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Friday, May 26, 2017

The “moonlight disease” that killed many members of the mission “Apollo”

After studying the data about the astronauts who participated in the program “Apollo”, and taking into account the results of the experiments on laboratory animals, researchers from the University of Florida came to the conclusion that a long stay in space beyond low earth orbit greatly increases the risk of dangerous heart disease. Also, scientists have advanced the theory that the blame should be cosmic rays.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

The researchers argue that to date, about the influence of cosmic radiation on complex organisms known comparatively few. However, study leader Michael Delp drew attention to the fact that 43 percent of participants in the Apollo walked on the moon or its orbit, subsequently died as a result of cardiovascular disease. The other astronauts, not been so far from Earth, died for this reason in 4-5 times less, and the researcher decided to find out what exactly the relatively remote space dangerous to health.

Experts have studied the health status of the eight participants of the program “Apollo”, one of whom died in the course of time, when the study was conducted. Most of these astronauts were, in particular, showed signs of atherosclerosis in the arteries, and it, scientists have found evidence that their health was negatively affected by cosmic radiation.

To test their hypothesis, the researchers conducted an experiment in which mice were placed in conditions resembling “space”. Six months later, the rodents had problems with heart and vessels, in General, similar to those in the past experts found the astronauts.

Scientists, who published their work in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, believe that the data gathered by them, consider the space agencies of different countries, preparing for manned flights to the moon or to Mars — according to the researchers, one of the first tasks in the preparation of such missions, especially as long as the journey to the red planet, should be to ensure maximum safety, the health of the crew.

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