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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Vladimir ovchinsky: In Russia is worse now than in the 90s

Advisor to the Chairman of the constitutional court has commented on the rise of organized crime

24 Nov 2010, 21:18

Text: Roman Kretsul


“The criminal community is so brazen that thought can freely cut the entire family, children”, – said the newspaper VIEW former head of the Russian Bureau of Interpol Vladimir ovchinsky. He explains the reasons for a series of recent reports about high-profile crimes in different regions of Russia.

On Wednesday, the Governor of Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev made a loud confession that gangs like the “Kushchevskaya”, exist in each district of the Kuban region: “This crime (the murder of 12 people in Kushchevskaya) could occur in any part of the province. Unfortunately, in varying degrees, there are gangs in the province in every municipality. Somewhere more, somewhere less, but there is,” said he, speaking to the local Assembly. “Banducci was created before our eyes”, he continued revelation and explained the situation by pandering to groups by law enforcement officials. “Strings support store and regional level. There is a betrayal of the interests of the region”, – says the official.

Checking the past in the town of Gus-Crystal after the conversion of the inhabitants to the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, showed that the situation with organized crime is typical not only for the Krasnodar territory. In the petition, the merchants, politicians and public figures indicate that the city wielded by the bandits. In particular, the letter outlined more than 30 facts not investigated crimes committed in relation to urban entrepreneurs. Signatories associate the crime with the forthcoming next year in March elections in local governments.

At the time of inspection from their office, suspended the head of internal Affairs the Goose-Crystal Nikolay Garkin and his Deputy, the chief of criminal militia Alexander Nasybullin.

To comment on the situation in the Kuban region, Gus-Crystal and other cities, where the situation of organized crime may be similar, VZGLYAD asked the adviser to the President of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation, the former head of Russian Interpol Bureau, a member of the expert Council of the Commission of the state Duma on counteraction of corruption, the General-the militia major in resignation, the criminologist Vladimir Ovchinsky.

OPINION: Vladimir Semenovich, from the words Tkachev and the situation in Gus-Khrustalny we can conclude that “of the village of Kushchevskaya in Russia a lot?

Vladimir ovchinsky: About all regions I don’t know, but enough of those high-profile events that have occurred in recent years, to say this is the situation in many of them. Suffice it to recall the event in Miass, in Berezovsky…

Vladimir ovchinsky believes that “the shadow” Russia is much better organised legal (Photo: ITAR-TASS)

OPINION: do You think this phenomenon of the same order?

V. O.: of Course, maybe I have cited the example of areas the situation is even worse. We saw the video from Miass, well-organized gang – not teenagers, not skinheads, and adult men with iron rods and sticks, quietly, habitually mutilated people. So, this gang, apparently, operates in Miass, other settlements of the Chelyabinsk region. But there was filed the case only on the facts of hooliganism and infliction of bodily injury.

OPINION: AND what does that tell you?

V. O.: that in Kushchevskaya killed 12 people, including children, the situation carefully dismantled, and in the Chelyabinsk region all at the mercy of local law enforcement agencies…

OPINION: …Who themselves have become the subject of criminal proceedings. That is, there is reason to suspect them of impropriety?

V. O.: I don’t know, but such action cannot be accomplished without what we call organized crime. The same show event in the town of Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region, on 30 October this year, when the same gang as zabkowska, first attacked the visitors to the local café and all were beaten, and when the police arrived, attacked police tried to take away weapons. The leader of the gang, was mortally wounded, after his death, the gang staged riots in the city, the interior Ministry was forced to send in riot police from Ekaterinburg. The leader of the gang Kasaev – crime boss. The gang consisted of more than 30 people, they are just as Sapkowski, a few years terrorized and Berezovsky, and the neighbouring towns.

And remember the “Lame horse” in Perm, where at the end of last year there was a wild fire, when more than 150 people burned to death. Everyone is talking about death. Sorry people, but few people remember that the regional Directorate of drug control, said that the victims ‘ clothing were discovered more than a kilogram of drugs, including a massive amount of heroin. So, this club was a drug den, as well as the majority of the Nightclubs we have in the country. Meanwhile, Mr. Zach (the actual owner of the club – approx.) who went on trial for breaches of fire safety, he entered the inner circle of the Governor Oleg Chirkunov. And the Governor remained in his place. Someone on a small level, was suspended higher up, from the same regional police Department, any liability it has not incurred. “Lame horse” is also a typical example of organized crime related to drug trafficking.

This is what I call only the resonance of the incident that the whole country stirred up. And how many other such cases? After the Kushchevskaya in Saransk slaughtered the entire family, and just set the house on fire.

When in 2008 was eliminated units to combat organized crime, some law enforcement leaders, even at the level of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs, stated that we have no problem of organized crime. Why these persons is not to impose disciplinary measures, not dismiss, not to dismiss?

The country needs to restore order. To restore order in Kushchevskaya, should not be limited to dismissal of local chief of militia. Had long been to dismiss the chief of the regional police, the Prosecutor, who for the last five to ten years, in fact, condoned the activities of the gang. They should be immediately suspended! While they and all their deputies will not be replaced, it will be impossible to conduct any objective investigation.

OPINION: Why now there are all these loud and tragic events?

Vo: Why now? Nothing did not go anywhere. Just in the last two years things escalated. Now all Yakuza everywhere, all over the country. Organized crime in Russia was formed and developed. When there was a RUBOP, they knew about it, somehow pushed. But in the last two years control over the process of combating crime in the country is almost lost. Urgent need to recreate a completely new level of the Federal service for combating organized crime and corruption, to create its regional offices in all districts and to make this service completely independent of local authorities and from local law enforcement. Make it a kind of analogue of the FBI. Then she, in close cooperation with the Investigative Committee, at least something I can do.

