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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Unexpected published a list of foods deadly to dogs

The list of products which can be for dogs danger of death, published by the U.S. quality supervision, food and drug administration. Most of these types of food familiar and even useful to humans, but can very seriously harm his pet.

photo: pixabay.com

According to the report, grapes, raisins and currants can cause kidney failure in many dogs. While other fruits, for example apples or bananas — their Pets to feed you, but from Apple it should be core and to ensure that the dog did not eat the seeds.

Also dogs are forbidden fatty and fried foods — it can not only cause pain in the abdomen, but in some cases, the cause of the development of life-threatening pancreatitis.

In addition, experts strongly recommend hiding from the dogs dish, containing onions and garlic, especially in large quantities. Experts in any case is not recommended to overfeed your dog and a variety of salty, crispy treats from the chip with a pet, in all likelihood, nothing bad will happen, but a whole bunch can be fraught with serious consequences.

Finally, experts urge you to read the composition of the sweets before you give them to the dog — some are harmless to humans their components such as macadamia nut and sugar substitute xylitol for dogs can be very dangerous.

Included in the list and some products that people would not eat himself, but which sometimes could treat the dog (or not keep track of how the dog would eat them secretly). First, it is raw meat — basically, the dog is quite able to digest it, but it can contain Salmonella and other dangerous bacteria. In this regard, scientists recommend to wash hands thoroughly before and after feeding the dogs. Scientists warn that the dog should not eat products with mold, so those who recently threw them out thoroughly to ensure that the dog does not get them out of the garbage.

Specialists also explain why the recommendations are almost not affected other popular Pets — cats. As the scientists explain, these animals are much more picky eaters and unlike dogs rarely voluntarily eat something that is harmful to them. However, the authors of the list recommend “cat people” not to allow their Pets to products containing onion and garlic.

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