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Monday, March 19, 2018

“The Siberian candidate: the Western press suspected trump in the Kremlin

The Western media are actively discussing the relationship between the presidential candidate of the USA Donald trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The impetus for this was the hacking of correspondence of the Democratic party of the United States in which its representatives and, moreover, the law enforcement agencies of America did not hesitate to accuse Russia and its intelligence agencies. “MK” has collected the most interesting excerpts from articles by Western journalists about whether the Kremlin is playing the Trump and whether there is reason to believe a Republican “Russian candidate”.

photo: flickr.com

“There is reason to think about the financial interests of Mr. trump,” writes Paul Krugman of The New York Times column, “Donald trump, the Siberian candidate.” Remember, we don’t know anything about the current state of Affairs in his business Empire. He refuses to publish your taxes, and that’s saying a lot. We know that it has a serious and dark when rich people and companies from Russia. Someone may object that this is private, not government officials, but crony-capitalist Paradise of Putin’s difference between them”. Krugman notes that there are now signs that, if elected, trump will conduct a “Pro-Putin foreign policy” to the detriment of us allies and US interests.

“One wonders: is it because trump does not publish his tax returns that would reveal its dependence on foreign money? – asks the journalist for the Washington Post, Daniel Drezner, having in mind the possible financial interests trump in Russia. – However, this story looks just like the scandal with Hillary Clinton, which was accused of using external sources of financing (millions of dollars from seven different countries enrolled at a time when she served as Secretary of state – “MK”). Correlation does not prove causation. Simply because the desire of sponsors to influence powerful people doesn’t mean they actually do it… I’m really sorry for those authors who criticize the when trump and Russia, but are cautious when it comes to how compromised themselves whether Clinton foreign funding of his Foundation”.

The Guardian journalist Jonathan Friedland recalled that the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort – a long time was an adviser to ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who was considered “an ally of Putin,” and trump’s Advisor on foreign Affairs Carter, Paige “deeply involved” with one of the energy giants of Russia.

“Then you will see where the legs grow from conversations about the Siberian candidate, the author writes. – Trump does not have to be Putin’s agent to strike fear. Enough that he is a fan of Putin. Trump sees himself as a strong man (“I can fix it” – one of his key phrases) that could sit opposite his friend, the strongman in the Kremlin. Together they could do business with each other, and to do “great things”, while trump would not pay attention to international law or international human rights system”.

The author of The National Interest David Brom defended trump from accusations of admiration for the Russian politics: “We can blame trump for refusing honest discussion, his passion for racial and religious prejudice, contempt for the facts or lack of awareness of the facts. But imagine trump as the agent or accomplice of Vladimir Putin – and to hint at the fact that anyone who prefers a new “cold war” reaching diplomatic agreements with Moscow, should be soft, does not improve our current political discourse, and compels us to get out of the sewers and fall into the cesspool”.

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