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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Russian tankers showed the best result in the first day of the tank biathlon

In Moscow Park “Patriot” and at the landfill Alabino started the international Military games (Armi-2016). Large-scale military competition involving three thousand people from 20 countries, was opened by the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. The first day passed preliminaries tank “Tank biathlon” in which the Russian team showed the best result.

photo: Alexander Stepanov

The opening of the international army games was held in the Park “Patriot”. The team in front of them was a standard bearer with a flag, one after another took to the Central podium. The Russian team paraded in uniform, especially made for these competitions — black-green jackets with the symbols of the army in 2016, black pants and black-and-white cap.

Sergei Shoigu, opening the competition, recalled that the international military games was conceived as a form of combat training of troops, but they made a colourful spectacle that has generated huge interest in the country and abroad. According to the Minister, to inflame the passions of the army game is not much different from the largest world sporting Championships. “However, the principle “the Main thing – not victory, and participation” doesn’t work here. For any military task must be completed. Went to the start — win!”, – said Shoigu.

According to him, I am glad that people with weapons in their hands meet as friends and formidable fighting machine and serve as a means of wrestling. “To perform at the games, representing their country, is very prestigious. But to win is honorable. I wish the participants of the competition to exhibit military skill, endurance and in a fair fight to win the right to be the best”, – summarized the Minister.

Then the action moved to Alabino, where they were to pass the qualifying competitions of Tank biathlon. On the first day of the tournament took place two-in. In the first participated tankers from Serbia, Kazakhstan, India and Russia. In terms of competition, the team must pass three laps, overcoming obstacles – a snake, Ford, the anti-tank ditch and the firing of guns and machine guns.

photo: Alexander Stepanov

To start the competition fell by lot to the tanks from Serbia.

The Serbs, apparently from the excitement, I managed when target shooting from a cannon, to miss the mark all three times and then left for three penalties.

Russian tankers, the second missed the target once, earning an extra lap.

photo: Alexander Stepanov

The spectators watching the race in the stadium, are actively rooting for our.

– Fall, please fall, ” exclaimed the young girl, looking at a large screen installed at the site where close-up was shown the results of the firing.

Our girl heard, and more at targets during a race is not smeared.

An unfortunate misfire, the tankers were correct, accelerating when passing obstacles.

On one of the circles of the tank with such force it flew into the moat, simulating overcoming water obstacles that the spray rose to a few meters. The stadium gasped.

If only anything with the tank did not happen, ” came the comments from the fans.

Fortunately, with the car nothing happened and the team successfully reached the finish line, showing the best time in the race. The stadium welcomed our children with a standing ovation.

The Indians started following the Russian national team acted very carefully, had shot without a miss, drove cautiously and eventually took second place. Third were tankers from Kazakhstan. The Kazakhs were shot well, but managed to knock down a few “pins” and got a time penalty.

Added to this penalty for a miss. And finally the third result. Fourth were the Serbs, who failed to score the penalty time assigned for failures.

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