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Friday, December 15, 2017

The right music makes the beer taste better

A group of Belgian researchers under the leadership of Felipe Carvalho from the free University of Brussels discovered new evidence that on the human perception of taste of food they consumed indirectly influences the information perceived by other senses — the smells and even the sounds and colors and shapes appeared before his eyes. The researchers found that the taste of beer will be perceived by the human differently depending on what kind of music he drinks it.

photo: pixabay.com

Psychologists have analyzed various music and suggested which of them will best suit a particular beer on the “mood”. After that, about two hundred volunteers participated in the experiment were asked to drink beer, and one for the participants to try the drink offered in silence, others — to the sound segment from a musical composition. Thus one some of the volunteers were allowed to try a beer with a label and some without it: it should tell the researchers influence on the perception of the taste of the drink bottle shape, in which it is served.

As it turned out, study participants in General, higher priced taste of beer, if he was accompanied by one or the other melody. Even more, this effect was observed in the case that they were familiar with the music group that sang sounded work. The researchers suggest that their findings likely apply not only to beer, but other drinks or other food. Experts don’t exclude that in the future different meals will appear something like our own “soundtracks” and encourage chefs to work with the musicians.

His scientific work of specialists published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

This is not the first attempt in history to prove that the enjoyment from food solely gustatory, and olfactory sensations may not be enough. For example, August of last year, a scientist from Oxford Charles Michel, the study of food and taste perception, presented a rather peculiar recipe “multi-touch perfectly balanced Burger, pleasing to all the senses. For example, crispy fried onions, a part of such a Burger should delight the ear, bright red tomatoes delight the eyes, and a soft bun with sesame seeds is designed for touch.

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