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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vakhtangov premiere of the play in the ancient theatre in Greece

“If you knew how scared I am, just a foot shaking go — says Lyudmila Maksakova. — think: “Konstantin Sergeyevich, help”. And how here to play?” And it is prima Vakhtangov, people’s artist of Russia? Yes, that’s it. She’s the only female role in the tragedy by Sophocles “Oedipus the King”, which will premiere today, and no where else, but in the Greek Epidaurus. The orchestra (a large round arena, it is the word “orchestra”) the ancient theatre of the IV century BC will be actors Theater. Vakhtangov and the Athens national theatre. “Oedipus” prepared for international summer Athens festival. Witness this unique event has become a columnist for “MK”.

This joint project of two famous theatres about six months. The idea belongs to Dmitri Trubochkina, expert in ancient theatre and the artistic Director of the Athens theatre States Levatino (studied in GITIS Goncharov, and his thesis performance Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead in 1990, stunned Moscow). And now — “Oedipus”, which with Russian and Greek actors puts Rimas Tuminas. The Greek chorus, the characters given to the Russian actors. Rehearsals began in Moscow (small stage), continued in Athens and ended in Epidaurus, where he worked from eight in the evening until two or three in the morning. In this fantastic theater for 14,000 places, towering over the endless sea. It seems that there is no better place to talk about destiny, inevitability of her case, lying in wait for man at every step.

From the file “MK”: “King Oedipus” — one of the seven extant tragedies of Sophocles, who lived approx. in 496-406 BCE, revered, along with Eshelon and Euripides was the greatest tragedian of antiquity. The play of Sophocles mentioned by Aristotle in his Poetics as the ideal tragic works and has played a huge role in the history of ancient drama. Its hero is a man who has realized his guilt and Canada myself for it.

But before you tell this heartbreaking story I can not describe this stunning theater in Epidaurus. It’s a huge stone bowl, the bottom of which I feel like a midget. The huge stones, roughly hewn, keep warm till night and cool run up. But how many of these stone rows, no one knows, only 14,000 places. So, if you stand in the middle and speak exactly in the white circle — female (again from stone) in the centre of the orchestra, heard on the last row. Still unexplained fact — like without computers and other equipment it was possible to calculate such an acoustic effect? And yet… Tourists who go there in the afternoon herds, whispering words, turn candy wrappers, while others listen to their voices in the last row. The air is full of a strong infusion of eucalyptus and pine trees.

— I must say that this is the only preserved ancient theatre with the orchestra perfectly round shape, — says Elena Dunaeva, doctor of arts and the wife of Eugene Knyazev (but not the role of the diviner Teresia). But we must understand that the theater itself is part of a sanctuary built in honor of Asklepios, whose cult originated from Epidaurus. In General, this place had a religious significance, and no information on what played here performances, no. In fact theatrical life epidavrskogo theatre off the 50-ies of the last century.

Notice that Vakhtangov second went to the Holy land Epidaurus — the first for more than twenty years ago it played “Orestea” — the famous project of the Chekhov festival, staged by Peter Stein with our actors — Yevgeny Mironov, Igor Kostolevsky, Tatyana Dogileva and others.

Stipes Levatino says that it was here that Greek tragedy play his festival, and he recently played his own premiere. “”Oedipus” has already sold 10,000 tickets. Where the audience, because the Astros — not even the town and at the fishing village? So it seems that the village. But the spectators will come from Athens mostly. In my debut was 14 thousand. Can you imagine?” But it drowns out the chorus from men in black coats and hats. The casting was attended by 130 people, picked 11. Music for choirs was written by the Greek Theodore Abazis, and she will merge with the music of Faustas of Latenas.

But finally Oedipus in a luxurious white suit — Viktor Dobronravov, one of the strongest actors of generation 30-summer. His wife, Jocasta will play Lyudmila Maksakova, which in a luxurious black dress sitting, self-absorbed, and, as then recognized me, he asks: “Konstantin Sergeyevich, help”. Experienced actress, but out of fear. Why?

We came out after our theatrical box into the open space first in Athens (rehearsed in the Parking lot under the lights), and then here — how to play?

For a minute, surfaced, and dived again into the sadness of her character. Now about the story — it is terrible chill. The parents of Oedipus were afraid of the prediction that their son will kill his own father and marries his mother. In order to avoid punishment, they decided to kill the baby, but the baby regretted the shepherd from Corinth, and was adopted by the Corinthian king Polyb. Oedipus grew up and decided to leave the foster parents, hoping to avoid an evil fate. The city of Thebes at it almost drove the chariot, horsemen began to beat the boy. In the ensuing fight Oedipus killed was sitting in the chariot of an old man, not knowing that he was his own father Oedipus. Oedipus becomes the ruler of Thebes and marries the widow of the deceased from the hands of king Laius — Jocasta, that is his mother. This is the second luxurious dress — white — Maksakova wear closer to the climax, before the suicide, when her character finds out a terrible truth.

Horror? Nightmare? A psychological Thriller that put Rimas Tuminas with their Greek artists. He was nervous before the premiere, walks, running his hands into the pockets of the light pants, the circle of the orchestra. Probably, the nerve of this tragedy in blindness. Oedipus blind man can not see life, lives on past glory when he saved Thebes by defeating the Sphinx, and the famous — he was asked to be king, and he compares himself with the gods. It is not an actual setting, but in tune with what is happening in the world when rulers do not see the people, don’t feel it. Oedipus is self-confident, ambitious — and a guy confessed and was blind. He went blind before sight, and is a very important topic — pride, how to deal with his pride, as to admit his guilt, his sin and to punish myself. This phenomenon, which even today is not found, find it in yourself to admit guilt. Today, no one is guilty, one not guilty, and certainly not his own.


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