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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Sovereign citizens” are destroying US from within

They call themselves differently – “sovereign citizens”, “militia movement,” “sons of liberty”. Combine their racist views, love of guns and refusal to recognize the authority of the U.S. government. Previously they were tried mainly for tax evasion, and now “sovereign citizens” are experiencing a new prosperity, and individual supporters of the movement have already moved on to shooting the police.

Sunday morning in his 29th birthday Gavin Eugene long was dressed in black, wrapped his face, armed with a pistol and two rifles and went on the hunt for the police in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Shortly before the police Baton-Rouge killed a black Elton Sterling, and black long wanted to revenge them. At 8.40 the first shots rang out. For several long moments, managed to kill three officers and wounding three more. Already in 8.48 it was shot at the scene.

Zero percent only succeeded protests. You have to hit back, the only way the offender will know that you have to go, words he doesn’t understand”

Immediately after the incident, police officials of the state hastened to declare that, in their opinion, “long was the lone assassin”. However card found on the body of the shooter, pointed to his membership in Washitau Nation and, subsequently, the journalists of the Kansas City Star based in Kansas born and raised long) managed to find documents showing the recognition of long belonging to the “sovereign citizens”. This news has angered the American media almost more than the shooting of police officers. So who are the “sovereign citizens” and what relation it has Washitau Nation?

Initially the “sovereign citizens” is the angry white male right-wing views. They believe themselves to be citizens of their state, not citizens of the United States of America. All the Federal authorities – from the President to the tax inspector – they consider illegal, and all founding documents of the us citizen like social security numbers or driver’s license just do not recognize. More “sovereign citizens” refuse to pay taxes and not only Federal, but also the taxes of your state. According to them, the taxes should pay only the “newcomers” residents, but not the indigenous people, whom they consider only themselves. Another curious doctrine of “sovereign citizens” is that they believe in their right to seize the no-man’s land and even a house and live there, again not paying any taxes and not making any documents. Here grew many interesting legal case over which hard thinking of American lawyers.

Of course, the “sovereign citizens” struggling to protect native American right to own guns and usually have a house serious military Arsenal. Yet they are enemies to all sorts of political correctness and believe that all the troubles of the country, blame the blacks, feminists and Jews. In General, look at Stephen king – he half maniacs as if copied from the ordinary representative of the “sovereign citizens”.

“Sovereign citizens” – is, of course, not a party, and, as is fashionable to speak, a network structure with no clear hierarchy, and the sole leader. It merges and intersects with the movements of the Atonement, “Christian patriots”, the tax Protestants (tax protesters). Until 2008 these marginal weirdos, nobody paid attention. But with the onset of the economic crisis “sovereign citizens” began to regularly enter in the criminal chronicle. One citizen shot and killed two policemen, wounded another Deputy Sheriff, the third tried to blow up the pipeline, a couple of citizens planned the murder of a Federal judge. If earlier the members of the movement were mainly for tax evasion, now they have switched to the direct destruction of the authorities. In parallel, the ranks of the movement began to grow with alarming rapidity Washington.

And, most strange, “sovereign citizens” began to enroll thousands of African Americans who proclaimed himself “sovereign Moors”. White racism of the old-timers they are not scared – they replaced it with black racism, and have declared themselves indigenous to the United States. And once indigenous here they, no Federal and local laws don’t relate to, they are above those laws by definition.

The basis for this theory neophytes found in the original African-American sect “the Moorish science temple of America.” Its founder, a former circus magician, noble drew Ali claimed that black people are the progenitors of humanity, evergray Ancient and first inhabitants of the American continent. “The Moorish science temple, founded in 1925, is thriving today, but strongly denies the ideological kinship with the “sovereign Moors”.

For the first time the “sovereign Moors” made themselves felt in the fall of 2014. During the riots in Ferguson police arrested two African Americans. To them incriminated illegal acquisition of weapons and planning to assassinate government officials. Both belonged to the “New black Panthers”, there is nothing unusual. But a black lawyer this couple were just “sovereign Moors”.

How could it be that black Americans had followed the movement of white racists? Specialist in anti-government extremist groups JJ McNab believes that those and others have a feeling of powerlessness before the system and the inability to convey their point of view: “Here there is a group of people with right-wing views, who feel that they do not hear. And then there are riots in Ferguson, and there you can hear almost the same thing… these people Have a lot in common, first of all it is regrettable that the world is changing and they are unable to affect him”. The representative of the “sovereign citizens”, which managed to talk to the journalists of the Kansas City Star, has developed a different opinion. “This is because the government has got all,” says Ken Oman, explaining how the movement was able to absorb into its ranks as many African Americans.

Today, the movement of “sovereign citizens” are representatives of all races and nationalities, it has become a true “boiling pot”. And clashes with police, as “fashionable” in the United States this season, threatening to rip this boiler cover.

Washitau Nation membership card which was found on the body of Gavin long, is just one of the branches of the “sovereign Moors” but the card itself seems to confirm the citizenship of the Empire to the Moorish Nation, Washitaw. Empire that lies on the lands of Louisiana, in 1803 sold by France to Washington. And founded the Empire of the Empress – a former human rights activist and an Amateur historian, African-American VERDIANI Tiari, Washitaw-Turner Goston El Bey. She claimed that the United States took its land illegally and say the same thing about their land white nationalists from the Republic of Texas. Now the Empire, Washitaw specializiruetsya in the business of selling their passports and driving licences.

Long could really plan the shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge alone. But alone he was, his beliefs were shared by hundreds of thousands of people. He was a successful public figure, was eloquent, charismatic and convincing. Of course, it was not allowed in the official media but he actively untwisted in social networks.

The most radical ideas of the “sovereign Moors” long and was broadcast in his books and in his lectures. This former marine has successfully worked in the role of a nutritionist, trainer and life coach, teaching everyone how to become an alpha male. Under its “real” name of the Moorish Cosmo Setepenra he was “Twitter” and “Instagram” who regularly post videos on YouTube.

Shortly before killing the police officers in Baton Rouge, long came to Dallas, in order to look at the scene of a murder the other police other blacks – Mika Johnson. Then he said to his fans: “one Hundred percent of the revolution, one hundred percent of the revolts of the victims against their abusers, against their oppressors became successful only because they are beaten back, thanks to the bloodshed. Zero percent only succeeded protests. It has never worked and will never work. You have to hit back, the only way the offender will know that you have to go, words he doesn’t understand”.

Just such a charismatic half-mad bespredelschik not enough “sovereign citizens” to gain real popularity. Already, the experts put the figure at 300-400 thousand supporters of the movement, and their number is growing rapidly. The FBI considers “sovereign citizens” as one of the main domestic terrorist threats to the United States. A particular danger they pose to police officers – in fact, according to their beliefs, those represent completely illegitimate power. In the case of large-scale civil conflict heavily armed “sovereign citizens” will inevitably become a very powerful force.

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