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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Candidate for the post of Ambassador of Russia in Ukraine was Mikhail Babich

Candidate for the post of Ambassador in Kiev became the presidential envoy in Volga region Mikhail Babich. In response the Verkhovna Rada have already been calls not to accept not only Babic, and no Ambassador from Moscow. Experts expect that Babich with extensive managerial and entrepreneurial experience, will be able to find a common language even with the current Ukrainian leadership.

The state Duma Committee on international Affairs on Friday recommended that the presidential envoy in Volga Federal district Mikhail Babich to the post of Ambassador in Kiev.

“Mikhail Babich is an experienced gosupravlenie, an experienced political Manager who worked as a Deputy”

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow has asked Ukraine agrément (preliminary consent) on the Babich. Kiev has said the Verkhovna Rada – they opposed the appointment of any emissary. “In the absence of normal relations with Moscow it is impossible to appoint the new Ambassador of Russia in Kiev”, – said the Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko”, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs Volodymyr Ariev. The MP urged not to give approval to anybody from the Russian representatives.

We will remind, on the eve of Vladimir Putin dismissed the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, appointing temporary attorney Sergei Toropov. Thus, the level of bilateral relations dropped even formally.

The first reports that the post of the Russian Ambassador in Kiev will take Babich, appeared the day before.First Vice-speaker of the state Duma Ivan Melnikov confirmed that the candidacy of Babich will present Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin. A meeting of the committees of the state Duma and the Federation Council on international Affairs was held behind closed doors with the participation of Babich. In another situation his candidacy would be discussed by the state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, under the leadership of Leonid Slutsky, but leaving that to the Crimea for a meeting with French deputies and urgency of the issue, this task was passed on to another Committee.

However, a little later the opinion of the Slutsky became known. “Babich is a very strong candidate… there is No doubt that it will be an effective leader of our Embassy in Ukraine and will do much to today’s extremely difficult relations between the two countries gradually and in accordance with common sense started to improve,” he said.

Slutsky urged not to take seriously the criticism already made of the Verkhovna Rada. “With regard to the votes of marginal anti-Russian political parties in the Parliament, they will not accept any candidate who comes from Moscow. They create a PR among the voters and their electorate”, – said the head of the Committee. According to Slutsky, be working in Ukraine is extremely difficult.” “We will maintain our Ambassador,” he promised.

By the way, if Kiev will take Babich, he will automatically leave his post in the Volga region and will be the fifth Ambassador, who succeeded the place of work in the last days. On the eve of retirement because of age was sent Ambassador to Siberia Nikolai Rogozhkin, whose place was taken by Sergei Menyailo. Also left a post in the northwestern Federal district Vladimir Bulavin, who then headed the Federal customs service. The following left the envoy in the North Caucasus Sergey Melikov – transferred to Resguardo), who was replaced by the envoy from Crimea Oleg Belaventsev. The post, previously occupied by Belavencev, was abolished along with the RPO.

A native of business

The post of presidential envoy in Volga region Mikhail Babich in 2011. The civil service came in 1999, prior to which he was long engaged in business. Thus, in 1995-1998 Babich headed the JSC “Corporation “Antei”, Moscow. 1998-1999 first Vice President of the company “rosmyasomoltorg”, is simultaneously Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC shuiskys chintz”. After transition to the civil service he worked in the Ministry of agriculture and food, government of the Moscow region, and later in Ivanovo region, also held the post of Prime Minister. In 2003, Babich was appointed assistant to the Minister of economic development and trade of Russia also occupied the position of assistant Director of the Border service of the FSB.

At the end of the same year elected to the state Duma from the party “United Russia”, were Chairman of the defense Committee, a member of the Commission on consideration of Federal budget expenditures aimed at ensuring defense and state security. After his appointment 5 years ago on a post of the Plenipotentiary was also the Chairman of the State Commission on chemical disarmament. In 2012 received the status of state adviser of the 1st class.

In General Babich is not considered to be a public politician, he did not make any loud statements and still don’t was in charge of international activities. However, experts call Babich a powerful political player. Has a degree of candidate of economic Sciences. It is assumed that the experience in the business world, good communication skills, knowledge in the economic sphere Babich will be able to apply effectively when working in Kiev.

The head of the Fund of development of civil society Konstantin Kostin believes that the experience from the Babich enough. “Mikhail Babich is an experienced gosupravlenie, an experienced political Manager who worked as a Deputy. This is a man who is able to solve serious tasks, to concentrate, to attract professionals to the team. I think all these qualities in the diplomatic field will allow to achieve notable success”, – quotes Kostina Life.

“Any will be accepted in bayonets”

The Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin said that the work of the Ambassador in Ukraine today is not very diplomatic. “In the current situation, the Ambassador to Ukraine should be not so much a man of the system of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, much trusted man of the President. That is to go soon to the presidential administration, rather than traditional MFA structure,” said Zharikhin the newspaper VIEW.

In addition, the expert thinks, this appointee must be a person from the policy. “But there are some limitations. The policy which already lit up in the Ukrainian direction, it will be virtually impossible to agrement. In this sense, Babich, who on this subject is not lit up, but at the same time, a political figure, is quite appropriate,” – said Zharihin. However, according to the expert, Kiev and so will delay issuance of the approval because no interest to the Russian Embassy to work in full force.

Ukrainian political scientist, Director of Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov said the newspaper VIEW: “Now every Ambassador, whoever is appointed, will be received in the bayonets of a significant part of the radical society.” And whether Ukraine agreman, depends on how Babich will present in the Ukrainian media, the expert added.

The future Ambassador to Ukraine have a lot of work. “There is what subject to take, it is very often the tasks before the Russian Ambassador and the Embassy,” said the analyst, adding that “the main task of any Ambassador to Ukraine is to do with building ideological relations with Ukraine, and the economy should only serve the critical national interests of Russia, and not Vice versa.”

“Let the agrement will not give, but the Ambassador needed”

“The candidacy of this for Ukraine unknown – said about Babich in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management, political scientist Ruslan Bortnik. Even if Russia will send Babich, “he may not take the place of the Ambassador in connection with opposition in Ukraine,” the expert added. He recalled that the appointment of Ambassador is “a huge political bargaining and speculation in the current environment. In his opinion, the Ukrainian-Russian relations, representation of Russian interests in Kiev “more like destruction”.

“There is a question of building a new politics, a new relationship between Ukraine and Russia, new ways of presenting Russia’s position in Ukraine from scratch, I would say, even with negative level,” – said Bortnik. As “the new Ambassador will not start with a plus and a huge minus point, his main task will be to achieve at least zero-point” – summed up the expert.

“I believe that the Russian Ambassador should be appointed. And let the agrement will not. It’s the Ukrainian side will demonstrate that she did not want formal relations, – Said the newspaper LOOK Director of the Kiev center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky. – And then she comes to ask: “Give coal and so on, do not demand debt. And the Ambassador doesn’t want!”.

As for Zurabov, Pogrebinsky said he has a high opinion of his intellectual data. “Zurabov led line, which was dictated from the Kremlin. If the Kremlin believed that Zurabov does not solve the tasks that are put before him, they would have long since changed,” – said the expert.

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