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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

After Syria shot down a Mi-8 Russia could provide the militants an ultimatum

Monday, August 1, in Syria in Idlib province shot down a Russian helicopter. The Russian defense Ministry said that the Mi-8 came under fire, returning after the performance of the humanitarian mission. Killed five persons – three crewmen and two officers from the Center for reconciliation of the warring parties. According to some, one of the dead girl. With operations beginning in Syria it is the largest loss of the Russian army…

photo: twitter.com

The defense Ministry officially announced that the helicopter fired when, after the delivery of humanitarian aid to Aleppo, he returned to the Russian air base Hamim (before it was only 80 km). The incident occurred in the area of Idlib province. In flames the helicopter crashed.

According to foreign media reports, the responsible for the attack on the helicopter was taken by fighters from the so-called “Free Syrian army”. The group controls part of the territory of the province of Idlib.

The network has already appeared pictures of the downed helicopter and dead bodies. To prove that it is the Russians, the rebels posted their papers were charred driver’s license with a photo of a young girl, driving license and passport of a young man.

Watch the video on “video Published in Syria shot down a Russian Mi-8 helicopter”

– Questions, of course, very much. – says military expert “MK” Victor murakhovski. – And the main – why the helicopter was flying over territory occupied by armed gangs. Surprising why the Mi-8 was flying without an escort helicopter cover, why was the selected flying height, which is in the range of existing fighters anti-aircraft installations? After all, our military is known that this kind of service in recent years, massively exported to Syria.

According to experts, almost all of Idlib province occupied by fighters from the free Syrian army and jabhat al-Nusra” (banned in Russia). Question – why a helicopter flew close to its positions, not fly, across the desert.

According to Murakhovsky, judging by the materials, which the militants posted online, the helicopter was shot down by anti-aircraft guns, most likely ZU-23. Bulk purchase of anti-aircraft installations in the countries of Eastern Europe was carried out by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Syrian rebels.

It is obvious that great difficulties will arise in the delivery of the bodies to the Russian base Hamim. To Russian search and rescue service landed on the territory now occupied by militants, need to clean up the area, suppress the attack aircraft all the pockets of air defense, to ward off militias. Only then will be possible to land the rescue force.

– According to the staff, bodies of Russian citizens are no longer at the crash site of the helicopter – said murakhovski. – You may have to issue an ultimatum: either you return the body, or we begin large-scale air strikes on the territory.

It so happens that the loss of Russian troops in Syria mainly happen just after the so-called humanitarian missions – delivering food to the liberated areas, visits by Russian officers for talks on reconciliation of the warring parties.

– Supply drop from aircraft, the distribution of lorries, of course, has the effect both for the local population and Western countries, but I think that it is necessary to refuse, – said murakhovski. – Work on the delivery of humanitarian assistance in war zones are traceable to Syrian government forces and their allies. We also need to ensure the logistics and delivery of goods to the bases of the Syrian army, with whom food will be shifted in the desired areas.

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