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Monday, March 19, 2018

Ancient Epidavros has accepted Moscow’s “Oedipus Rex”

“I thank you with all of the Greek people. On Monday I will send Mr. Putin a letter and write that I thank him for you” – these words after the applause of the audience the President of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos made the premiere of “Oedipus Rex” staged by Rimas Tuminas at Epidaurus. The head of the Greek state came to the first performance and at the end once stood in the dressing rooms to the artists. With detail of this historic event observer “MK”.

Lyudmila Maksakova and Viktor Dobronravov. Photos Of Alexander Toloshinov

An hour before the premiere. On the way to the ancient theatre suddenly I hear :”Oh Yes, no, Yes, no, Vacher Vacher… I malim male asleep-e-e -s”. Men’s voices are beautiful, the bottoms carefully trying to sing incomprehensible to foreigners “small enough” and “sleep”. So before the show two hours practicing choir is a major element of ancient Greek theatre Greek chorus , and the song is Russian . Do not forget to ask the composer Theodore Abazis more about these choirs, which are used in Greece and in the modern theatre.

And on the balcony above the choir, where a little of the dressing room, Maksakova and Dobronravov are yourself serenely talking, just neighbors (about that), as if nothing terrible in an hour they will not survive, or rather their characters. They are joined by Evgeny Knyazev. Remarks philosophically:

– I have drawn it this way: to be here is high (with the accent on the last syllable). Even for the Greek play at Epidaurus – the whole event. What then to speak about a foreign company?

A joint project of the Athens national Greek and the Vakhtangov theatre – “Oedipus the King” is unique: it combined two cultures, two languages, two theatrical traditions. And where? At home theater, in one of the oldest – epidavrskogo. Ancient Greek heroes, they truly exist on Russian psychological school, and the Greeks recitative and singing pick them up and carry you high to where the sky darkens and the inevitable black bird hangs over the ancient theatre of the 4th century BC to 14,000 seats.

Lyudmila Maksakova. Photos Of Alexander Toloshinov

10 minutes before the start of the performance. At the entrance – BA, that’s really an unexpected meeting – Stas Sadalsky, in the hands of an intricate bouquet.

– Where are you from? Somewhere to relax?

From Moscow, flew to Lyudmila Vasilyevna. Don’t know, and me to the stage of the start up after?

Took a seat in the eleventh row. He doesn’t know what 50 – view incomparably better. When in the theatre included the President of Greece Pavlopoulos, in the hall much ADO is not observed: low gray-haired man passes along the first row without the cordon and accompanied by only three people. Took a seat in the second row, someone is taking pictures on mobile phones, but without the hype. With a delay of 10 minutes in the ancient Greek theater begins ancient Greek tragedy performed by Russian artists. To see that it’s more than 10 thousand spectators – these are the official data.

And “Oedipus the King” is a story about the inevitability of fate, the deeds of which terrible and out of their control. Even to those who are in power – the king Il to the President. And all this surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean nature – dense forests, mountains, gaps between them, the distant lights of ten kilometers to see it all. A hysterical cry of cicadas turns off only the southern darkness which is thrown at us and the heroes of Sophocles as-that suddenly, somehow disturbing.

Yevgeny Knyazev as blind soothsayer Tiresia. Photos Of Alexander Toloshinov

Two girls in bright dresses ran in the background. Their carefree laughter somehow came into conflict with threatening, crashing sounds of music. For the children it was scary, though nothing happened. Behind them flew the black birds – on-sticks they are the responsibility of the group in dark suits and hats – this is the chorus. But in the arena, or rather in the ancient orchestra is perfectly round, is a piece of the huge trumpet – rusty-reddish black with different-sized holes around the perimeter. On both sides of it are ordinary Viennese chairs. On the tube, around the inside of it across the surface Tuminas builds Sophocles ‘ tragedy.

My heart bleeds for my city.

For you. And for myself.

Me don’t Wake me up – I’m not sleeping.

CREON, the brother of the woman, sent me to the Apollo.

The Oracle to learn what rumor, service, hail to save.