SK conducts the investigation, but to help him you need a powerful investigative service with power potential. Probably, such a service should be created under the Ministry of interior considering the fact that she was technical support, the status of the police from its employees.

OPINION: MP Gurov, commenting on the situation in Gus-Crystal, said the newspaper VIEW that it is time to create a task force from Moscow – under President or Prime Minister.

V. O.: that Is also necessary. Such groups, in principle, was always. But the important constant service as before was a system of RUBOP. They can present a lot of claims, but, by the way, thanks to the RUBOP stopped the wave of violence in mid-1990-ies, when the situation in the country was virtually ungovernable.

LOOK: We go back to what it was in the 90s?

Vo: Yes, now even worse.


Vo: Because if in 1990-e years the bandits rushed into power, now they are in power. Suffice it to say that Tsapok was a member at the local level, Tsepovyaz – his the leader of the militants – was also a Deputy. Therefore, in addition to criminal investigations here need to make office investigation concerning heads of law enforcement and need to carry out the party’s investigation, as early in the Communist party carried out, is why it was admitted that the bandits were elected?

OPINION: AND yet such daring crimes in Russia was not long ago.

Vo: Such lawlessness was not. The facts that I have mentioned and Miass, and Berezovsky was one of Kushchevskaya.

View crime rates: we have 10 months of 2010 compared to the analogical period of 2009 more than 30%, decreased the number of reported crimes committed by organised groups and criminal communities. That means over the past year the activity of law enforcement bodies on fight against organized crime, according to official statistics, fell by a third. The number of members of organized groups and criminal communities brought to justice decreased by 15%.

Lookbut feature of the Kushchevskaya case was that Federal investigators to look far, had not arrived, asked the locals and found a lot unsolved, and sometimes even prosecutions.

Vo: Because the criminal community are so brazen that thought can freely cut the entire family, children. They were confident in it.

OPINION: It would be useful for such “landings” of investigators to send across the country?

V. O.: Let exemplary will bring the matter on at least one region. The more that Krasnodar Krai is an Olympic region. Even if only one region will be reduced to normal civilized state.

OPINION: do you think the threads will be pulled up or will just punish petty officials?

V. O.: If they removed the heads of the regional law enforcement agencies, will be able to calculate, and the entire criminal “octopus”. If they are not removed, the “feds” will not normally work in the region. This is the main indicator.

OPINION: But the problem is that a Federal investigator came and went. And what about the person who lives in this village? Well, he writes a statement, it falls to the local policeman, who in some cases are not particularly keen to understand…

V. O.: It’s a rhetorical question – do I have to go to get the truth to the Federal center. Give an example 1997. I was then assistant to the Minister of internal Affairs. To me on reception have arrived the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region. And the man says that the city of Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region was seized by the gang of Deputy Morozova. Beat and kill people, rape women, drive around the city in jeeps with machine guns, killing the Directors of enterprises… at first I thought that all this bears little resemblance to the truth. Well, that and then looked at his statement, where everything was described in detail. Then the first Deputy Minister Vladimir abdualievich Vasiliev. I asked him to take the Deputy, and he immediately responded: created a team of the interior Ministry, she immediately went to Chrysostom, was quickly arrested and frost, and the whole gang. The order was imposed. All you can do if you respond.

If the people in the place can’t get justice, let them go to the Federal center.

OPINION: Sometimes local police and judges throw cases not even because of the corruption, but because they are afraid of the same thugs. What to do to them?

Vo: If there is a critical situation, you need to go to the security Department in the presidential administration, to reception to the Prosecutor General, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee. No war is going – trains, planes fly.

OPINION: it was suggested that to restore public order in the municipalities could be involved in public police. Its role volunteered to take on the Cossacks. How it would be effective?

V. O.: what happened in Kushchevskaya, which is a shame for all the Cossacks of the Kuban. A shame that they never wash away. Here is my answer. It’s all in their eyes 20 years happened, and they condoned this, and maybe participated.

VIEW: You have already expressed the view that in Kushchevskaya acted “a new generation of thugs.” How do they differ from “old” OCG?

V. O.: They are more impudence, audacity, resourcefulness and the fact that he received all the trappings of power, and Tsapok even became a candidate of Sciences. By the way, it would not hurt to put the question of the responsibility of the academic Council, which he was awarded a degree. We all understand that he could not write a thesis. I have all through the Higher attestation Commission was deprived of this the scientific Council the opportunity to act, it should be disbanded after this fact.

OPINION: in some Russian regions today the most critical situation with this “new” organized crime?

V. O.: In the far East, in Khabarovsk territory – where it continues to operate a criminal organization “common Fund.” There leaders brought to justice, the leader was given a life, some 15, 20 years. But just a criminal organization “common Fund” in the far East include more than 5 thousand members. It’s not my figure, it’s from the indictment, which the Prosecutor read out at the trial in Khabarovsk. Thousands of bandits were still at large and act. Now they are a little quiet after the verdict, and then again begin to Rob and kill.

They control in the region. From the ports and logging to track. In General, there is a single criminal environment in Russia. She is very firmly formed. There is an official life, where they play the role of the governors and chiefs of police, and there is shadow where there is thieves in law and criminal authorities. Their situation is more stable, no rotation, no, the generals call. I think, in the Krasnodar region of all the divided spheres of influence, together in a “common Fund” are thrown off, it is controlled by someone from the local thieves. Contact the same Aslan Usoyan (Grandfather Hasan, he knows the situation.

GLANCE: By what you describe, it can be concluded that the principle in the criminal world still has not changed?

V. O.: the Criminal environment more structured and has become even more hard and dangerous to society.

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