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Friday, July 21, 2017

What should be the Ambassador of Russia in Ukraine

The Russian foreign Minister did not rule out the resignation of the Ambassador in Kiev Mikhail Zurabov, however, is not putting any deadlines. The Communists in the Duma immediately perked up and immediately offered to send to Kiev economist Sergei Glazyev. Experts believe: if we change the head of the mission, they should be a career diplomat with strong nerves. However, something can be said in favor of Zurabov, who kept a low profile throughout the conflict.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday did not rule out the recall of its Ambassador in Kiev Mikhail Zurabov, however, is not putting any deadlines. “Zurabov is appointed by the President of the Russian Federation, like any other Ambassador, working abroad, he carries out instructions received from the centre. Lifetime, again determined by the President. I guess no one is eternal, will change and that the Ambassador”, – quoted Lavrov to the newspaper VIEW.

Not eternal mission

“Not yet hopeless to talk to Poroshenko, well, if him talking to the man who long ago met him”

In response to the reproach that one is not responsible for the inefficiency of the Embassy in Kiev, Lavrov said: “I am responsible for the work of the ambassadors appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Specify who receives the majority vote, I’m responsible for them, these are my instructions specifying the foreign Ministry. And his work we assess at the end of each year.

The first Deputy Chairman of the international Committee of the state Duma Leonid Kalashnikov (Communist party) immediately after the speech, Lavrov urged Kiev to appoint the new man, which would connect in itself the diversity of experience and diplomat, and enforcer, and authority-heavyweight, like Chernomyrdin.

“We need not one-sided man, and such people in Russia. Were able to find in the crisis of 1998 Primakov, maslyukova and others. Don’t want to speak ill of Chernomyrdin, but I haven’t seen in the role of a diplomat, he was successful, ” said Kalashnikov in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. – We need not just a bright figure, able to speak aphoristically, and certainly not an economist, what I believe Zurabov, which it still builds economic scheme. The ideal would be, for example, Sergei Glazyev.”

Previously, the Kalashnikov has repeatedly subjected the head of the diplomatic mission in Kiev devastating criticism. So, in February last year, immediately after the coup, the MP announced Zurabov Amateur. “The post of Ambassador to Ukraine is a very responsible position, and it is naive to believe that in the Amateur will be able not to screw up – he pointed out. – The identity of Zurabov and the personality of his predecessor Chernomyrdin incomparable”.

Unresponsive Ambassador

However, the Director of the Kiev center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky not sure that Zurabov’s time to change. “Not yet hopeless to talk to Poroshenko, well, if him talking to the man who has long been acquainted with him. I’ve been in their General company, and then I was under the impression that they are on friendly terms. However, this was before the Maidan. Not sure how they are now,” admitted the Kiev political analyst.

No special, including “economic” tactics Zurabov, the analyst sees. “He speculates the leadership of the country and Ministry of foreign Affairs, and they are already there to make decisions. He corridor of opportunities is limited. He charged, and performs. I know him as a highly educated man, few have met in my life, ” Pogrebinsky said the newspaper VIEW. – A type of Chernomyrdin for the current situation is not good. Need a professional briefcase that will be actively working with the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs, with leadership, with colleagues in the diplomatic corps”.

Chief editor of the magazine “Russia in global politics” Fyodor Lukyanov generally believe that to represent any country always needs qualified, experienced diplomat. “This is my long-held belief that is not associated in any way with Zurabov, whether it’s Kiev or any other important capital city,” noted Lukyanov.

“It’s a myth that the politician-the heavyweight has some special authority and can better promote the interests of his country. With very few exceptions, is not confirmed by practice. Especially under such complex relations, as Moscow and Kiev today, the Ambassador should have endurance, diplomatic skills, ability to build negotiation, to accurately understand the balance of different forces and to properly report this to the centre. The Ambassador does not formulate policy – it is a matter of political leadership”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

As you know, former head of the Pension Fund and ex-Minister of health and social development Mikhail Zurabov was appointed Ambassador in the summer of 2009. At the same time he was appointed special presidential envoy for developing trade and economic relations with Ukraine. The then President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko is more than six months refused to accept credentials from Zurabov, representative of boycotting Russia.

But the new Ambassador immediately began to study the Ukrainian language, although, for obvious reasons, this was not necessary, and later played in the language of the host country.

Torn tricolor

After the change of power in Kiev Zurabov, the work became particularly challenging. In mid-June last year, the Embassy was attacked. How then wrote the newspaper VIEW, a crowd of several hundred rioters pelted the building with stones and firecrackers, ripped down a Russian flag, replacing it with the banner of Bandera. Ukrainian security forces did not prevent the attack. Even the US state Department was then forced to call on Kyiv to restore order around the Embassy. With the beginning of the peace process Zurabov participated in all the negotiations of the warring parties in Minsk.

As recently as a month ago, I wrote about the newspaper VIEW, the Communist party is again required to recall Zurabov. Colleagues Kalashnikov faction Valery Rashkin and Sergei Obukhov argued that Zurabov was not able to prevent the growth of anti-Russian sentiments, and evaluate the activities of the Embassy as a failure. In their opinion, the lack of active work Zurabov has resulted in the “disappearance of any principled and consistent upholding of interests of Russia and Russian in Ukraine”, while with the US Ambassador in Ukraine was considered.

“Certain analogies may be made produced by Mr Zurabov, at the time headed the Ministry of healthcare and social development of Russia, the monetization of benefits, which caused spontaneous demonstrations of the citizens of Russia”, – wrote Rashkin and Obukhov.

However, referring to the prehistory Zurabov, the Communists are once again reminded that evil is kept for the current Ambassador for a very long time – since the last century. They tried to dislodge him from a position which he has held for the last 15 years.

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