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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rock-n-roll passion by Richard Bach

I first heard the group “Seagull” sitting in the jury of one of the music competitions for the young and bold. It was a rare occasion when everyone in the room froze in a daze — so powerful, emotional, high quality and fresh sounded team. Then she appeared today — confidently collects a few hundred people on the site that for beginners independent artists are already achieving. Last week Chayka gave his first major concert-perhaps the most iconic alternative club in the capital. Evolution is obvious: on the dance floor was Packed. The concert was bright, dynamic and dramatic.

Photo: Mariana Astafurova

Last — because all compositions by Andrey Krotov, a group leader is the history of anguish, often painful and tense, the parable of the broken wings, that “in my heaven there is no sun”, through which, however, sometimes appear the rays more cheerful words and sounds. However, despite all the drama, heard the music, “Seagulls” is thin, not gone and left no aftertaste stringy sadness and sadness (e.g., depressing ballads “Sunday”), because in them there is hope, there is no feeling of hopelessness and feel the energy of youth, which still radiate the young members of the team. And, importantly, they work not only with the audience, sending her vibes of his musical madness, between them, felt strong invisible bond that strengthened with each song played.

Modern audience often inert and inactive, at that — pretentious and rarely surprised by anything. Once in the 1980-1990s Russia has covered powerful rock wave, began to have emotional “rollback”: increasingly began to sound the opinion that the young artists that appear on the rock scene, can’t come up with anything new, repeat themselves, and in the time of heroes has passed. Especially critically minded skeptics even say that people in our country should be banned to play music ten years, and then, perhaps, again will break some fresh sprout. Such words, however wildly they may sound, have some merit, and now have to look in the sand, Golden grains, of which there is too little. “The Seagull” seems to be one of them. Guys don’t experiment with the style: they play quite a traditional rock, which is rigid rhythmic framework, and heavy, on the contrary, the guitar harmonies, jingle, light, and transparent keyboards. In fact, they don’t invent the wheel, but in all their music there is something special in the more accessible language — the fact that shakes and attracts attention, the fifth element, which is so lacking in many modern groups, even if they play the same virtuoso technically, as AC/DC. Team members in each song give the hooks the melodies, which are then scrolled in the head after the first listen, they have almost no walk-through of the songs — each in their own way and is a spectacular finished product. The lyrics of “the Seagull” — her strong place mentally where they relate to the poetry of the Silver age. “I am Seagull! — screaming as if in pain Andrew and continued, suppressing all thoughts about Anton Chekhov Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. The works of Richard Bach, namely his work “the Seagull named Jonathan Livingston”) passes through the band thin unobtrusive thread. “Fly, Jonathan, sings the singer in another song. Other images — original and not borrowed from a famous writer. Music Andrew seemed to pass through itself, responding to every sound impulsive body movements.

At the concert the musicians played and already memorized by fans to the holes hits (I must say, the fan-club “the Seagull” the most diverse children and enthusiastic young lady, and romantic young men, and older people) — “I am the Seagull”, “Sun”, diluted and their new songs — “Mother”, “Shoot”, “Dream”, “Happiness”. While the group has one EP — “Up” before there were other records, but Andrey Krotov chose to leave unpublished, redefining the concept of sound. “I think that by autumn we will finally say goodbye with the old program, and you will see new things,” he intrigued the audience. The performance was fun and cheerful. “Handsome!” the matter could be heard from somewhere in the corner of the female voice. “This is my sister,” smiled Andrew. In the middle of the concert, she gave him a bouquet of pale pink flowers, and in the finals, fans gave the group members on white t-shirt with a Seagull on the chest and a quote from Bach, to each his own.

“When I was 15, I used to come here for the concerts of your favorite artists and dreamed that someday he will come to this stage, — shared his emotions Andrew, — I have today a dream has come true!” The musicians gave a good start, now it is important to be able to hold the attention and interest of the public. Will they be able to do it and to raise the bar — time will tell.

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