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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Congress of the US Democratic party: the third day was dedicated Clinton and Trump

Wednesday, July 27, heavy artillery Democrats continued to conduct aimed fire on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. It was rich in the third day of the Congress of Democrats sitting in the cradle of the American state of Philadelphia.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

I’m not going to list all the speakers according to the schedule of their performances, and will start from the end, when on a tribune there was a President Barack Obama. His speech was not only final, but also generalizing. Moreover, he generalized and 8 years of his presidency, and the debate at the Congress.

Obama painted a picture of America, its future and its future leader is Hillary Clinton. Obama stressed that the views of trump on the current state of the U.S. and the future of the country “chaotic”, and it is unlikely this approach will contribute to the success of the Republican presidential candidate.

“The America I know, full of courage, optimism and ingenuity,” Obama said. — In this election year I urge you to join me, to fight the cynicism, fear, and at the same time to gather all the good that is in us”. Clinton, continued Obama, shares this view: she is in the arena of the struggle almost all his life.

The President’s eyes were moist when he spoke about his faith in the American people and urged voters to turn belief in themselves to vote for a woman who he hopes will replace him as President. “You twice elected me President of the United States. Today I ask you to do for Hillary Clinton the same thing that you did for me.”

After that, Obama “lyrically rejected political cynicism,” the Republican presidential candidate.

In his speech, Obama eight times mentioned the name of Donald trump, who plays on the fears of Americans about the future of the United States. “America is great, America is strong. And I promise you that our strength and our greatness does not depend on Donald trump,” — said the President.

But the greater part of his speech, Obama devoted Hillary Clinton. He testified of her as a powerful force. He talked about her high qualifications for the role of the President and its moral authority.

“You can read about it. You can study it, but until you sit behind the President’s Desk, you will not be able to understand what it’s like to cope with global crises, or to send to war young people, — said Obama. But Hillary was in this room and it is part of these decisions. Even in the midst of crisis, she listens to people, keeps his cool and treats all with respect.” The President Obama was greeted with thunderous applause, as they say, cheers. When he finished his speech, Estrada came Clinton herself – she smiled. The President and the presidential candidate has embraced and began to greet the delegates, but Clinton no words uttered. Her performance is scheduled the last day of the Congress.

Candidate for Vice-President Tim Kane performed alternating English and Spanish. The fact that his youth and the youth he spent in Honduras, where he mastered the Spanish language. During his speech he mocked trump. But mostly acquainted with the country itself.

Perhaps the most emotional was the speech of Vice-President Joe Biden. It appealed to middle-class America, who are most threatened by trump and his philosophy. He said that America “is always, always moving forward”, based on the strength of their values. Trump, he said, is not only able to lead this nation during the global dangers – his election would be a betrayal of national values of America.

“The man who wants to sow division in America for their own purposes and approve the confusion in the world; the person who mixes the loud threats with the real power, can not control the Americans,” said Biden.

It should be noted speech of Michael Bloomberg, billionaire and former mayor of new York. It is known that he intended to nominate his candidacy for the presidency, but then removed. Before Bloomberg was the Republican party. However, the selection of trump as a presidential candidate made him change views: “For us it is very important to elect Hillary Clinton the next US President” – that was his message.

Being a political activist and billionaire Bloomberg said that he understands the appeal of a businessman-President, but trump, in his opinion, is “radical and edgy choice.” He said he met trump and can confirm that the rogue and rascal can be seen in the distance.

Speech by Leon Panetta, who was CIA Director, and defense Minister in the Cabinet of President Obama, was devoted mainly to refutation of trump’s comments about allegedly Russian hackers. “Donald trump took the side of the hackers. For me, such unimaginable irresponsibility of a presidential candidate. Now is not the time to risk our future,” he said.

Harry Reid, the outgoing democratic leader in the Senate, urged Clinton to protect the interests of the Democrats in the Capitol and to win over trump – “hated by crook”.

California Governor Jerry brown talked about the fact that the Republicans and their presidential candidate are “dangerously unscientific”. Citing the example of its staff, brown said that “the green economy will not only protect the planet from the crisis and create jobs. Trump says that there is no drought in California. And I say that trump is lying,” said brown.

So in the hall of the Congress of Democrats. And what happens behind its walls? Behind the walls of wells Fargo Center” raging protests held by the supporters of Bernie Sanders. All highways leading to “Fargo Center” clogged with cars waiting until they check the security forces. Delegates and journalists on a walk to downtown on the hot pavement – it is all the more unbearable that the temperature in Philadelphia reaches 40 degrees, the nearest subway station is closed and therefore people have to walk.

The same confusion is observed in the queues for food. The outbreak of the storm further complicated the work of the Congress. From heat injured 41 people.

Watch the video on “Donald trump appeared at the Republican Convention like a rock star”

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