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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Stanislav Lyubshin: “Marshal Zhukov swear critics of our film”

Stanislav Lyubshin starred in films that became Soviet classics — “Shield and sword” Basov, “Zastava Ilyich” hutsieva, “Five evenings” Mikhalkov, “Subject” Panfilova. He rarely gives interviews, journalists are not very fond of, although his wife — our colleague. At noisy events, you will not meet. Want to see — come to the performances at the Moscow art theatre. He removed selectively, even in the series, but not migratory, such as “Schism” by Nikolai Dostal. And he wants to make a film.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

We met in St. Petersburg the XI International festival “the family”, where Stanislav Lyubshin was the head of jury who have shown excellent taste by awarding a film from Slovenia “Nova Eva”. Again about the family and the heroine-the actress, remaining alone after many years of fame.

“I had boots 45-th size in horseshoes, inherited from a cousin”

— Why are you stuck to the festival “In the family”? Almost don’t go anywhere, and there is not the first time we meet.

— Yes, because the topic it addresses, in itself is amazing. Now what’s important in life? What are people, what kind of generation will come and where will move the young people after all the events that have occurred in recent years. I looked at the festival the film “I — the teacher” Sergey cavalry mokritskiy. What about all recognizable. Raising a child is such a difficult topic! Who are his parents? Who’s with him? As he perceives the country in which they live? He understands that it is his homeland? Another question — how all this is interesting to the current audience?

— Do you still believe that through cinema it is possible to reach the hearts?

– Believe. Especially in children, because they are sincere. Their thoughts are pure. Dogs and children are the most natural creatures. The child feels the truth and falsehood. If you work honestly, it is his soul gets. He feels all is not rational, and heart.

I will refer to your experience. When I was in sixth grade, I pioneer work was given a ticket to the show. So I first went to the theater. It was the Moscow theatre of transport, who later became Theatre of a name of Gogol.

I put on boots 45-th size in horseshoes, inherited from a cousin. And my leg was then 33. Watch the tale. From the stage say: go right — bad-left — worse, right — and at the horror. I could not explain, but felt strange. I was jarred from falsehood.

Imagine that the composer Shostakovich comes to the restaurant, and there playing his music. As he listened to his own compositions in a similar execution? And the child perceives. I was thrown from the seventh row. I stood up and walked through the huge hall, thundering hooves. The audience turned and watched out the child. Returning home, tried to analyze. Then only I realized that the actors were artificial, performed as clowns in the belief that all children should laugh. And they’re not laughing when you feel the truth.

But of interest to the theatre is not lost — that’s amazing.

– But the tickets for good social work I do not go. Once in the Palace of pioneers, where now the metro station “Prospect Mira”, something happened.

The actors of the Maly theatre gave children a matinee. Arrived Vera Pashennaya, Evdokia Turchaninova, Varvara Ryzhova. We didn’t know who it is. But at 12 o’clock when they came before us, we stood together and greeted them. The actress wore handkerchiefs and before our eyes turned into old women. I was shocked, grabbed the chair. How so, because they were quite different.

There was another important trip to the theater. In A Large. My friend was able to get tickets. So I went for the first time in the Opera, “Eugene Onegin”. Lemeshev Sang. I was shocked. When the scene was killed Lensky, began to cry.

— How old were you?

– 12. When he sang Ivan Semenovich Kozlovsky and his Lensky is killed, he fell to the floor. Boom! And in the room no one was crying. He was a very skilled artist, and Lemeshev was attended by magic. How he felt about that singing! I six or seven times I went to “Onegin” and cried all the time.

And the last thing I killed is “Three sisters” at the Moscow art Theater. Angelina Stepanova, standing with his back to the auditorium, said, “To Moscow!” with such a truthful tone. So much that I felt the pain and anguish! I was not-so-advanced audience, but by the time he matured, learned in the basic welding technical school. After the “Three sisters” began in the initiative to do. I’m sorry that so many immodest and telling about myself.

— The current Directors have you to be afraid. They probably don’t know what to do with you.

They just know what to do. When the brilliant conductor Yuri Temirkanov asked as it relates to present-day Opera Directors, he said an amazing phrase: “they Have a plan, but they forget that Mozart, too, was the idea.” That’s what determines a lot in today’s Opera and the dramatic arts. Mozart had a plan, like Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Tolstoy. And the Directors use these great names, immersing them characters in their own plans.

