined Sefilyan – at the request of the militants of the “Sasna Tsrer”. “We ask our people to do everything possible so that our offer was accepted in order to avoid senseless bloodshed,” he said via Facebook.

Sefilian was on the phone with Varuzhan Avetisyan, who led the “Sasna Tsrer”. As reported by the TV station A1+, “Between Avetisyan and Sefalana on the phone we discussed the question: to surrender or to continue the resistance.” It is significant that the question of the resignation of Sargsyan was not on the agenda.

On Sunday evening, Varuzhan Avetisyan said at last of surrender. “Our group decided to surrender and 20.00 (19.00 GMT) begins this process”, – quotes its words “First Armenian informational” channel. According to the commander, the group had two options: keep fighting with police and others and shed the blood of people who have little in common with the regime, or not go to the bloodshed and to remain in the status of prisoners of war. It was a difficult decision for us.” At the same time, Avetisyan said that they gave impetus to the national movement.

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