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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Why is the Tretyakov gallery is more important to sell a handkerchief “by Aivazovsky” than to inform about opening hours

During the rapid interest in Museum activities associated with the widespread PR Aivazovsky (has turned into a cultural fast food), “MK” decided to test the subject facilities five sites of the leading museums of the two capitals: the Hermitage, the Russian, the Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin, the Tretyakov gallery and the NCCA. For example, have two foreign resource: the Louvre (Paris) and MOMA (new York). So what kind of “convenience” we got the result from our experiment?

We would never think to criticize the semi-official, very few people need sites of ministries and agencies; or, say, sites concert organizations, where there is a stupid motivation for the urgent purchase of tickets for Elton John and all. But for the Museum, its virtual representation is a continuation of the dialogue with the public, the renewal of cultural content, especially in Internet technologies today are tied to a new Museum practices.

The experiment is as follows. First, put the screen of the programmer-designer (in our case, the site designer Artem Demin), who instantly sees all the pros/cons of a particular resource from the point of view of modern visual culture, this is understandable.

And secondly (and this is important), for the advanced computer invited the young man deeply, however, is not immersed in the mysteries of the art environment and travelling to museums twice a year. Agree that, by accessing the website, it initially, there are five basic desires (in order of importance):

1) quickly learn about the ongoing (preparing) the most top exhibition, where he wants to go;

2) then buy an e-ticket, before knowing its price;

3) to know the address of the Museum, location map, preferably the exterior of the building (this is a big misconception to think that all aware of the exterior of the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin or the Tretyakov gallery, with their different buildings);

4) walk-in hours, days;

5) see “the mesh” — a calendar of events, because many arrive just in time of my visit, potyvirus not a top show, and your free time.

We simply offer the subject to go through all the motivational points, and do note the time. And look what the “client” will stumble.

* * *

Hermitage /www.hermitagemuseum.org/: our rating on a 5‑point scale — a solid “four”.

The subject spent on the task 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Fell at the first paragraph about “top fair”, as in “cap” of the site as zamanuhi are just the classic beauty of the Hermitage Jordan staircase, the malachite room is even well illustrated, but empty information.

Meanwhile, the top exhibition in the General staff from July 30 shows the famous “Olympia” by Edouard Manet, which only rarely leaves the halls of the Paris Museum d’orsay. Guest the picture is a masterpiece, as usual, surrounded by hanging 20 “context of work” from the Hermitage collection (the theme — development of the image of a naked woman). The exhibition has a high status, being organized with the support of the ministries of culture of both countries. But to get to it, you need to make a lot of false clicks. Repeatable, both in top hats” (on the main page and in the category “exhibition”), which usually reflects the most savory things, it somehow did not reflect.

The rest of the items “client” clicked as nuts: an electronic ticket (580 rubles, 20 rubles. cheaper than the office); address, hours of operation (for example, Wednesday and Friday until 21.00) — all this in a single click and without unnecessary “visual noise” of confusion.

Alas, it was not grid-event calendar, the traditional Western Museum websites, which is clear, focused and the Hermitage. But in compensation there is a good virtual tour in 360 degrees.

The opinion of the site designer Artem Demin (may not coincide with the opinion “MK”):

— Hermitage class service: vivid, concise, to the point. A clear structure in which to get lost: instantly know a lot about current exhibitions, hours of operation and rates. Bonus — virtual tour of the Museum. The website is made with love. The visitor, he ran at him for a moment, here to stay.

* * *

The Tretyakov gallery /www.tretyakovgallery.ru/. Rating is “deuce”.

Classic mistake: the gallery decided to make my own website in the image and likeness media, sticking to the main page a lot quite unnecessary, empty information. Only if in the media these lowercase news updated every five minutes, the Tretyakov gallery, they just hang a dead weight. In “hat” made, of course, Aivazovsky; but the most prominent button on it — “shop”.

Commercially oriented public gallery is very concerned about the lines of their gifts, what they forget to tell you in press releases sent to the media. Sick of looking at this Orgy of bad taste: “masterpieces of painting in your home, reproductions on canvas — from 750 rubles.” scarf “Aivazovsky “moonlit night” — 2390 RUB., the bag/pillow case/mirror with the picture “Morning in a pine forest”… And we still criticize street trash-artists that disfigures people’s taste.

The Tretyakov gallery “the client” spent 3 minutes, immediately saw Aivazovsky, sending the electronic ticket (although annoying long unnecessary list of beneficiaries and delegation, and all the funny begins with the word Adults in contrast with the second line “Veterans and invalids of the second world war”, and the third line — again “adults”, only in Russian).

Then our subject for a long time stumbled on the address and hours of operation, because no he clearly did not say that Aivazovsky — Crimean Shaft, the schedule he was looking Lavrushinsky lane.

It may seem strange, but kind of Amateur look links to online games according to the works of famous artists, as well as an educational program for the masterpieces stored in the Tretyakov gallery. Alas, in this homebrew, it only repels.

Expert opinion:

Website of the Tretyakov gallery is stuck in the time interval 2003-2007 Today such services do not. It hangs different sorts of information, there is even a section on “Combating corruption” — who needs it? So much information that finding what is vital to the visitor, is very problematic. For my taste, disproportionate in width and significance are three columns: news, which laterally crush the banners and exhibitions. All this is compounded by a tiny font size! I know that on the website “culture.RF is a virtual tour of the Tretyakov gallery, more, tour, but where is it on the website of the gallery?! In General, the redundancy of information in this case overwhelms the person and makes him Pomorie to get away from this page.