“Marshal Zhukov orders and gabardine suit came on the show “the Outpost of Ilyich”

— And you just at the festival, watch the movie or are interested in it constantly?

— This is my life. Irina, my wife, you know, watched all the new films at Kinotavr. I will see later. I twice rented the movie, however, for a long time (“Three years” by Chekhov together with Vladimir Dolinina, “Call me in the distance light” in cooperation with the German Lavrov by Shukshin. — S. H.). And the third movie would, but died the operator Pavel Lebeshev, and the actors Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev and Oleg Yankovsky. I wanted to work with them. The money we gave the immigrant of Russian origin from Australia. But it was delayed. Now gonna stoop to ask for money for a new film.

— Again the adaptation will take?

— Yes, this is a film based on Chekhov. But to be more specific will not. I superstitious. It’s a story, not a play, a chamber piece. I would like to play.

In case we do anything to help. One wealthy and noble people, reading our newspaper article about Marlen Khutsiyev, who could not for want of money to finish the film, responded.

— Lucky To Marlena Martynovich. I the Minister of culture said that will help. But the state money is not enough. It is a critical moment when we must decide in search of a producer. Can I tell you about Marlena Martynovich?

— How he thinks the world of you!

Is a unique person and an amazing artist. What he experienced with “the Outpost of Ilyich”! Newspapers wrote about him such bad things: we have not seen the film, but he is anti-Soviet. The picture was on a shelf, and everything that Marlene opened — Moody, Chekhov, — went for a walk on other films.

When the show chronicled those years, I see it all of the film. Artistic, the picture became a record of time.

When the show “the Outpost of Ilyich” was over, I saw that the Director Leonid Lukov (“Two soldiers”, “the Great life”. — S. H.), who was sitting behind us, without orders and medals. But they were on his chest before viewing. In the restaurant, where we celebrated the release of the film, Marlene has spoken to him and Bows left for some reasons. We ask, “What happened?” It turns out that the Bows said, “Marlene, I’m sorry, I realized that all my life was lying.” Such a shock was his our movie. And how many Bows he suffered! As Stalin and his goons. After the autopsy revealed that Lukov almost four infarction was.

And you had to do?

– In the film “Believe me, people” at the Studio im. Gorky. Bows offered me the role of a man who escaped from the camp. And it was busy, or something afraid. In the end, starred Kirill Lavrov.

And in the history around the “Outpost Ilyich”, we did not understand. Were young. Why all praise and suddenly began to blame? And the same people.

A very famous Director said, “Marlene, look at what you scum have shown. Why are they on the red square in front of the Mausoleum dance and grimace?” All said under the transcript, which was then in the Central Committee. It is started! Found ideological errors came one after another of the Commission. We went to all discussion. I personally wanted to know what bad we have done.

The company held an open party meeting. The whole Studio Gorky was to condemn the film. Grigori Chukhrai joined the seventeenth to the speech. First came the Director Andriyevsky, said that the launch of such a scenario is a mistake of the Studio, where only the party watched this anti-Soviet film.

We stand with Nicky Gubenko and don’t understand. Wins could not stand, jumped the queue and said: “How dare you say that? My painting “ballad of a soldier” is also called anti-Soviet. I was accused that showed of the soldier, not the General. How so? Why the soldiers gave the soap? He that will not a week to wash? Our army, so lousy?”. His speech wins and broke the meeting. No one else spoke.

— You have the picture of the niece of Marshal Zhukov worked?

Margarita Pilihina was the operator of “the Outpost of Ilyich”. We were friends with her, I visited her at the hotel. Her husband was an aeronautical designer. On the wall hung a huge portrait of Zhukov.

Margarita character was male. Bold she was, shot the oncoming trains. What is the distance between them? Once I was between trains — the wind knocked down. And she’s on the truck “ZIS” went with the camera and worked. Tied her to not come loose.

At one of the screenings of “the Outpost of Ilyich” Rita someone appeared in the dark. Only then I saw that it was Marshal Zhukov — in orders, gabardine suit. He began to defend the film. I asked why he came. And Marlene said that Rita was his niece.

Zhukov was a major figure, but any errors in our film did not find, swear everyone who found them. How we all survived back then. And one kritikessa came to me recently and said that I looked “the Outpost of Ilyich” and nothing in it has not seen. I have her heart stopped. As with her after this talk? She doesn’t understand anything, and critic. I just like that night we played a show!

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