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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why Turkish security forces have blocked the NATO base in Incirlik

Turkish special services have surrounded a military air base in Incirlik, which is used not only Western members of NATO, but Turkey itself. The reason for this are the messages about another possible coup attempt in Adana, which is located near a military facility, the newspaper Hurriyet. According to analysts, such steps Ankara look like an attempt to “intimidate” Washington.

photo: pixabay.com

Sunday, July 31, Incirlik took custody of about 7 thousand security forces. The Turkish Minister for European Affairs Omer Celik on Twitter reported that the facility had the usual inspection. “I am now in Adana. We conducted a General inspection of security systems. No problems found,” said çelik. But the Haber Turk newspaper linked the blocking of the NATO base with the arrival of the head of the Committee of chiefs of staffs of armed forces of the United States Joseph Dunford, is scheduled on July 31.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly accused the Pentagon of trying to plot on July 15. So, criticism of the head of state was subjected to U.S. General Joseph Votel. It happened after the statement of the commander, in which he stated the damage to the fight against “Islamic state” (IG, a group banned in Russia) arrests in the Turkish army. “The General is on the side of the coup, according to him. He revealed himself in his statements”, — angrily said the Turkish leader.

“It is possible that this is one of the forms of pressure on the United States and the West — said “MK” living in Istanbul orientalist Gumer Isaev, commenting on blocking of Incirlik. — We know that Incirlik is a key object, for example, for the United States, which strikes in Syria and Iraq. When the base was de-energized for the first time (after a coup attempt. — I. S.), then, too, thought it was a form of pressure. It is reported that the base was surrounded by and what could have been a second coup attempt, but, I hardly think you can talk about it.

Now there is the rejection by Europeans and Americans, those measures that the Turkish government practiced in the country because it is one thing to sympathize with Turkey in connection with the threat of a coup, another to look at what is happening here cleaning, and they really are. In the academic environment is happening a total mess. The dismissal of teachers who do not may be related to a possible coup. In this regard, the West criticizes Erdogan, and Erdogan spoke about the need for extradition of the accused in the coup people. The preacher Fethullah Gulen (his Ankara considers the main instigator of the events of July 15. — I. S.) located in the United States.

It is demonstrative of Turkey’s actions to show the West and the USA in the first place, that Turkey tries to implement its policy. I don’t think we are talking about leaving NATO, but it seems to me that this variant is the creation of artificial obstacles to the activities of Incirlik, although I do not think that I will go to full lock. When the military base was arrested after July 15, it became clear that the message of Erdogan to the world, including the United States.”

Sometimes Turkish accusations of the American side reach the point of absurdity. For example, the Minister of justice of Turkey Bekir Bozdag said the coup was discovered one-dollar bills, a combination of serial numbers and letters which determined a person’s position in the Gulen organization. “The mayor of Ankara said that Gulen controls a coup with the help of the Jinn, — reminded the “MK” Gumer Isaev. — I think that’s all from the same category. This information, which creates an additional aura of mystery, but this is absurd. Erdogan has put in one basket all of his opponents and accused them of conspiracy. This is not the first time. When it was the “Ergenekon trials” in 2007 (then revealed the secret organization, which was allegedly preparing a coup. — I. S.), there also were all: both the left and the Kemalists, and the military, and socialists. Dollar bills is a story for the primary Erdogan’s electorate with the lack of education, people from rural areas. They enjoy listening to stories”.

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