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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Russia found a way out in case of refusal of Ukraine from the Russian Ambassador

“Ambassador to His Majesty!” – this phrase anciently entails a number of formalities of diplomatic Protocol, which were built in centuries, and even the most formidable kings are kings tried of him not to back down — unless you wanted to provoke a war. Today, this procedure has not changed much, and in front of his messenger one country should send another “agreman” (from FR. agrément — approval), seeking thereby the consent of the host Embassy side. Which, according to international diplomatic practice, entitled to refuse, if that… today it is known that the possible candidate on a post of the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia to Ukraine Mikhail Babich (diplomatic experience had served in the airborne troops and the internal troops of the KGB, then was engaged in business and was in the civil service) the receiving party can not very… whether Ukraine will not give Russia “agreman” babić? And what it can mean – the correspondent of “MK” has found out from the experts.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Embassy of Russia in Ukraine

“According to diplomatic procedure,” recalls political analyst Dmitry Verkhoturov, the appointment of an Ambassador is accompanied by sending the agrement paper that shows the person proposed for the position of Ambassador, and his curriculum vitae. According to the rules of diplomatic Protocol, Ukraine has the right to refuse to give approval to the proposed person. This is usually done not by direct denial, just silence. If the request is not received at the usual time of response, then the approval is not given. Can be given a formal denial, then it means that the person who made the request in the eyes of the state is “persona non grata” — not desirable in the country. Ukraine can remain silent or deny the agrement as you like, until you offer a suitable candidate – or until they change the political situation. At this time, diplomatic representatives will be chargé d’affaires, the purpose of which is furnished with the minimum requirements.”

“To date, consultation has already taken place and the agreman promised to give, – says Sergei Markov, a member of the Public chamber, Director of the Institute of political studies. – But to promise, as you know, not to marry. Now the Ukrainian side expresses Babich distrust due to the fact that he was an officer, although most of the Russian diplomatic workers they were or are. Urge not to repeat the mistakes of the majority of Russian media and not to demonize the influence of ultra-radicals. All the gangs in the Ukraine is absolutely manageable. And if the agrement from the Ukraine and will not be received, this means that Ukraine has decided to deliberately “hang” situation to not have legitimate Russian Ambassador.”

Managed to get the opinion of the receiving party.

-The Ukrainian government has long wanted the severance of economic relations with Russia, says Ukrainian political analyst Sergey Slobodchuk. – Yes, Ukraine may not give agrément, and not take Babych. And this will not have any significant disadvantages for anyone, only difficult… But it will increase the shares of those at the informal level regulates Russian-Ukrainian relations — for example, Viktor Medvedchuk. But personally, I believe that the alleged denial of approval is stuffing information, as this is completely disadvantageous to the very Poroshenko step.

But as explained to us the intricacies and precedents of diplomatic practice, a source in the Russian foreign Ministry, who wished to remain anonymous:

Refusal of agrement – something rare. I could tell she not used at all. The answer is given promptly – within two or three days. Delaying the response by more than a month for no apparent reason is considered a manifestation of dissatisfaction with the election and, according to tradition, means an offer to provide another. But in recent years it is not paying attention. Was the only case of actual refusal of agrément, when Minsk was nominated Ayatskov. Without waiting for a reply of the Belarusian side, Ayatskov began to comment on his appointment and to say how it will interact with Lukashenka. This was a flagrant breach of Protocol, and the candidate Ayatskov Belarusians asked to withdraw. It was asked to withdraw, and not denied agrement.

But while there are subtle diplomatic game. In any case, the foreign Ministry of Ukraine has stated that until the approval is not received.

Read the material: the Experts have explained the replacement of the Ambassador of Russia to Ukraine in time pressure

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