* * *

The Pushkin Museum. Pushkin /www.arts-museum.ru/. “Four-plus”.

The website is elegant and functional, the subject is almost the link goes to the main exhibition of léon Bakst, easily detected by the appearance of all the buildings of the Pushkin Museum, calendar of events, and most importantly — its calmness and depth it is addictive in a real Museum, not unnecessary rejects melasma. “Client” went through all the items in just 1 minute 20 seconds, a record.

Expert opinion:

Website of the Pushkin Museum — the dream of a pedant. Uniform style, the right color palette: the eye is pleased and rests. Only one “but”: in a weird spot on the page — times and ticket prices are hidden, although if not conspicuous, then at least be visible. This item is not watertight, because it can cause inconvenience to visitors.

* * *

Russian Museum /www.rusmuseum.ru/. Assessment of the “three plus”.

Also there are issues with the precise location — or Mikhailovsky castle, or the Marble Palace,

either the Benois wing, and as a result the person starts to get confused with a top show, though the curator of the Internet presence needs of the potential visitor to gently guide. We know that we must go on “the circle” by Petrov-Vodkin, but it still need to choose from the four offered, to see exactly where the paintings are hanging…

And not all know what to look for address have in common stupid the heading “about the Museum”. Why not to write?

“Client” has spent five desires two minutes; in addition, not immediately realizing what case of the eight main and what is a permanent exhibition. But there is a desire to please the fashion — offered selvatica at the exhibits in the framework of the project “My Ya self-Portrait in the collection of the Russian Museum”.

Expert opinion:

Website of the Russian Museum does not cause any emotions. It has accumulated the necessary and unnecessary information — secondary events hang from the top, not the bottom, is festivals and the online store, but I am glad that text as much as pictures, that is the General view not weighted.

* * *

NCCA /www.ncca.ru/. Our assessment of “below a plinth”.

“Client” just precipitated when, determined to learn about the top the show — and, sorry, neither more nor less of the whole Biennale for young art, — stumbled upon the dumbest menu “Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Vladikavkaz, Kaliningrad and Tomsk. Samara…”. And with all the intelligence of a subject, his first question was “what is this crap?”.

On the website it is not clear anything, the reserve of schizophrenia. Significant field is indistinct logo, consisting of 12 repetitions of the words “NCCA/NCCA”, a self-critical, there is a button “Rate the work of the NCCA”, when you click on it, POPs up a window “can’t select database!”. When you click on “Buy ticket”, you do take “the dark ages” to any of the user agreement…

In the selection of the top events on the main page — four (!) the event, held in Nizhny Novgorod, ay! With all due respect to the Bottom, what does it all mean? And this, for a moment, the State center of modern art. “State” and “modern”, of course, an oxymoron, everyone knows what happens when artists directly protect the officials of the Ministry of culture, but in any case, this site is full of contempt for his audience. And it is modern art, because often work for themselves not saying it’s not Aivazovsky and Serov, should other clever (and virtual) to break a way to the hearts. And we have a stopwatch… I had to disable.

Expert opinion:

Website NCCA — sorry, trash. Don’t know how he can exist in 2016, more similar to the sites of the beginning of the development of the world wide web. Of course, I do not doubt the professionalism of Andrew Velikanova (service developer), but… so dry and monotonous at the same time full of them to overflowing website is very weird. Although, maybe it’s design idea is to make not as at all?

* * *

In contrast to our museums decided to learn the opinion of the developer on the sites of the Louvre /www.louvre.fr/ Museum of modern art in new York /www.moma.org/. The subject was very quickly lost, however, time because of the language barrier.

— The sites of the Louvre and the MOMA one concept that is prevalent in the West. Entertaining, attractive high quality pictures are combined with text moderation. These sites are beautiful for its simplicity, lack of showiness and blatancy. The most important sponsors are not trying to rush you in the eye before significant information.

By the way, the website of the Louvre for the last five years is considered the ideal Museum service. Not only is our developers to keep up with him, because Russian perception of information is different from foreigners. However, to follow the world trends in web design required (many examples, take the website of the Museum of Frida Kahlo). Because Russia, alas, is today a pioneer in museology.

By the way, there is a common negative factor for all our sites found a bug (error in program): the layout page “creep” that banner in some of the browsers not displayed. And the reason is our Russian “perhaps and so will descend”. Alas.

* * *

Our calculations are supported by a certificate of visit. The numbers we learn through advanced service analysis “SimilarWeb”. Trying to drive a selected web page and discover their importance in the ranking of world Museum sites. The number of issued and received information NCCA listed here by as much as 70 243rd place, the Tretyakov gallery — 509‑m Russian — 426‑m, the Pushkin Museum — 283‑m, Hermitage — 133‑m, a lift — on 42‑m and MW — 40‑m is Almost a mirror image of the sequence was counting over the last six months from 16 January to 16 July). Among the leaders of the IOM, almost half a million thousand, the Louvre 799 thousand, the Hermitage is 250 and the Tretyakov gallery — 204 thousand. Worse the Pushkin Museum — 138 thousand, in the Russian Museum — 95 thousand, and finally the NCCA — 34 thousand. That is, technical analysis is confirmed by the experts, and simple visitors.

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