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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Radicals in Yerevan killing one police officer in two weeks

The situation in Yerevan is nearing its end. According to reports from the Armenian capital, on Sunday afternoon in the area occupied by the radicals of the building of the regiment of patrol heard gunfire and explosions. According to unconfirmed reports, began a special operation to smoke out militants. The turning point during the confrontation was the death of another police officer.

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An employee of the police troops of the Jura Tapanasar died 30 July from a sniper’s bullet. Police officer sitting in a car parked on the demarcation line at a distance of 350-400 meters from the occupied buildings. Members of the armed group were quick to disown the murder of another policeman. “With all responsibility declare that the policeman was not killed by our shot. We can’t see this place. In all probability, he was killed by a shot fire from their hand to the right and left of the sniper. Don’t want to say intentionally, but that it was not on our side, I assure you,” — said the radical Varuzhan Avetisyan.

On the eve of the militants released after the talks the two doctors, taken hostage on July 27. It happened July 30 in the morning, but then came the fatal shot that claimed the life of an employee of the interior Ministry of Armenia. The police in turn said that the analysis of the data suggests that shot a COP with the roof of the captured building. “The results of studies of the territory, a situation the trajectories of bullets fired, according to preliminary data, it is possible to say that the shot was fired from the territory of the regiment”, — stated in the message of the police. As evidence, the police have shown worn by the model location and the trajectory of the shot, and most importantly, the image of the sniper on the roof.

Meanwhile, in the camp of the militants are rampant disagreement. After the death of a police officer of the radicals felt it best to surrender. Night from the territory of the PPS regiment escaped, two members of the group — Ruben Grigoryan and Gevorg Melkonian. The police, they told that it is not planning any seizure of the building on July 17. “We celebrated a birthday. Then we said that needs to go to the rally in front of the prison, where sits Zhirayr Sefilyan. Already the building of the regiment we heard shots, ran, appeared on the territory of the regiment. Then was afraid to come out. We tried to go out with physicians who assisted us in the regiment, said feel bad, but we were not allowed. Today we escaped. There are still exactly three people there who want to leave, but they don’t allow”, — they reported.

Incidentally, doctors who have left the territory of the PPS regiment on 30 July, said that they too had not been released. They got out of there when the exhausted fighters fell asleep. On the eve of the radicals again assured that the doctors they were not detained. Those, they say, they themselves refused to leave, since he was left to care for the wounded. But, as told by the doctors, they still kept inside. Start away mobile phones and then threatened that, say, the police can shoot at the exit of the building. Er nurse, Raspberry Margarian said to let the doctors militants were going in exchange for another team. “The members of the group all the time mentioned that let go only when you come to replace doctors, as there are wounded in the regiment. I asked to let me go, saying that my daughter tomorrow anniversary — 30 years, and she’s very worried, but I said we have nothing against you, let them come a new medical team, and you will be able to leave,” she said.

So the band as “Sasun brave” to believe. But the wave of protest in Yerevan in defense of entrenched in the building of PPP militants does not abate. Sunday was planned a new rally. And this despite the fact that after Friday’s clashes with police 40 people were in the hospital police threw into the crowd stun grenades. More than 100 people were detained.

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