This Oedipus is a strong, young, handsome, has a serious reason to be smug – looking for ways to save Thebes from the plague, not knowing what a dangerous path entered in his quite good desire. King Oedipus plays Viktor Dobronravov, who in recent years have formed a great actor: technical, with a rich set of colors with which he paints the king. One sighted but blind – not feeling the life of people. The picture is sharp and brittle.

Even notice that the composition of “Oedipus” is very strong. Next to luminaries Evgeny Knyazev and Lyudmila Maksakova – young actors: Arthur Ivanov, Vitalis, Semenovs, Eldar Trams, Maxim Savinovskiy, Evgeniy Kosyrev, Valery Ushakov, Pavel Yudin, dressed as a legionary. His character (the household of Oedipus) never leaves the stage: he silently, but accurately responds to what is happening.

Viktor Dobronravov in the role of king Oedipus. Photos Of Alexander Toloshinov

From the very first scene – the silent militant mileage household in a circle – a round of applause. Then the Greeks explain to me that they have decided not to clap during the term and if this happens, then really touched the game . Knyazev (the blind soothsayer of Terezi), Tramova (CREON), two outputs Maksakova (Jocasta), monologues of Oedipus, the final monologue Savinovskogo accompanied by applause.

Separate conversation about the choir, which gives the play an incredible amount. The choir, as I explain after the performance, the composer Theodore Abazi, in ancient times, and now this mirror between the characters and the audience. The audience, though the chorus, as if to look at yourself and talk to the hero. The choir listens to the story of heroes, sees, separates out the meaning and how it gives its spectators. And the audience become in unison as if one. But in “Oedipus” chorus sounds most tragic, because he becomes one with Oedipus and the tragedy moves the audience.

– Chorus – it’s still a commentator, carries additional meaning?

– No, he’s not a commentator. Tells of the tragedy and lives it. In Ancient Greece, the chorus sounded more lyrical, almost like a song, because our ancient language is more melodious. Therefore, the first scores for choirs was based more on the melody of the language than on the melody itself, the music is then superimposed on top. In the current formulation we say in modern language and had to write something close to the ancient choirs. In the 4th century BC under the stage housed the barrels to the sound of the chorus better reach the audience. And the choir members wore masks, to sound more powerful, which gave the effect the viewer feel inside the tragedy. But we have no masks – different style of play.

How can I determine the style of the new work Tuminas and his regular collaborators – artist Jacovskis, composer and choreographer Latenas Choline? Expressive, metaphorical, and never ceased their complex and at the same time clear images on the basis of psychological theatre. The images of the most difficult concepts arise from nothing. In “Oedipus” the sacred meaning of the tragedy carries a huge pipe in diameter more than two meters, heavily lying on the edge of the orchestra.

Greek choir. Photo — Alexander Toloshinov

As events develop, this iron “establishment” begins to live his life. Pipe rolls menacingly at the heroes, leans on them, it becomes a wall and a crucifix before his death. The image of the inevitability of fate. Machine roll somebody’s life, and the insignificance of man in front of her and fancied that himself and others thought about it…skating Rink pulls Oedipus blinded himself, rolled on the two girls in light dresses that happily ran in the beginning. What will happen to them and that prepares them to fate, not sparing his father, Oedipus, trapped brother.

If you do not think about the mechanism driving this sudbinu piece of iron weighing nearly a ton, it may seem that rolling in her music Faustas of Latenas. Its separate sounds in the beginning closer to the final move into the ring that binds and doesn’t let go. But tossing and turning the fate of the pipe is not through music or special mechanism, and the efforts of two people – the driver of the stage Kirill Ivanov and his Greek assistant. Jewelry work, so guys with all output at the bows.

Ten minutes go by applause. The country’s President Prokopis Pavlopoulos on completion is immediately sent backstage, where publicly promised on Monday to write to Vladimir Putin, grateful for the Vakhtangov theatre. And added that I hadn’t read the credits – the actors all understood.

“Oedipus Rex” together with the Greek choir three times will play in Moscow on the anniversary of the theater in November the Vakhtangov notes 95.

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