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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The French are not scared of the Russian torpedoes in the Navy Day

The celebration of Navy Day in Sevastopol in this year turned out extraordinary. First, in the stands for the parade of the black sea fleet was following two of the Governor of the city-sailors, ex-boyfriend — Sergei Menyailo and newly promoted Dmitry Ovsyannikov. Second, for the first time in three years the celebration was attended by foreign guests. 11 of French parliamentarians headed by Deputy of the National Assembly of France Thierry Mariani came to Sevastopol to participate in celebrations. And thirdly, on the eve of the chief of naval holiday in the “capital of the black sea fleet delivered the hand of St. Andrew the Apostle, patron Saint of sailors.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The resigned ex-Governor, after the master of ceremonies loudly announced as “the Plenipotentiary of the President in the Siberian Federal district”, the former Crimean envoy Oleg Belaventsev was presented as a “presidential envoy for the North Caucasus Federal district”. Thus, the festival this time they were invited as guests, not hosts. However, on the eve of the French delegation in Sevastopol met all Oleg Belavenets. Parliamentarians was first taken to the memorial at the French military cemetery of the Crimean war period in the area of 5 km of the Balaklava highway, where they laid flowers and thanked the authorities of Sevastopol for the fact that burials are located in a tidy manner. “The political situation at the moment does not allow the French government to engage in development of this burial. Therefore, the more sincerely grateful to the authorities of Sevastopol have care,” — said Mariani.

The Ukrainian side the next visit of French parliamentarians in the Crimea received a hostile reception. The Ukrainian delegation to PACE issued a statement: “We are outraged by the brash disregard for Ukrainian and international legislation”. The French, visited the Crimea, decided to ban entry to Ukraine for 3 years. However, the Ukrainian parliamentarians to threats not heeded. They not only photographed on the background of the monument “gentle man”, but also made a number of statements that Ukraine can separate them from the Square forever. First, Mariani said that “if the Crimea became part of Russia, the region would be the front, as in the Donbas.” Secondly, he said that “the situation is that Crimea is Russian, do not change. And seeing with my own eyes on the main holiday Sevastopol Navy Day, — the MP added: “During the parade I was surprised at the thousands-thousands of people gathered along the waterfront. I believe that this is the best proof of how the residents of Sevastopol and the Crimea is tied to its fleet and Russia. I am very sorry that there are no foreign journalists: they would see not the occupied country, and the country cheerful”.

I must say that the French are not scared of “the rattling of Russian weapons”, in all its glory showcased in the parade. After all, before the audience were not just “old-timers” of the black sea fleet and the newest vehicles, has just delivered to the black sea fleet of small missile ships “Serpukhov” and “Green Vale”, frigate “Admiral Grigorovich” and two submarines. Was shown shooting, including from “Grad” on the line “coastal defence”. With helicopters and planes dropping bombs and torpedoes on submarines of the “enemy” and BDK “Azov” faked the landing of Marines ashore. The roar was — as much as the ears laid. And the people on the shore cheered. All ended peacefully and beautiful: marine “waltz” pushers with synchronized fountains.

By the way, yesterday in the city was another colorful celebration — of the relics of St. Andrew, hosted by the St. Andrew Foundation. Cancer, where the hand of the Apostle, was delivered from the Epiphany Cathedral of Moscow. The car with the relic drove through the centre of Sevastopol, accompanied by servicemen of the black sea fleet, representatives of the Cossacks and bikers from “Night wolves”. The clergy met the Holy near the temple of Archangel Michael, which immediately formed a queue of parishioners and pilgrims who wish to worship the Shrine. So the French delegation was something to marvel at in Sevastopol in these two days.

Putin took part in the parade in honor of Navy day (7 photos)

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